25 Jun, 2024
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Warehouse Temperature Mapping Explained

Warehouse Temperature Mapping Explained

Temperature Mapping is the process of recording and mapping the temperature in a 3 dimensional space. You may think that in a small fridge, large cool room, freezer or warehouse that the temperature would be the same everywhere, but you may be surprised to learn that the temperature can vary by as much as 10A�C from one location to another.

Temperatures in the corners will most likely be different to the centre of the space being measured. We all know cold air sinks, and hot air rises – so it goes without saying that the temperature at the bottom of a cool room will most likely be different to the temperature at the top of the cool room.

There are also “specific areas” within the cool room where the temperature also will differ such as: next to the cooling fans where the temperature will be at its coldest or close to the doors where it likely to be at its warmest.

Why is it important to Temperature Map your cold storage area?

Product efficacy relies on goods being stored correctly. Fruit and vegetable that has been stored in an area that is too cold can freeze and damage them; Vaccines that are stored in a fridge may get too warm or too cold and reduce/destroy the medicines efficacy. Ensuring that all locations within the refrigerated area are within the correct temperature range is critical to maintain the quality of the products.

Temperature Mapping and Temperature Monitoring are integral to the storage of goods such as foods and medicines.

How to conduct temperature mapping?

Data loggers need to be strategically placed within the 3 dimensional space to map temperatures along a horizontal, vertical and depth plain as well as in locations that are likely to have temperature variations.

Temperature monitoring should be conducted within a normal working day rather than on a weekend as the internal temperature of the space will vary depending on how many times the coolroom or warehouse doors are opened and closed. Ideally you should use an experienced company in temperature mapping to make sure that your temperature controlled storage area is mapped correctly followed by the placement of data loggers and sensors in the correct locations (warmest and coldest) for ongoing monitoring.

CoolPac specialises in Temperature Mapping and helping companies install a quality data logging system that complies with the requirement of the authorities such as HACCP or TGA.…

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Kids’ Auditions for TV Advert

Kids’ Auditions for TV Advert

The advertisement world has indeed come a long way. Long ago kids weren’t allowed to appear on TV, let alone commercials. Nowadays, there are a lot of products in the market that specifically target children, and in order for them to sell, kids just have to be convinced that they are the best products for them. Such that when the kid’s parents visit a supermarket they would prefer to buy the same products their kids showed them in TV. To be convincing to this particular age group, companies use fellow children to appear in adverts. Mostly, these kids appear on screen after permission from their parents. Before you present your kid to audition for a TV advert, the following are some of the things you should consider:

1) Does your kid really want to do this? Even if you are broke and in need of some quick cash, never do the mistake of using your child to get money by presenting the kid to audition for a TV advert. Most parents present their children to audition only after the kids have willingly accepted to do so. Another point to consider is that your kid doesn’t have the capacity to make wise choices; as a parent, explain to the kid both the pros and cons of the child auditioning for TV. After he/she has understood this, then a go ahead can be allowed.

2) Comply with legal procedures. Remember that kids, even your own, form part of the minority group in the society. Most states don’t allow children below a certain age to do TV adverts as this is viewed as child labor; and the penalties may be stiff. Also, there are guidelines that separate the ads kids can do and those ones left for adults. For example, alcohol adverts are not recommended for persons below the age of eighteen.

3) Another factor you should look into is your child’s self confidence. Most kids tend to be helpless and only cling to their parents. Invest in helping your child develop trust in other people who’ll be working with him/her at the auditions. This will save you from embarrassment of the kid trying to bite strangers or crying excessively. Remember, once your kid develops poise and self confidence, they can last with him/her for a lifetime.

4) Give your kid constant reassurance. The love and support you show to your kid would serve to boost the kids’ self esteem as he/she prepares to audition. Words like “I know you can do it” or “you were meant for this” can help a lot in preparing the kid for the TV advert.

5) Manage your kid’s income wisely. Remember that it’s the kid’s money and not yours; so don’t go around wasting it in bars or throwing unnecessary parties. You can save it in the bank and later use it to fund the child’s college education. Or use it to look for better roles your child can feature in …

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Three Steps From Great Business Improvement Systems

Three Steps From Great Business Improvement Systems

Do you own a small to medium business and have an immediate need to increase business profits? Business planning when profits are down can be an exercise in frustration, but by following three logical steps, it’s possible to get your business back on track.

Step 1: Seek Professional Help

It may seem counterproductive to seek the assistance of business management specialists when you’re struggling to pay the bills. The truth is, however, that following the same unsuccessful strategies repeatedly won’t produce more profit.

Find business consultants willing to tailor their solutions to your company’s needs and, by all means, compare their services and rates. The best consultants offer some type of guaranteed business improvement system, further minimizing your risk.

Take advantage of the training and technology business planning specialists possess, as well as the objective feedback they can offer. By incorporating their business management strategies, you can take control of freefalling profits and put your company back on solid ground.

