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Warehouse Space in the Northeast United States

Warehouse Space in the Northeast United States

The northeast United States is the smallest region for warehouse space compared to the Midwest, south and western United States. However it still boasts more than 2 billion square feet of space and contains major markets like New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington D.C.

The northeast owes much of it’s warehouse inventory to it’s early success as a manufacturing hub which supported large populations and allowed many coastal cities to develop into successful ports. However as efficiency and labor costs reduced the need for space, many warehouses are now being torn down for redevelopment or retrofitted into apartments or condominiums.

The largest market is Philadelphia which includes more than 400 million square feet. Northern New Jersey is a close second with 374 million and New Jersey as a whole accounts for nearly a third of the region’s total square footage. Baltimore, Washington DC, Long Island, Boston and Hartford round out the list of major markets (total inventory greater than 90 million square feet).

Altogether the market has nearly 2.17 billion square feet of space and market will likely stay under 2.2 billion in the foreseeable future with 2 million square feet currently under construction as of Q1 2011. Compared to the three other regions, this is the smallest amount of new construction in terms of square footage but available space is at a premium in the Northeast relative to other regions.

Rates vary greatly among individual markets based on local economic factors, size of space required, proximity to transport hubs and individual property aspects. Prospective tenants should know that asking rates are never set in stone and many landlords are willing to negotiate in exchange for the security of a worthy tenant and a long-term lease.

Overall commercial real estate in the northeast wasn’t hit as hard as other areas of the United States. New York and Washington DC, the two bellwether markets for the region experienced initial surges in vacancy rates but those markets are now healthy relative to other regions of the United States. However one thing to keep in mind is that Washington DC is often included as a northeast market despite the fact that it is not within the census defined area for the region.

The outlook for 2012 is positive with expected drops in vacancy rates as the economy slowly begins to recover. Businesses looking to lease new space, renew an existing lease or expand their facilities should consider talking to a commercial real estate professional to review current market conditions.…

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Do Not Open a Restaurant Business Without a Certified Public Accountant

Do Not Open a Restaurant Business Without a Certified Public Accountant

In the restaurant business, a profit and loss statement is the most powerful tool you will have. This simple statement will tell you, each month, exactly how your restaurant business is performing and give you the control needed in order to find success.

Without this tool you will not have the control you need to earn the profits you had wished for.

A certified public accountant is required in order to prepare this important tool for your restaurant business. Many restaurant owners choose a friend who is a bookkeeper or they choose to do the statement themselves and that could be a critical mistake. You should tend to the operations within your business and let a certified public accountant handle your profit and loss statement for you. A certified public accountant is a professional, they are accurate and they only cost a few hundred dollars per month.

Here is one small example of how a profit and loss statement can simplify your restaurant business and put you in control of your profits and your sales:

Labor Costs:

The labor costs for a fast food restaurant, for example, should be approximately 20%. Once you receive your profit and loss statement, from your accountant, you realize that your labor percent for the previous month was 22.7%. That is 2.7% too high. Let’s also say that your profit and loss statement also tells you that your net sales for the previous month were $37,500.

If you multiply the 2.7% times the $37,500, you will discover that you spent $1,012 too much for labor costs last month. Wow!

That is $1,012 that you can learn to put into your pocket, and here is how.

The greatest loss of labor cost, for any restaurant, is timing your business with your schedule. That means, if you have several employees standing around waiting for a customer, that is costing your money. If this happens often, try to schedule a few of your employees to come in fifteen to thirty minutes later. You will be surprised at the savings.

The key to controlling profits in the restaurant business us knowing when you have a problem. A profit and loss statement is designed to alert you of profit or sales problems and then you can begin to solve them. Have a certified public accountant and give yourself a chance in your restaurant business.…

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Ways to Induce Labor on Your Own – Say Goodbye to Medical Labor Induction

Ways to Induce Labor on Your Own – Say Goodbye to Medical Labor Induction

There are a lot of women that are pregnant and past their due dates. For some, being overdue causes them to be anxious and often in a lot of discomfort. For others, they may be concerned about the problems that may arise if the pregnancy is prolonged. In any case, it is best to consult with their doctor or midwife on what should happen next.

With some women though, their doctor may recommend that they be medically induced. However, some women would prefer natural labor induction over being medically induced. Luckily, there are some ways to labor on your own. You just have to make sure that you check with your doctor or midwife and get approval before trying any of these methods. Here are some of the ways you can induce your own labor.

Having Sex – If you want to induce your labor yourself, a lot of people may tell you to have sex. The reason is because the sperm contains prostaglandins which aids in ripening and dilating the cervix.

Taking Walks – Walking has a lot of great benefits for your health. It also helps to induce labor as the gravity from standing up and being in motion helps the baby descend down which also adds that pressure which can help to induce labor.

Nipple Stimulation – Rolling or rubbing your nibbles with your fingers or getting your partner to gently suck on your nipples for around 3-5 minutes doing one breast at a time can help to induce labor. You have to make sure you wait at least 15 minutes before trying again and avoid over stimulation.

