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Have You Ever Considered What Would Happen If Everyone Worked Union – Why Not?

Have You Ever Considered What Would Happen If Everyone Worked Union – Why Not?

It seems that the unions want to sign up all the workers in all the industries to work union, but if everyone worked union can you even imagine what would happen? We would have rapid inflation, and we would eventually get to “an equilibrium” and you would be just the same as if everyone was poor. Some people believe that socialism is when everyone is wealthy, but the reality is in socialism everyone is poor except for the few corrupt at the top. It’s amazing that the unions in the United States promote such a socialistic approach to labor and economics issues.

It is even more amazing that the Democrats take union lobbyist money, and allow them to lobby to promote socialist legislation, which will hurt our economy, and end up costing those very democratic politicians their jobs, because the economy will go South and no one want to vote for them. Right now, the great slogan for the unions is; “Live Better, Work Union,” and if you think about it – what they are really saying is that you join with us, then you too can live better than everyone else. That’s not too inclusive is it?

No it’s not, and it’s unfair for one group of people to use their power and their political might to live above the level of other people in our society. There is no difference from what the unions are doing, then what they complain that the wealthy class is doing.

The hypocrisy which is involved in labor unions, as they promote socialism is so obvious when you step back and take a look at it, but somehow they are able to convince the individuals to vote for labor union causes, even though most voters don’t work for labor unions, and will end up paying for all their pensions, through increased taxation, costs in products or in the services they buy; or worse to bail out those companies so they can continue to get paid for working less than everyone else with better benefits and Cadillac health care plans.

Therefore in my observation and opinion labor unions are indeed one of the most socialist loving groups in the modern politic. Those that support their causes are promoting socialist legislation, the very opposite of what has made America great over the last 250 years. Perhaps the voters ought to wise up and ask themselves the question; “would America be better or worse off if everyone work union?”

The answer to that question is no, because the capitalist system would fail, and the roof would collapse because of too much snow on top, and productivity would go down, and there would be less abundance for all you see and all we have built.

Besides that, the dirty politics behind the scenes of labor unions has been well-documented in American history, and in all the other nations where they thrive. Don’t be fooled by the political rhetoric, and the plea for fairness, because they’d just as soon take away everything you have and transfer it to themselves, and isn’t that really what socialism is anyway?

Now for the big question, ready; “How do you like to change so far?” Because it’s only going to get worse if we don’t see through the fog and hypocrisy of labor unions, and the politicians who support them, so, please consider all this.