Step 2: Make Strategic Changes

Armed with information gleaned with the help of your business management consultant, make changes in key areas that will produce the most profit. Cutting staff or decreasing expenses in some other way might not always be the best way to stop the bleeding. The answer might lie with other benchmarks you identify.

The owner of a secretarial services firm, for example, isn’t sure whether she should increase her hourly rate or keep trying to cut expenses. With the help of her business improvement system, she learns that a slight increase in her rates will more than cover her increased expenses and allow her to rebuild reserves. Making strategic adjustments such as this often makes the difference between business expansion and business failure.

Step 3: Keep Your Staff Informed and Motivated

Your employees may be planning their own exit strategies if they’re unsure of your company’s stability. Give them solid information about what to expect by sharing regular reports about key business activities.

Being transparent about the state of your firm, even when you’re trying to improve business profits, gives employees the chance to offer solutions. Include time for creativity and innovation in your ‘state of the company’ update sessions. Allowing employees to be part of the solution doesn’t mean handing over the reins of your company, but it could keep them motivated to stay during hard times.

Companies that stay in business during difficult financial times are managed by people not afraid to ask for help. If you’re struggling to keep your business afloat, the right business tools can be a lifeline. Their promise of a guaranteed business improvement system may seem too good to be true, but such a tool could be your company’s best hope for survival.

Seek professional help, use what you learn to make the most productive changes in your business and keep your staff motivated by sharing information and involving them in problem solving. Following these three steps can help your firm stabilize …

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Employment and Labor Law in California – 2011 Updates

Employment and Labor Law in California – 2011 Updates

While federal legislation on small employers remains complex and burdensome across the country, overbearing employment and labor laws in California are helping it maintain its reputation as the one of the most litigious states in the Union. Below are two recent court cases which highlight the complexity and exposure of labor laws in California, and the lengths to which employers must go to be informed and protected.

Wage and Hour: Payroll Companies are Not Liable as the Employer

Outsourcing payroll processing is a common business practice. A recent case that reached the California Supreme Court addressed the issue whether or not a payroll processing service could be held responsible, as an employer, for wage and hour violations. The California Supreme Court had determined in a previous case, Martinez v. Combs, what defines a legal “employer”. The Court applied this definition to the recent case of Futrell v. Payday California, Inc. It found that in order to be liable as an employer, an entity must exercise control over an employee’s wages (the authority to negotiate and set the employees’ rate of pay). In Futrell v. Payday California, the court found Payday merely calculated pay, tax withholding and issued paychecks but did not manage the employees’ wages. They determined that payroll preparation alone does not meet that standard.

This case shows that employers who utilize outside processing firms for payroll administration will be liable for wage and hour violations, such as meal and rest period and overtime violations. Conversely, the case is good news for organizations who simply provide administrative payroll services to employers but are not involved in managing employees wages.

Compensation Agreements

In McCaskey v. California State Auto Association, the California Court of Appeals ruled that an employer may unilaterally terminate its duty to honor a compensation policy only if the following conditions are met:

A� The policy must be of indefinite duration

A� The employer must effect the change after a reasonable time and with reasonable notice

A� The employer may not interfere with the employee’s vested benefits.

In McCaskey v. California State Auto Association, the court ruled that the plan was not for an indefinite duration under California law. Rather, it said that the plans terms suggested an implied-in-fact durational term by which CSAA’s duty to honor the policy, either at age 65; after 10 years; or, upon the employee’s retirement. The court affirmed that a contract of indefinite duration is terminable after a reasonable time on reasonable notice, which was not met in this case.

Employment and Labor Laws in California

The cautionary note to California employers is to review your compensation agreements carefully to determine if they were properly drafted by an attorney. Prior to changing agreements, particularly those related to compensation (including sales/commissions agreements), you should consult with legal counsel.

Alternatively, if you are a California-based employer, it is imperative that you contact a California human resources services provider who can advise you in all areas …

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How Warehouse Storage Can Help Your Business

How Warehouse Storage Can Help Your Business

You may be the type of business that needs to have a warehouse due to the nature of the products you are selling, or you may not work out of a warehouse but find that there are times you need extra storage. Having warehouse storage can be useful for your business in so many ways, including helping your business run more efficiently, which can lead to increased profits. Good shelving systems in the warehouse can help keep your products organised which means that staff can access items easily and quickly.

Relocating offices

A lot of companies don’t work out of a warehouse, nor do they have products that need to be stored in one, but there are other times businesses need to use one. When a business is relocating offices using a warehouse to store their office equipment is a good idea. There is plenty of space for storage, and to move around in so furniture and other items don’t get damaged when moving them in or out. Storage systems, such as shelving or pallet racking, can often already be in place, and a business can store their office equipment and be happy with the knowledge that everything will be secure.