One other natural way to induce labor that has been proven to work is maternity acupressure. Not only does it work but it is also safe and has quite a few other benefits that you can enjoy. Basically, you would target certain pressure points on your body to induce labor. By doing this, the cervix will ripen and dilate and bring on consistent contractions.…

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The Forced Labor and Tribute of the Filipinos During Spanish Period

The Forced Labor and Tribute of the Filipinos During Spanish Period

During the Spanish regime, all male Filipinos from 18 to 60 years of age were required to give their free labor, called polo, to the government. This labor was for 40 days a year, reduced to 15 days in 1884. It was in various forms, such as building roads and bridges, constructing public buildings and churches, cutting timber in the forest, working in shipyards, and serving the Spanish military expeditions. One who rendered forced labor was called a polista.

The members of the principalia (town aristocracy) were exempt from the polo. Rich Filipinos annually paid the falla, a sum amounting to seven pesos, in order to be exempt from forced labor. The local officials (former and incumbent gobernadorcillos, cabezas de barangay, etc.) and schoolteachers were also exempted by law from the polio because of their services to the state.

Evidently, only the poor Filipinos who had no social or political standing in the community were made to give forced labor. This practice greatly contributed to the widespread Filipino aversion to physical labor, which has only recently been overcome by attractive wages overseas.

The conditions for forced labor were (1) that it should be used only for necessary public works and constructions intended to improve the community; (2) that the workers were to be paid in full for their work; (3) that the alcaldes mayor should consider the physical condition of each laborer, that is, the weak should not be overworked; (4) that the laborers should not be sent to work in distant lands; (5) that the giving of service should be timed so as not to interfere with the planting or harvest seasons.

All this was good only on paper, however; the laws of forced labor were often violated. Laborers were seldom paid their wages. They were separated from their families by being made to work in distant areas. They were not given food, as required by law; they had to provide their own food instead. Moreover, they were shamefully overworked, and thousands of Filipino laborers died at the worksites as a result.

The Filipino Tribute to the Colonial Government

In order to get enough money to pay for the administration of the country and the construction of churches, government buildings, roads and bridges, and improvements in transportation and communication, the Filipinos were compelled to pay tribute called tributo, to the colonial government. The tributo was imposed as a sign of the Filipinos’ loyalty to the king of Spain. Those who paid tribute were individuals above sixteen years old and below sixty. At the start, a tribute amounting to eight reales was collected. The tribute increased in 1598 and a small part of it, called sanctorum, went to the church. Because of the widespread opposition to the tribute and to the abuses in its collection, the king abolished it in 1884. The cedula personal, the equivalent of which is the present residence certificate, was introduced in its place.

Aside …

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Warehouse Ladder – Multi Position Ladder For Businesses

Warehouse Ladder – Multi Position Ladder For Businesses

A warehouse ladder is very instrumental in maintaining the smooth operation of a warehouse. This trade ladder helps increase the efficiency and productivity of warehouse workers. This is made possible because a warehouse ladder can be used to easily access any level of the storage rack found in a storage area.

Using a warehouse ladder allows users to get stocks from the high shelves in a few minutes. This trade ladder is considered as a specialty type mainly because they are designed to be used in the industrial environment of a warehouse. This ladder makes everything handy for workers. They can just put the boxes on the ladder and slide to the next shelf. Warehouse ladders are created to mimic the stairs. This allows the workers to have a better grip and move up and down safely. Handrails are installed on the side and top part of the ladder. This provides additional security and stability to the workers. For the mobility of the ladder, casters are placed at the bottom. To keep the ladder in place, locks for the wheels are also installed. The spring-loaded casters are locked into place to make sure that the user the official flashloans site will not be toppled while in the ladder. The range of steps available for warehouse ladders are from one to 19 steps.

A warehouse ladder can be made of different materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. A fiberglass ladder is best for electricians. Using an aluminum trade ladder is more light to carry compared to steel. Aluminum can be used in food processing and chemical plants because it can withstand corrosion. For warehouses that will require a lot of lifting boxes, aluminum may not be the best option. The weight that an aluminum ladder can carry is just ranging from 300 or 350 lbs. Steel is the most preferred material among the three. Steel can hold up to 800 lbs of weight.

The two types of a warehouse ladder are single and double entry. Here are the differences among the two:

Single entry – This is the type usually seen in warehouses. This only contains the original entry. This is commonly used in stockrooms and warehouses. This type is used as an alternative to stairs so that workers can easily reach stocks in higher shelves.

Double entry – This is also known as crossover. This type has two entry points and is usually placed on the floor providing easy passage way to workers carrying big boxes, equipment and machines. The rails are installed on both sides of the ladder to prevent workers and stocks from falling. Most of the double entry trade ladders have wheels for efficient mobility. To lock the ladder in place, rubber pads are placed on both ends.

Warehouse ladders are also categorized depending on its mobility functions. The three categories are multi-directional, easy turn directional, and work platform. The easy turn directional ladder allows you to be …

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Data Warehouse Architecture – Refurbishing the Vastness of Brass Tacks

Data Warehouse Architecture – Refurbishing the Vastness of Brass Tacks

Data warehouse architecture can be referred to as a vault, where an organization stores its electronic content. Such type of archive is mainly designed to abet circulating and evaluation. In layman’s language, it can be defined as the store house for content. Its essential characteristics include retrieving and evaluating information, extracting, transforming and loading documents, counseling the abstract dictionary etc. Now-a-days, most of the references use this type of wider context.