A company may also need storage for office equipment and furniture if their offices are undergoing renovations. It can cause too much disruption to try and pile any furniture or other items in a corner of the offices. Renovations are disruptive enough without making customers and staff dodge displaced furniture as well, so putting it in storage in a warehouse is the best thing to do.

Excess stock

Your store may find itself with excess stock. It is better to reduce the amount of stock in store for a number of reasons. Too much stock on the shelf can look cluttered. It can also deter customers if they think there are so many of a particular item available. It makes it look unoriginal and this can turn certain customers off. It is also better to not ‘put all your eggs in one basket’. If something happens, like a fire or water damage for example, then only half your stock is lost.

General storage

You may find that your business needs extra storage and a warehouse can accommodate your businesses needs. As well as any excess stock you might want to clear any clutter from your office, such as old files that you need to keep for legal reasons but you no longer need to access quickly. You may have furniture that you aren’t currently using or display stock that needs to be put out of the way. Some stores need to rotate their stock depending on the season so having the storage space of a warehouse is ideal. If your company imports products from overseas then you will need a warehouse to make deliveries easier. It is a lot easier for a truck to unload into the large space of a …

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Effective Businesses With Data Warehouses

Effective Businesses With Data Warehouses

These days, it is important for businesses to be very competitive in the industry. And in order to do so, it is also very vital for them to have the latest technology in order to handle businesses efficiently. This means that they should have everything from manpower to software that would help them be successful. With this, it is important for these businesses to know what a data warehouse is.

Data warehouse is considered the powerhouse in the business. This is because it has the overall business strategies needed by a business for success. For example, this is where all the decision-making strategies and even knowledge base applications were done in order to help the business be competitive in the industry.

Since it has all the things they need for business, business analysts can use this in order to predict how the business will run. Aside from this, they will be able to know the potential problems that may occur in the business. Since they can predict this, then they will also be able to know the most appropriate solution that they need to do in order to settle the problematic business issue.

However, having a data warehouse may not be that simple. The reason for this is that they should have every professional worker needed in order to manage the data warehouse. Without them, all the effort when it comes to conceptualizing the data warehouse project is lost.

So what will these professionals do? First of all, they are in charge in taking care of the limitations and scope of the subject that they will use in the warehouse. In this way, they will be able to make the data warehouse as focused as possible to one particular topic or issue that they wish to settle.

Aside from managing the limitations of the warehouse, they are also in charge of calibrating every application in order to make sure that they run properly and give accurate results every time. This will assure not only accuracy but also consistency with all the data they need in order to run the business.

Developing a new application that is suitable for the latest needs of the business is also one of the data warehouse tasks. Doing this will definitely increase the business’ competency in the industry since they will have the latest application that they can use for their business.

In general, getting a data warehouse is very helpful for the business but of course it is important to choose the right people to do the task properly. This will make sure that the business will have the best benefit from getting this overall business strategy method that will surely be helpful for the business.…

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How Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Employees

How Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Employees

The United States created the workers’ compensation insurance program to make sure that employees are taken care of on the job. This program has been around for decades, and specifically states that employers must pay for injuries or illnesses that occur on the job or as a result of the job that people are doing. Almost every single employee in the nation is covered by a workers’ comp program that pays benefits for injuries or illnesses that are work-related, regardless of who is liable for the injury or illness in the first place.

When a workers’ compensation claim is filed, there is typically a pre-determined benefit amount that is paid out to the employee(s) in question. This amount is reflective of the employee’s pay as well as the amount of time that they are off work because of the issue. If someone works in a factory where they use their arms regularly, having a rotator cuff procedure due to extended wear and tear would be covered by workers’ compensation, for example. They would be compensated for time off work, the procedure itself, and the recovery and rehabilitation that will get them back on the job.

Every state has their own guidelines and regulations surrounding workers’ compensation claims, and it is up to each employee to know what they are subject to, eligible for, and which things are excluded from their claims. This is not a lawsuit directed at the employer, but a claim filed against the employer’s insurance company much like a claim filed against a car insurance company when a car accident occurs. According to workers’ compensation laws, employees cannot sue their employer for accidents that occur on the job and employers cannot terminate employees that file a claim under this provision.

Workers’ compensation typically pays for medical bills, temporary disability in place of paychecks because the employee cannot work, and benefits for permanent disability when the employee cannot return to work. By taking care of these areas of protection, people are guaranteed the treatment that they deserve. No one has to worry about being fired because they aren’t able to work or losing their income because they have to take time off for an injury. Sometimes, insurance companies will not recognize a legitimate claim, which requires the addition of a workers’ compensation lawyer and legal filings to the claim to contest the decision made when it is not the right decision.…

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Setting Up a Warehouse in a Proper and Organized Arrangement

Setting Up a Warehouse in a Proper and Organized Arrangement

Whether you have small company or big corporation, setting up warehouse is a very important thing to do. The main purpose in setting up warehouse in proper and organized arrangement is to increase the efficiency in storing inventories, shipping and received goods and many other stocks. By arranging your warehouse in proper and organize arrangement, you will get easiness in accessing those stored things in your warehouse. Here are some tips in arranging and setting your warehouse properly.