In technical language, the role of the data warehouse architecture includes the following criteria i.e. it comprises of corporate intelligence appendix, various tools which are used for extracting, transforming and loading content to disburse and retrieve meta data. It is mainly required, when a company requires a countable, fortified, articulated and distinct reporting and evaluation of its data, at various levels of amassment. A fact, which is associated with almost all corporate sector is that the ground work of their brass tacks is actually made up of a caboodle of miscellaneous systems. For instance, one company may be possessing one system, which manages customer care relation, another system, which would be handling staff and other one, which would be supervising sales or production field, finance etc. In such a situation, these systems are not at all articulated properly. As a result, numerous complications can arise. In such cases, data warehouse appliances come to the rescue.

Some of the advantages which are rendered by the data warehouse architecture are as follows:

1) It lends a common module for integrating all the required contents regardless of their sources. This enables to evaluate and customize information in a more convenient manner. This becomes easier only when multiple modules are used to redeem brass tacks such as trade invoices, order counterfoils, common journal charges etc.

2) Many a times, inconsistencies are detected and are simultaneously also resolved. This helps a great deal in simplifying evaluation and reporting process.

3) One of the major advantages of data warehouse appliance is that even though content gets expunged again and again, the abstracts in the stockpile can be saved safely for indefinite period of time.…

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Inducing Your Own Labor – How to Safely Start Your Own Labor at Home

Inducing Your Own Labor – How to Safely Start Your Own Labor at Home

If you are near or past your due date, then you know how severe the toll is on your body. Carrying a full term baby is really weighing you down, both literally and figuratively. You want to be able to induce your own labor already so you can finally get the results that you have been looking for. You are anxious for your pregnancy to be over so you need some help.

In order to go about inducing your own labor, there are a few things that you should know. For example, some methods may work for others but they may not work for you. You need to try one form of treatment thoroughly before you head right into another. You may have to allow a little transition time for your body to get used to something. Don’t freak out if you aren’t getting the results that you are looking for right away, because you will go into labor eventually.

To induce your own labor, there are things that you can do at home that will work today. A great way to start your labor is to eat some different kinds of foods that have an effect on the cervix. Eating tropical fruits can help to induce your labor because they contain an enzyme that helps to dilate the cervix. Some tropical fruits that you can try include mangoes, kiwi and pineapple. Eating these types of fruits can help to induce your labor and move your pregnancy along.

Another way to go about inducing your own labor is to have sex. Having sex with your spouse or partner allows you to relieve the tension and stress in your body. Sometimes, having an increase in your stress levels can actually affect your ability to go into labor. When you are stressed your body is tight and it is closed off. Having sex allows your body to open up and this makes you more open. The more open and relaxed you are, the better your chances are of going into labor. Having sex can really help to put you in a good mood and it can also work to induce your labor quickly.

You don’t have to worry about going into labor anymore because you are going to get some results today with these tips. It is time that you stopped worrying about possibly using medical induction. You can safely go into labor at home and you are going to make it happen now.…

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Factors to Consider When Looking for Fire Damage Restoration

If you need fire damage restoration, there are some factors you need to keep in mind:

  1. You need to find a company that can respond to emergencies around the clock.
  2. You need to check for their reputation and insurance policy.
  3. It would help if you also asked about their warranty policies.

Find a fire damage restoration service that offers 24/7 availability

If you need assistance restoring your home following a fire, you should contact a fire damage restoration service that offers 24-hour availability. This is essential, as the first 24 to 48 hours after a fire are the most crucial for restoration. Water and soot damage walls, floors, and furniture, and the acid in the soot eats away at surfaces. A fire damage restoration service that offers 24-hour availability can mitigate damage and complete the clean-up quicker than a company with less availability. In addition, 24-7 availability means that you can contact a customer service representative to schedule an appointment or to make any other type of inquiry.

A fire damage restoration service should also be able to serve a broad geographic area. Certain regions of the world are more prone to certain types of disasters, but it’s essential to know that fire can happen anywhere. The best fire damage restoration companies Freehold, NJ will have a service area that spans multiple states, and it’s necessary to check if their service area includes your city or state.

Check the company’s insurance policy

When looking for a fire damage restoration service, it is vital to check the company’s insurance policy. You want to be confident that the company you hire is fully insured. You also want to know who is covered and who is not. Educating yourself will help you navigate challenges in the recovery process.

You also need to find a company that provides 24-hour customer support. A good fire damage restoration service should have customer support representatives to answer your questions. In addition, they should be able to work with your insurance company and you. It is also essential to determine if the company provides additional restoration or repair services.

Check the company’s reputation

If you need a fire damage restoration service, you must check the company’s reputation first. The best companies are transparent about their charges, and you can avoid hidden fees. Also, check whether the company has the qualifications and experience to handle multiple issues.

A good fire restoration company should be able to respond quickly. This can be important for your business because downtime and revenue are lost. Also, there is the potential for irreparable damage to the brand and reputation of your company. A good restoration service will be able to deal with the problem safely and responsibly and protect your employees and customers. They should also be familiar with sensitive materials, such as cooling towers and semiconductors.

Ensure the company is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Not all restoration companies Freehold, NJ are accredited, and some overcharge their clients.

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Have You Ever Considered What Would Happen If Everyone Worked Union – Why Not?

Have You Ever Considered What Would Happen If Everyone Worked Union – Why Not?

It seems that the unions want to sign up all the workers in all the industries to work union, but if everyone worked union can you even imagine what would happen? We would have rapid inflation, and we would eventually get to “an equilibrium” and you would be just the same as if everyone was poor. Some people believe that socialism is when everyone is wealthy, but the reality is in socialism everyone is poor except for the few corrupt at the top. It’s amazing that the unions in the United States promote such a socialistic approach to labor and economics issues.

It is even more amazing that the Democrats take union lobbyist money, and allow them to lobby to promote socialist legislation, which will hurt our economy, and end up costing those very democratic politicians their jobs, because the economy will go South and no one want to vote for them. Right now, the great slogan for the unions is; “Live Better, Work Union,” and if you think about it – what they are really saying is that you join with us, then you too can live better than everyone else. That’s not too inclusive is it?

No it’s not, and it’s unfair for one group of people to use their power and their political might to live above the level of other people in our society. There is no difference from what the unions are doing, then what they complain that the wealthy class is doing.

The hypocrisy which is involved in labor unions, as they promote socialism is so obvious when you step back and take a look at it, but somehow they are able to convince the individuals to vote for labor union causes, even though most voters don’t work for labor unions, and will end up paying for all their pensions, through increased taxation, costs in products or in the services they buy; or worse to bail out those companies so they can continue to get paid for working less than everyone else with better benefits and Cadillac health care plans.

Therefore in my observation and opinion labor unions are indeed one of the most socialist loving groups in the modern politic. Those that support their causes are promoting socialist legislation, the very opposite of what has made America great over the last 250 years. Perhaps the voters ought to wise up and ask themselves the question; “would America be better or worse off if everyone work union?”

The answer to that question is no, because the capitalist system would fail, and the roof would collapse because of too much snow on top, and productivity would go down, and there would be less abundance for all you see and all we have built.

Besides that, the dirty politics behind the scenes of labor unions has been well-documented in American history, and in all the other nations where they thrive. Don’t be …

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Outsourcing 3PL – Warehouse and Distribution Partnership for Efficient Fulfillment

Outsourcing 3PL – Warehouse and Distribution Partnership for Efficient Fulfillment

There are many moving pieces to any business operation that involves the selling and/or movement of products. Whether they’re consumer products or business to business supply relationships, the activities involved in taking products from source to customer are many. Larger companies may handle their supply chain from end to end, but this is almost entirely a thing of the past.

Today, large and small companies alike have many partners. Partners for transporting freight (raw materials or finished goods) and supplies; partners for storing goods until they’re ready for delivery; partners for transporting goods locally, nationally and internationally. Warehousing, distribution and fulfillment are essential links in supply chain management. Not all 3PL’s are created equal, and it may be time to consider a partner that can assist you throughout the chain.

Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment – Vendor Efficiency

What is vendor efficiency? In sum, it can be described as seeking expert service providers that can handle as many of the activities that you require on an outsourced basis. The premise is that you have to manage as little relationships as possible if and when you can achieve expertise or capacity not otherwise found in-house.

In the case of a retailer who sells its own branded products, this may mean selecting a vendor who can import offshore manufactured products, store them locally, and distribute to retail points or pick-pack-and ship directly to end consumers on your behalf nationally (and internationally). This import to fulfillment model can be quite efficient and cost-effective. Further, it reduces human resource burden and supervision resources needed internally in most cases.

Having an “expert” as a warehousing, distribution and fulfillment partner is vital. In other words, if you are reviewing prospective third party warehouse and logistics partners and you have to explain what you need (other than things that are very specific to your business) – beware. Experts should by definition should be aware of industry best practices, and the conversation should be an engaging exchange where potential 3PL partners are not only listening, but offering ideas for efficiency and achieving maximum cost effectiveness.

Of note, however, is that you must not have “all your eggs in one basket”. When dealing with a partner handling several aspects of your operation (i.e., all of your supply chain) you risk difficulty if that partner should fail. Also, it may provide it leverage in negotiating rates with you. These are points for consideration and alternate suppliers should be close at hand and contingencies in place.…

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Are Labor Unions Going to Drive Out the Last Remaining Major US Manufacturers?

Are Labor Unions Going to Drive Out the Last Remaining Major US Manufacturers?

It is amazing that so many people blame China for the decrease in manufacturing jobs in the United States. I suppose it’s really easy to blame another nation for the challenges we face. However, you really can’t blame a large Corporation wishing to cut its costs, and ditch all the challenges they have with labor unions in our great country. Worse, many politicians take the side of the labor unions, and attempt to increase regulations on corporations creating a lopsided playing field between labor and business.