First, you need to make plan with the storing are in your warehouse. Design which area that you are going to use as the storage of shipping goods, received goods, inventories, and many other else. You should also include a break area in order to keep comfortable chairs, coffee maker, as well as small fridge. Your employees need those things during their break time. Bathroom facilities should be provided as well.

Second, you have to determine the kind of shelving and storage that you need to have in storing all items in your warehouse. Make sure to provide any shelving products that come in strong and sturdy constructions, so it will be strong enough to hold your stored things. Besides, you have to make sure that the shelving is installed and attached professionally and securely to the walls and floors of your warehouse. Leaving enough space between some units is also important so you can move any items comfortably and easily.

Third, it will be important for you to create any storing room for any items that are usually needed in warehouse, such as packing tape and boxes. You have to regularly stock these items since those items are very important in supporting any activities in warehouse.

Fourth, installing an inventory control system is also great idea. By providing this system, your employees can easily enter information about any received and shipped out items from the warehouse. To provide this certain system, you need to add a work station with a computer and printer. Choose a safe area in your warehouse with less risk of dropping or spilling item onto the computer device.

Fifth, you need to provide mats. Use them for any areas where your employees might spend a long time standing in a certain place. Besides, it will be better for you to install heating and cooling system so your employees could feel comfortable to work in this certain place in any kind of seasons.

Try to set your warehouse in that arrangement. You and your employees will get a lot of easiness and convenience to work in the warehouse.…

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PR Employment – Top 10 PR Job Opportunities

PR Employment – Top 10 PR Job Opportunities

PR employment is the hottest new thing after the economic dropdown. The major reason behind this bubble is the desperate need to maintain the existing customer base and not do away with their faith in the company. Work for PR professionals become extremely important for instilling new confidence thus bringing in new and impressed customers/consumers.

1. Foremost position is taken by advertising PR jobs. Advertising is the most effective revenue generator and makes the most share of some of the company’s annual turnover. With the proper PR induction the sector becomes more challenging and lucrative.

2. Marketing and Public relations go hand in hand and their concurrence transform it into something different altogether. Marketing, undoubtedly makes the most high paying PR career and if you manage the dual responsibility of marketing and PR, you will turn out to be the most prized asset of any company.

3. Communication takes the third place. With proper network base and its blend with the right set of communication skills there will be no stopping you in the field of PR employment. If you have training in this field PR job search will be relatively easier and that also for a switchover.

4. PR attorney jobs also constitute a considerable chunk of PR employment. With the growing days of bankruptcy you are expected to maintain proper balance in company assets and liabilities and you will be paid more than your fair share with a guarantee.

5. PR management constitute the overlords of the company. You probably will not get here till you have some substantial work experience in your grasp. You will convene almost everything in the administration and be held responsible for anything right/wrong inside the company.

6. PR recruitment jobs got a hike with the steady enhancement of switchovers and lack of consistent experience in PR people these days. If you turn out to be different you will be hailed as the company’s biggest strength in its integrity.

7. PR employment in medicine and healthcare is gaining popularity everyday with the healthcare boom and organizations will be cashing in a lot in choosing their PR professionals.

8. With the rapid boom in outsourcing consultancy PR has found its way in the PR job search listings. With the latest extensive workload to economize things, auditor PRs have gained much attention and hence paycheques.

9. PR labor in self employment is also very much in vogue in the new market. You may set up your own firm and be your own boss managing client provided you have the right experience and considerable exposure and reputation.

10. With the term globalization being uttered in every sentence these days and foreign students flooding campuses PR officials and PR temp are employed to cater their needs forming a slow and silent rise in PR employment.

Job search in PR has become easier with the new internet boom. So make the best of your social network profile and PR clubs …

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The Rise in Popularity of Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Repairs

The Rise in Popularity of Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Repairs

It used to be that for home plumbing and heating repairs and upgrades it was a skilled even licensed tradespersons job. Simple as that.

Tools, equipment and the plumbing and heating hardware might not be available commercially to the ordinary person let alone having them work or upgrade on this equipment. Even today in some areas furnaces can only be purchased through, by and even installed by bona fide registered heating companies and mechanics. Still there is a lot of work that can be done currently and is done by do it yourselfer.

Why the changes from a tradesmen only system to the current prevalence of doing it yourself or having a handy friend conduct house or building renovations and upgrades?

Cost is the answer. Labor used to be one of the components of repairs of all types and building projects and upgrades and renovations in this case. Materials costs used to be the major component of any building project or household renovations for the most part. Now its labor.