Now then, many folks that work in the labor force say that it’s not fair that corporate executives make so much money. However, that’s not for the labor to decide, that is for the shareholders to decide. Recently there has been a big to do with the National Labor Relations Board (which I might add my voice recognition software automatically capitalized, when it often doesn’t capitalize various other agencies, no surprise there, but it is a clue as to how powerful the incestuous relationship between labor and government has become), and a major airliner manufacturer.

In fact, it’s getting to the point that this major airline manufacturer is going to have to completely de-unionize just to survive, or move its factories out of the country as every other major Corporation has done. It’s too bad that many politicians and other policymakers can’t see what’s going on. It’s been ruining America, and the manufacturing industry, our industrial base in this country for nearly 50 years. Yes, it’s been going on a long time.

By the time the manufacturing corporations get done with big labor, and then try to build a new factory and deal with the environmentalists, EIR reports, and other government regulations they realize they can’t turn a profit in this country. Not considering the global market, supply and demand, and the price points to sell US products throughout the world. Is that China’s fault that we have so much regulation, so many lawsuits, and so many threatening labor unions which might strike at the drop of a hat?

Why would any major manufacturing corporation wish to deal with that?

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by Melanie Trottman titled “Boeing, NLRB Clash over Plant” which discussed the labor dispute which even the Obama Administration has publicly addressed, and many states have joined in lawsuits to protect the right of businesses to choose which states they wish to put their manufacturing facilities in, without being forced to unionize.

Are you beginning to see some of the problems that are going on? This is merely one example of so many we’ve seen over the last few years. Indeed, it has become a highly charged political debate, and yet on one hand we claim we want workers rights, high-paying jobs, full pension and health-care benefits, but we won’t allow the companies to make a …

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You Want to Improve Productivity? Start With the Performance Management Process!

You Want to Improve Productivity? Start With the Performance Management Process!

Recent Research on Employee Engagement and Motivation indicates that on average only 50% of employees receive regular, timely feedback to help them improve their performance – and less than half believe that their manager deals promptly with poor performance within their team. Further analysis reveals that various factors undermine productivity improvements, but key ‘problem areas’ include:

* Insufficient focus on the importance of building trust based relationships – and the type of conversations required to build genuine commitment

* An over reliance on ‘systems and processes’ to manage performance

* Failure to equip managers with the practical leadership skills required to create a work climate where performance can flourish

* Poor understanding of individual motivation – or how best to build commitment, encourage accountability and get real ‘leverage’ of performance

The study suggests that organizations need reliable diagnostic tools to identify the specific issues they need to address. Sound analysis, based on a clear model, is a vital start point in identifying the steps required to improve productivity. This information provides insight into how performance management can be strengthened – and the actions that will have the greatest impact on motivation and commitment. The research suggests that the factors that help create and sustain high performance are linked to the ‘dialogue and trust’ established between managers and their direct reports. Four key areas are identified, which can be summarised as follows: (1) Creating Direction & Meaning (2) Building Capability & Support for Learning (3) Encouraging Autonomy, & (4) Stimulating Engagement / Trust.

To monitor and strengthen positive relationships, the findings suggest that organizations need to obtain employee feedback at two levels. At a broad level, there is value in running a web-based survey. This provides analysis of key factors that create the “enabling environment” required for productivity improvement. A well-designed survey will show how well the existing appraisal / performance management process is truly adding value. Results can be analysed by different demographic groups to identify areas of ‘good practice’ and clarify the best follow-up intervention.

At a more specific level, it is evident that managers can benefit from open and honest feedback from team members. An online 180A� feedback tool, completed by managers and their direct reports, is particularly effective in assessing communication issues. This study suggests that 180A� feedback will provide managers with insights relating to the work relationship they have with their direct reports – and factors that may require attention. Perhaps most significant are the ‘purposeful conversations’ that build trust and strengthen performance.

However, organizations need to gauge their readiness to adopt more open feedback processes. Careful preparation, including additional training for managers, is often required in order to gain commitment. That said, effective 180/360 degree feedback systems do allow team members to either remain anonymous or choose to be identified (to facilitate more meaningful discussions). Wider, in-depth group reports, i.e. reports based on groups of managers, are also an option. These can help the …

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Dental Assistant Career And Job Overview

Dental Assistant Career And Job Overview

A dental assistant career would involve various important duties and tasks. This can include caring for patients, helping and coordinating with senior medical staff, and ensuring daily office work is completed on time. Assistants are not the same as hygienists, a hygienist is allowed to perform certain procedures independently, this is not the case with assistants who are supervised.

The work carried out by assistants can be learned through training on the job, though there are also study programs available at vocational schools and community colleges that train students in the profession. The actual employment requirements and licensing regulations vary depending upon location. Most individuals that take up this occupation would be expected to have completed their high school education, and have achieved excellence in subjects such as chemistry, health, and biology.

One of the positive aspects of this profile is the way in which the daily work always changes. There can be days when assistants are expected to spend most of their time updating patient information, whilst at other times they can be called upon to work all day in an examination room. The scope of the work would depend in part on the size and prestige of the employer.

Dental assistants are often asked to help make patients feel relaxed and comfortable, especially if the client is a child. Instructing patients on oral hygiene and care is also an important duty.