People used to fix things have them repaired.

You expected for example to have a watch cleaned every couple of years to keep it running.

Now it is “not worth it”. You throw out the watch. You have disposable VCRs, DVD players and other electronics. In most cases the cost of repairs including the diagnostics (which is composed mainly of labor costs) is simply not worth it. Its cheaper to replace the device, devices or items – usually on top of that the replacements are not even made in North America the US, Canada or Mexico.

Hence as a result many people figured out that if they did the work themselves first of all there would be major cost savings. Even if they wasted money by damaging materials in the learning processes they overall were ahead of the game in term of final project costs. On top of that it was an enjoyable educational project on top of that with the satisfaction of being able to look at the end results and announce “I did the home renovations” (or upgrades).

As a result of the increase in do it yourself handyman, contractors plumbing and heating workers a whole industry and service industry sprung up to satisfy the needs for products as well as supportive information and even classes in some of the full service do it yourself hardware, lumber, plumbing and heating retail outlets and supply stores.

In the end it’s a fact of life for the commercial trades. A lot of people do their home renovations and upgrades them.

Whether it is for a rec room, electrical work or plumbing and heating do it yourself construction and renovations projects are truly a force on the scene.…

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Natural Induction Methods For Labor

Natural Induction Methods For Labor

You love being pregnant and seeing all of the changes happen with your body because you know that the miracle of life is happening right inside of you. It is a fascinating time in your life and everything is going perfect until now. You are near or past your due date and the baby isn’t coming out. You are in a terrible amount of pain and all you want is for the baby to come out. You need some help.

Medical induction isn’t an option for you because you don’t want to put the baby’s health or your own health at risk. You want the labor process to be as natural and safe as possible and you won’t have any medical procedures interfering with that. However, you are desperate to get out of this state of turmoil that you are in so you do need a solution.

Luckily, there are natural induction methods for labor that can help to put you in labor fast and get that baby out of there and safely into your arms. The easiest way to make this happen is to eat spicy foods. There are triggers in spicy foods that go off in your body, causing everything to work double time. You will notice right away that the systems of your body are speeding up including your heart rate and your salivary glands. The same can be said for labor. The spice in the foods will help to speed up the natural process of labor and help to get that baby delivered.

This is only one of the many tips that are available for you. If you are sick and tired of being in this pain and you desperately want the baby to come out, then you need this help today.…

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Do Maternity Acupressure and Induce Labor Safely

Do Maternity Acupressure and Induce Labor Safely

There are times when a pregnancy may need a little push to get labor started. Choosing to do maternity acupressure is a great choice for several reasons

You can do maternity acupressure anywhere

The process is simple and in most cases can be done on yourself, although there are some pressure points on the body that would be much easier to reach with a partners help.

It is very effective in inducing labor with 48 hours

In fact, scientific evidence proves this. 83% of women who do acupressure go into labor and sometimes within 30 minutes.

It is non-invasive and safe for both mother and baby

It has even been shown to improve the overall labor experience because it prevents the baby from becoming distressed due to a shorter and easier labor.

It provides pain relief and can stop nausea without any risk of stopping contractions.

You do not need any experience to do maternity acupressure. If you can push down on your skin with your thumb, you can do maternity acupressure. It does not take any special skills. The process has been around for thousands of years and is accepted by the WHO (World Health Organization) as safe for pregnant women.

It is a good idea to practice acupressure points before the need arises, but be very careful. If you practice and do maternity acupressure before a woman is ready to go into labor, she may go into labor early which can cause problems for both mother and baby, such as a premature birth.

Although many people will tell you that there are three main acupressure points on the body to induce labor, there are actually many more that serve different purposes in the labor process. These include:

Inducing labor naturally

Dilating your cervix

Speeding up a slow labor

Stimulating contractions

Pain relief

Relief from nausea

Relaxation due to stress or tension

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can effectively do maternity acupressure without training. It is imperative that you find a good resource, preferably one that includes videos so that you can see how it is done exactly. Without proper instruction, you will be like many others who have tried to do maternity acupressure, and assume that the system does not work because you did something wrong.…

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Becoming Your Own Distributor – A Useful Tip for Wise Wholesalers

Becoming Your Own Distributor – A Useful Tip for Wise Wholesalers

Wholesale business is a prospective business with unending opportunities in it. Many wholesalers have their businesses successfully running but they still strive to take this business to a new level. Wholesalers who have the urge to excel can opt for distributorship and start distributing their own products. Most of the people think of wholesalers and distributors as the same entity but in actual these are two separate businesses in the same supply chain. Wholesaler is a smaller entity as compared to distributors. Distributors have various kinds of products in different varieties and sell those products to small wholesalers who then resell products to retailers.