Being an assistant is an excellent way to get a foothold in the dentistry industry. Though it is only an entry level position, there can often be the opportunity to receive training that allows for a career to advance. Many dental hygienists originally started out as assistants.

The salary offered today ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. The actual figure would depend upon whether a full week is worked, or if the profile is part time. Location is another important criteria, those individuals employed in private practices in large urban centers would command a higher wage than if employed in a government clinic in a rural location.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for individuals seeking a Dental Assistant career is expected to increase at a fast rate over the coming decade. This is in part due to an aging population, and the propensity to consume a large amount of sugar in our diets. Dentistry occupations, as with most healthcare jobs, are somewhat cushioned from the fluctuations in the national economy.…

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Unions And the Fallacy of Composition Considered

Unions And the Fallacy of Composition Considered

Perhaps you haven’t heard the term “fallacy of composition” or maybe you have had some logic classes in the past, and you understand mathematically that if something works for one person, that’s fine, but if everyone else starts doing it, it generally won’t work. Nevertheless, this is something that one should consider when they talk about the philosophy and economic modeling of labor unions in our civilization.

Now then, I’d like you to consider for just a moment what would happen if everyone worked union, therefore everyone was paid a higher wage, and after you’ve thought about that for a few moments, let’s continue this dialogue.

There is a very good book I think you should read titled; “Economic Facts and Fallacies,” by Thomas Sowell. Interestingly enough, he does bring up this issue of unions in his book. Okay so, if everyone worked union then all of those workers would demand a higher wage. This would cost the companies more money, and therefore those additional costs would be figured into the products and services the company makes. This would cause the prices to go up, meaning everything that you bought, borrowed, or rented would cost you more.

If everything cost you more, then you probably wouldn’t be any better off than you are right now, sure, you might make more money, but that money you made would go right back out, so it’s kind of a Catch-22 isn’t it? Have you ever heard of wage inflation? If everyone gets paid more money, and everyone has more money to spend, then there is more money floating around the economy, therefore there is a greater demand for the products available. Therefore the price of the products goes up. When those companies raise their price, the labor unions will demand more money.

If everyone works union, and all the wages are already preset, you eventually have a situation of uncontrolled inflation, not to mention that no one is better off than they were before, in fact they’d be worse off. It’s amazing that all this gets lost in the debate, because it seems like something fair to do, to pay people more money. From a business standpoint it’s a horrible situation because the unions demand more money for doing less work, and more benefits which have nothing to do with the products and services the company to sell; it just as cost – which must be passed on. If the prices get too expensive, no one buys the products, company goes out of business, and laid off workers.

Indeed, if you work union did you don’t like this article, but it’s the truth, there’s nothing I can do about that, I can’t change reality of economics, supply and demand, or human desire to purchase goods and services. All that is predetermined by the individual wants and needs of the consumer, you can’t fix that issue by paying people more so they can buy anything they would …

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The Secrets of Successful Warehousing for Small Businesses

The Secrets of Successful Warehousing for Small Businesses

There is a common misconception that warehousing is only significant to large companies and is not a major concern for small or startup businesses. However, the truth is actually otherwise. Storage management and supply inventories are one of the basic foundations that can strengthen the roots that emerging businesses plant in the market. Without efficient warehouses, small traders can fall short with their efforts of profit generation and can even cease to exist.

Thankfully, well-established firms shared their secrets of successful warehousing that enabled them to reach their top spot in the market. Just like how any other retailers should think, these businesses aimed at safe and systematic inventory of their products. This is because only through that can become a profitable and competitive business.

The first essential element, according to most experienced business proprietors, is the location of storage spaces. Choosing the spot where warehouses will be built should be done meticulously. All options should be explored to maximize the accessibility, functionality, and practicality of warehouse areas.

Depending on the field of trade where the businesses belong, owners can choose specialized warehouses with the right facilities and equipment needed for their items to be stored. Again, at this point, safety and efficiency are crucial. Nonetheless, customized facilities and machineries are not the only elements needed for successful and secured storages. Of course, there should also be an effective and reliable supply management system like the use of warehouse inventory software.

It should be corrected that such complex management tools are not only on an enterprise-scale system. In fact, there are specially-designed small business inventory management software products that can help starting up retailers with their warehousing systems. Not because they are small means that they should only be using index card labels and Excel spreadsheets. Of course, they are entitled to enjoy the benefits of technology as well and take advantage of all its commercial profits.

Starting up their trades right with these small business inventory management software products can also leave them a lot of rooms for growth. Expansion and diversification of their trades will not be much of a problem because the warehousing systems they use are crafted to be flexible enough for their operations. Since deliveries and product qualities are well maintained, growth is surely not far in the way, but with the efficient automated systems that they hold, branching out and expanding can be done easily.…

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Having a Yard Sale

Having a Yard Sale

When you have a lot of stuff and you want to get rid of some of it and you don’t want to keep storing it in storage areas like your garage or because you’re tired of looking hi and low for Los Angeles Public Warehouse or Los Angeles Fulfillment then you should talk with your family and discuss with them to decide whether or not you want to have a yard sale for a way of getting rid of some things that you have around that are in excess of what you really want in life and what you will be having crowding all the space in your home.

If you are in fact looking around your house to see what things you don’t need anymore or trying to find things that you may realize are just taking up space and are not really doing their job anymore because no one uses them, you should know that there are a lot of things that you can do to make sure someone else finds use out of them and that they do not just end up in a dirty landfill somewhere once you put them in the garbage. If you want to make money on them you should have a yard sale, as many people are pretty excited about yard sales as they know that they can find some really great deals there and will probably stop by if they have the time and they have seen the sign for the yard sale, but there are a few things that you may want to consider when you are thinking that you want to have a yard sale to get rid of some of your unused things.

If you can, try to get neighbors to join in to see if they want to have a yard sale with you or at least on the same time or same day as you, as the more there is to look at at the yard sale the more people will be interested and will be attracted to the area and once there they will probably want to buy something so they don’t feel as if they came for no reason at all. If your neighborhood or street has a day or two a year that they dedicate to this type of thing like by having a neighborhood yard sale day then it is probably a very good idea to make sure that you and your family participate as much as you can if this is possible for you to do, because the larger the sale, the more people will show up to the area and the more likely they will be to stop in and buy something from you, and that will be very good for business, and you will have much more advertising than you would otherwise if your neighborhood does this type of thing on a regular basis. Another great option for getting rid of unwanted things is to …

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Issues in Tip Sharing

Issues in Tip Sharing

Many restaurants and bars across the country require their employees to pool their tips into one big reserve which is then divided across all employees evenly at the end of the night. Playing into this is that the restaurant may pay the employees less than minimum wage and then use the tips to bring the wage up to minimum wage or above.

One of the big issues in tip sharing comes up when those that directly earn tips share their tips with those that don’t earn tips. For example, requiring the servers and bartenders to share their tips with the busboys or cleaning staff of the restaurant. The servers and bartenders did all the work to earn the tip and yet they are required to share their tips with the staff of the restaurant that doesn’t bring in any tip money. Yes, they help the overall atmosphere but they don’t actually bring in tips.


Another problem with tip sharing is that it doesn’t necessarily spread evenly. Someone with 10 tables at a time should reasonably expect to earn more in tips than someone working only 5 tables. Under pooling and sharing, the tips aren’t an extra in addition to minimum wage. They make up the difference between minimum wage and the base rate meaning that it doesn’t matter how many tables a person works, the amount at the end of the night will be the same.


Sometimes a restaurant will opt to divide the total tip haul at the end of a pay period. Some restaurants may not divide the tips based on the number of hours worked but rather award a flat rate based on the number of employees. This is not fair to those that both work a lot of hours and more tables as they get the same amount as a person who works one shift during the entire pay period.


Overall, there are a huge number of problems with the concept known as tip sharing. Many of the tip sharing schemes have been deemed illegal both by legislatures and courts across the country. This, however, does not stop restaurants and bars alike from attempting to find ways to use tips to ensure that all of their employees make minimum wage without spending more out of pocket. The biggest problem with this system is that the tips aren’t tips anymore if they are used to even out salary. They are then salary except they can’t be fully depended on. …

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Myths and Dangers of Self-Inducing Labor

Myths and Dangers of Self-Inducing Labor

I have been asked more than once how a pregnant woman could induce labor at home. Usually, they are ready to try last few days and weeks seem like an eternity. Back aches from pre-labor hormone releases, false labor and not being able to see the feet all contribute to one thing. You want to have the baby *now.*

Unfortunately, some of the methods don’t work; they are myths. Others can be hazardous to mother and child, though they do seem to start labor. A few work, but are seldom discussed often as they are not topics generally accepted in polite conversation.

Bumpy Roads: I’ve read that this can start labor, but it is actually a myth. I even tried it, and it didn’t work, for either pregnancy. I can tell you that riding on a bumpy road when you really are in labor is extremely uncomfortable. It’s not much better right after birth, either.

Balsamic Vinegar: I can’t find any evidence proving this works, but many women swear by it. There are a few restaurants that end up in the news because pregnant women go there for a salad dressed with the vinegar. Many send pictures of the newborns, and they are convinced labor was started by the salad. There usually isn’t a problem with eating these salads, so if you want to try, go for it.

Blue Cohosh: There’s good news and bad news about blue cohosh. The good news is that it may work. The bad news is that it could kill you and your unborn child. This herb causes a massive increase in blood pressure. As your circulatory system is still attached to the baby’s, both of you could suffer a heart attack or a stroke. There are confirmed cases of infants being born in the process of having a heart attack.

Before deciding to try at home labor induction, please talk to your doctor. This is both for your safety and your child’s. The doctor can provide you information about safe methods and warn you about hoaxes and dangerous methods. He can also tell you if the child is ready to be born, which is important information.…

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5 Steps in Selecting a Time and Attendance Solution

5 Steps in Selecting a Time and Attendance Solution

Here are 5 steps to help you in the selection process:

1) Assess your current time and attendance system.

The first step is to learn how your current time and attendance system works and doesn’t work. Look for problem areas like data input errors, redundancies, antiquated processes, and an increase in administrative costs. During the analysis be sure to look at the whole picture. Consider creating a flow chart, it’s an excellent way to understand and define your current process from employee hire and clock in to paycheck.