Becoming your own distributor is a useful tip for wholesaler as he can reap higher profits from it. In order to do so, the wholesaler would need to have a plan and follow it to the end to successfully start distributorship services. First, the wholesaler would need to estimate the amount needed to start the distributorship services. While calculating the amount, add prices of new product lines to be bought, extra warehouse space to store more products, extra staff to handle massive inventory, transportation services and much more. After estimating the total amount, you should check if you would be able to back up the amount easily and can support that for next some months.

The next thing you as a wholesaler would need to do is to decide the new product lines you will have in your inventory. After deciding the product lines, arrange extra warehouse space. You can get a separate warehouse on rent to stock new product lines, add extra space in existing warehouse or shift your whole setup to another place where all operations can easily be operated.

When done with warehouse, the next step is to contact various manufacturers to get quotations and make the deal with the best ones. Remember that best one does not mean the one who offers cheapest products but the best means the manufacturer who offers good quality products at reasonable price. As you will be now acting as distributor, so you will need to contact wholesalers to buy products from you. The plus point you have is that you will act as distributor as well as wholesaler. This edge would bring you confirm high profits.

As distributors also transport products to wholesalers, so you will be also doing that and will ultimately saves the amount paid to private transporters. You will directly transport products from manufacturers and stores them at your inventory. On demand you will transfer products to wholesalers and retailers. The last thing you need to do is to market your business to get potential customers. It is up to your intelligence that how you mould marketing strategies to entice customers. Many wholesale distributors offer different discount deals, schemes and freebies to wholesalers and retailers to get their attention.…

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Website Traffic – Is Video Marketing the Best Strategy You Can Use?

Website Traffic – Is Video Marketing the Best Strategy You Can Use?

One of the ways people are starting to get visitors to their site is by video marketing. You have to realize that this is a great strategy if you know how to use it but it is not for everyone. In this article I want to show you exactly how to figure out if it is for you.

The First Thing You Need To Know – You have to realize that it is a manual labor traffic source.

That means you or someone is going to have to constantly work at creating more and more videos for the sites on the internet that host them.

You have to realize that once you have a video up for a few months, it gets old and people won’t want to watch it any longer. So unless you are working to create more of them, your traffic will start to drop off and you will make less money.

The Second Thing You Need To Know – They do not provide the best quality levels of traffic.

You have to realize that most video sites that will allow you to host your videos will not give you the best quality of traffic.

A lot of them attract people who have no desire in buying what you are selling & who are not even targeted to your video.

So you have to realize that you are going to have to get a lot of traffic to your site if you want to make this source work well!

It will work but you have to factor the above thoughts into your strategy and think about how you can or can’t use this strategy in your business to get more visitors to your site.…

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Small Business Funding For Retail Real Estate

Small Business Funding For Retail Real Estate

There is an issue faced by small companies that make use of commercial real estate including office, stockroom or retail industry properties. The tightening on the accessibility of finances has made it difficult for a large number of small business owners to acquire funds to enable them to move their enterprises along. One of the most popular or popular financing product is the SBA 504 program.

Fairly recently, the SBA 504 lending program for businesses transformed their 504 Program to allow for the refinancing of existing debt and the capacity to use capital in an estate for prolonged capital demands. Now, small businesses will certainly have easy access to longer term resources at an attractive lending rate. Renewals aren’t assured anymore of existing financial debt on mortgages due to the economical downturn that we have been experiencing.

When a business venture funds their company with a short-term balloon, it induces excessive strain in budgeting plans as small business owners scurry to pay for the commercial mortgage. Here is the way the SBA 504 benefits small businesses. If the business owner has beyond 10 % capital in their property, the company owner can acquire against that capital for working capital demands. The SBA creates funding for these loans by selling 10 year and 20 year bonds that are ensured by the SBA. Current interest rates for these types of loans are running as low as 5.04 % for a 20yr amortization.

To become eligible, an enterprise must have functioned for a minimum of 2 years before the loan application is given to the SBA. The business needs to be a commercial business and possess a valuation of less than $ 15 million bucks as well as an after tax profit of below $ 5 million dollars. The business must fill a minimum of 51 % of the commercial real estate to be re-financed and the property ought to have been obtained at least 2 years ago. In addition, the borrower must exhibit that the current loan is current on the real estate and that they haven’t made any payments 30 days late under the initial or modified conditions of the lending institution for the last year.

There is no restriction to the project size; however the 504 loan is limited to $ 5 million dollars maximum. A ceiling of $ 5.5 M is for manufacturing businesses or companies that integrate energy saving techniques. The underwriting is based upon recent assessed worth and 90 % of that value may be re-financed. Business owners can easily utilize the equity in their commercial property to use towards working capital or to pay business expenses.…

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The Prison-Industrial Complex

The Prison-Industrial Complex

Today, we hear the term “prison-industrial complex” a take-off on the older term “military-industrial complex,” which was coined by President Eisenhower in his televised farewell address to the nation in 1961. The prison-industrial complex refers to companies and governments that build and operate prisons and buy or sell goods and services used or produced in correctional facilities. This “complex” involves a complicated relationship between governments, the correctional systems they administer, and the private corporations supplying goods and services to correctional facilities.

The phrase “prison-industrial complex” was intended as a derogatory term, implying a motive to incarcerate more offenders. Profiteers and unions representing correctional officers are accused of encouraging large prison populations to secure their jobs and profits. Modern incarceration is compared to the exploitation of antebellum slavery. Many prisoner advocates denounce the profiteers of the “prison-industrial complex,” and instead demand the elimination of oppression, injustice, poverty and racism. Most such prison advocates are horrified that someone might be making a profit.

This term is misleading, because it implies thriving industries and the industrious working of prison labor. We do not exploit “new age slaves” in economic terms. To the contrary, they are the best-supported welfare recipients in the nation. Percentage-wise, very few work full-time, and private industry is not permitted to fully use or exploit prison labor. Modern socialists complain of this alleged conspiracy, but a fully industrialized prison system is actually something we need and do not have.

Private correctional corporations replicate the warehousing function of prisons and try to do so at less cost than a government-run prison. But they do not run efficient prison industries or make many profits from the labor of the prisoners. Over 100 years ago, prisons used to make profits, but that changed with the Hawes-Cooper Act of 1929, which took away the interstate commerce status of prison-made goods, allowing states to bar them from sale. Many states then prohibited the sale of those goods. The Ashurst-Sumners Act of 1935, as amended in 1940, prohibited interstate shipment of prison-made goods. In 1936, the Walsh-Healey Act banned convict labor on federal procurement contracts. As a result of these legal barriers, the prison-industrial complex as a whole never became very industrious. It has primarily been an “industry” of government jobs making things for the government. We ought to repeal those and other statutes to permit prisoners to work for private businesses or religious organizations under any terms the parties can negotiate; provided that, prison industries manufactured products now made exclusively overseas.

Prisoners want to work, and work is good for them, their victims, their families and the state. Prison wardens complained and objected when prison industries were squashed with protective legislation, because it made the warden’s job far more difficult. Idleness is the devil’s workshop. Rehabilitation suffered. Hard labor and imparting a work ethic rehabilitates offenders and teaches them to survive in the free world. Prisoners without work think criminal thoughts, create gangs and learn better how to commit crimes when released.…

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How To Transition From Season To Season Without Chaos

How To Transition From Season To Season Without Chaos

One of the most stressful responsibilities of families who live in climates that change throughout the year is preparing for the upcoming season. Sometimes it feels as if the moment you have everything done from the current season, the new season is upon you requiring prep. Before you know it, your entire year is spent looking ahead to the next season, and you never have a chance to relax and enjoy the present season. If you would like to keep the seasonal household chores under control, there are things on which to focus that are the most important. If you are able to prioritize your tasks, it will not be that big of a deal if you skip the occasional minor chores. Your first step is to get seasonal items in storage during the seasons you will not be using them. If you are cramped for space, consider putting large items like lawn mowers and snow blowers off-site at a Texas contract warehouse or California contract warehouse. This gives you room for smaller storage needs like holiday decorations and garden equipment.

Your next step is to get the interior and exterior of your home ready for the upcoming season. If the cold is on the way, make sure everything is properly insulated so the warm air stays in and the cold air stays out. If summer is right around the corner and you own a swimming pool, there are a variety of things that need to be done so your family can enjoy cooling off with a swim all summer long. Finally, if you live in an area where temperatures get frigid, be sure you have an adequate supply of salt for melting the ice on sidewalks and porches.

Once your house is prepped for the upcoming season, get your wardrobe ready. Usually people do not wear every article of clothing they own year-round. In order to make space in your closet, put away clothing that is out of season. It can be fun at the start of each new season to pull out last year’s clothes and enjoy items you have not seen in months.

One of the most important things to prepare for the coming season is your vehicle. If you live where the winters are harsh, be sure you have snow tires or four-wheel drive, an emergency kit in case you get stuck somewhere, and de-icer should your door locks freeze over. If summer is on the way, take the car into the shop so the mechanic can make sure you have plenty of coolant and that your air conditioning is working fine.

Families with kids, or even adult students, will need to prepare for school when autumn rolls around. School supplies hit the market mid-summer, so do your shopping early. Remember you will need more than just notebooks and pencils when shopping, so stock up on hand sanitizer, tissues, and new school clothes. If you are ready …

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How Do I Predict When I Am Going Into Labor? 5 Beginning Signs of Labor That You Must Know

How Do I Predict When I Am Going Into Labor? 5 Beginning Signs of Labor That You Must Know

There is actually no way to predict when you will be going into labor. Experts have no clue as to what triggers the onset of labor. However, there are 5 beginning signs of labor that you can look out for.