2) Set your goals.

Now that your current payroll process has been defined, you will be able to set your goals for the new automated system. Take into consideration system requirement goals, as well as organizational goals. System requirement goals are time off requests, potential overtime flags, missing time indicators, etc. Organizational goals are to decrease annual payroll costs by 5%, decrease data input error rate by 2%, increase profits’ by 3%, etc.

3) Calculate your costs.

Make sure that you establish all your costs involved in making your purchase. Consider costs associated with hardware, software, installation, training and ongoing fees.

4) Determine your return on investment.

Implementing an automated time and attendance solution will immediately help to reduce your labor costs. To calculate your organizations reduction in labor costs, consider the following: decrease in payroll errors, decrease in processing time, and the improvement in labor reporting.

5) Evaluate and select a vendor.

Begin by creating a list of potential sources. Next, gather your payroll team, as this will provide different perspectives. Use your predefined goals and compare the features and benefits of your new time and attendance software. Consider ranking each criterion on a scale from 1 to 5. Last, consider the company background, obtain references, and research the customer service team.…

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Acupressure: The Most Effective Natural Labor Method

Acupressure: The Most Effective Natural Labor Method

Towards the end of the third trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, she should know the natural ways to induce labor because it can benefit her and her baby a lot. Resorting to the natural methods to induce labor can prevent a pregnant woman from suffering from any adverse effect of invasive medical procedures start the delivery process. Also, medical methods to induce labor can put the baby’s health at risk. There are actually lots of natural methods to begin the delivery process but using acupressure to induce labor is considered to be the most effective natural method.

The top ten natural methods include engaging in relaxation exercises, nipple stimulation, castor oil, intercourse, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, cinnamon stick oil, acupuncture, walking and acupressure.

A relaxation exercise brings the pregnant woman in a relaxed state that can trigger the onset of labor. Nipple stimulation triggers the production of oxytocin which is responsible for the faster contraction in the uterus. Despite its foul smell, many midwives are recommending the use of castor oil to induce labor. Meanwhile, sexual intercourse works in two ways. Female orgasm can bring about contractions and prostaglandins in the semen can soften and ripen the cervix just in the same way that primrose oil works.

Raspberry leaf tea brings a pregnant woman in a relaxed state that can induce labor while using cinnamon stick that is made into a tea can help in toning the uterus. Walking is also thought to be effective in triggering the induction of labor because it drops the baby into its proper position. The upright position when walking adds pressure to the cervix which helps a lot in dilating the cervix. Acupuncture is considered as one of the most effective methods to however, women should only deal with professional and credible acupuncturists for best results.

Maternity acupressure is considered to be the most effective and safest natural labor induction method. Acupressure makes childbirth easier for both the mother and the baby without resorting to drugs with less labor pain. Basically, the process of acupressure makes use of pressure points. Unlike acupuncture that uses needles to add pressure, fingers are used to add pressure in the sensitive points along the body that can help in inducing labor. Maternity acupressure has been widely used in Asian countries for thousands of years because it brings about a number of highly satisfactory results during childbirth.

Maternity acupressure helps a lot in starting the delivery process with the absence of drugs. It also lessens labor pains, difficulties and discomfort and helps achieve cervix dilation faster while strengthening the contractions. Other benefits of maternity acupressure include increasing the probability of having a normal and complication free childbirth. Bringing your baby into a calm relaxed state, preventing vomiting and nausea and turning a posterior baby are also benefits of using acupressure.

Hoku spot which is found at the top of the hand between the forefinger and thumb is one of the …

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An Overview of Labor Laws in India

An Overview of Labor Laws in India

The labor laws in India provide for labor rights and regulate terms of employment. Typically, labor laws are laws pertaining to employer-employee relationships. They guarantee few legal rights to the workers. Further, they aim to promote interests of the workers.

The labor laws can be classified in two major categories. The first category consists of laws defining the relationship between trade unions, employees and employers. The second category includes laws that provides for rights of employees at work place. Labor laws were formulated to address demands of workers for improvement of working conditions, wages, working hours, protection of labor rights and settlement of industrial disputes.

Indian laws on labor rights and work places are regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The major Indian laws pertaining to rights of workers and employment are, such as:

The Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.

The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.

The Payment of Wages Act, 1936.

The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986.

The Trade Unions Act, 1926.

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.

The Factories Act, 1948.

The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976.

The Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948.

Labor Law: Things to Know

Labor laws in India provide for the provision of legal strikes and the right to strike. However, the Government is empowered to limit these rights in favor of public order. Here are few things to know about labor laws in India:

The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, was enacted in 1947. Few provisions of the Act are derived from the Trade Dispute Act, 1929. It provided for formation of two types of institutions to promote industrial peace, namely, the Works committees and the Industrial Tribunals.

The committees comprise of the representatives of workers and employers. It aims to promote harmonious relations and smooth the communication process between the parties. The tribunals were empowered to address industrial disputes.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) is the international body that addresses labor issues and promotes labor rights. Further, it upholds the principle ‘labor is not a commodity’ and calls for equal, fair and dignified treatment to workers at workplace.…