(1) Baby “drops”

You will feel the baby “dropping” and there is more weight at your pelvis. Suddenly you lost the heartburn problem that you have over the past few months and you feel yourself breathing easier due to lesser pressure at below your ribcage. Many experienced mothers and grandmothers may even comment that your tummy seem to have “dropped” – lowered.

(2) Braxton Hicks contractions

You will feel more frequent and painful contractions when the expected delivery date draws nearer signaling beginning signs of labor. However, if the contractions do not get more intense, longer per time and more frequent, this is likely false labor.

(3) Changes to cervix

Your cervix may start to open. This is especially so if you are not a first-time mother. However, a 40-week second-time mother with 2-centimeter cervix dilation may not guarantee that labor is imminent!

(4) “Bloody Show”

You may see some blood-tinted discharge as beginning signs of labor as your cervix begin to dilate when you get closer to actual labor. This is the mucous plug, the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed your cervical canal throughout your pregnancy.

(5) “Water-bag” Breaks

The amniotic sac (commonly called “water-bag” by many mothers) surrounding the baby is filled with water. When it breaks, fluid will leak from your vagina. It can come out in a small trickle or large gush. Whichever, you should call your doctor immediately.

These beginning signs of labor may vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Not all the 5 signs have to be present to mean labor is coming. Some people experience just one sign while others a combination of symptoms. Whichever do not be afraid that it may be false alarms. Call and seek advice from your doctor when and of the beginning signs of labor are there.…

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Ditch Digging – Not Such a Bad Career Choice After All

Ditch Digging – Not Such a Bad Career Choice After All

Who would have thought that well educated professionals could end up wondering whether ditch digging, or any other unpleasant sounding type of manual labor, might have been a better career choice? Not me. But now there seems to be a reason for white collar workers to be at least a little envious of those who work at physically demanding jobs. A growing body of research indicates that people who work at jobs that require moving around throughout the day tend to live longer, with fewer health setbacks, than those whose jobs require that they sit for eight hours or more, five days a week.

A 2007 study done by researchers at the University of Missouri found that people who spend the most time doing “non-exercise” activities burn significantly more calories per week than those whose jobs require little or no movement but who spend about an hour per day at the gym. In other words, going to the gym or for a jog will not counteract the negative effects of sitting if that’s how you spend most of your day. And the tendency to gain weight over time isn’t the only problem faced by office workers. Researchers have learned that one of the genes responsible for heart disease does not respond positively to exercise no matter how hard, or often, you work out. To make matters worse, this potentially dangerous gene becomes more active when too much time is spent in a chair or on a couch. So, even though a morning boot camp or an evening trip to the gym is beneficial for many reasons, these short bouts of physical activity are not enough to protect your good health if you’re required to sit all day.

It’s not surprising, then, that the best way to reduce the likelihood that too much sitting will have negative health consequences is to spend a greater percentage of your waking hours on your feet. Since there are few jobs that actually require someone to remain seated for hours at a time, it’s possible for most of us to stand up and move around more frequently than we do. Phone calls can often be made while standing, sometimes an email to a co-worker can be replaced with a short walk to convey information face to face, and there’s usually no good reason to choose the elevator over the stairs. Figuring out how to spend less time sitting may require some creativity on your part, but it’s worth the effort because increasing the time you spend on your feet may actually add years to your life!…

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Why Giving Massage As Gifts Is a Wonderful Thing to Do

Why Giving Massage As Gifts Is a Wonderful Thing to Do

Giving massage as gifts for any occasion is a great idea because one of the number one causes of mental and physical pain today is stress. Stress can actually kill a human being. It may seem like something as small as daily pressures can kill but the body and mind can only take so much. It needs some kind of help in recovering from the strain we feel every day.

Massage works in several different ways. It relaxes the muscles through gentle and firm kneading. As the muscles relax, the body sends signals of comfort to the brain. This kind of relaxation is what people pray for every day, especially if they have particularly strenuous or stressful jobs.

People with all professions will reap benefits from getting a massage on a daily or weekly basis. The body sometimes needs more to recover than just simple sleep. Construction workers spend all day using those muscles and often go home with pulls, strains and stretches that ruin their evening. This is a practical method for easing the pain of strained and pulled muscles. Those that are given by professionals are recommended because they will know just where the pressure points are that will force the muscle to relax. Sometimes a pulled or strained muscle should be seen by a doctor and should not be pushed or have pressure applied to it because of the risk of further damage. This is also a good reason why a professional should look at it if it is particularly painful. Doing more damage is never good.

Construction workers and other men and women who use brute force and physical labor to perform their jobs every day are not the only ones who can benefit from receiving massage as gifts. People who work in high corporate offices and in positions that require a great deal of analytical thought can also benefit from them. Doctors may not use all their strength to perform their duties but they have to look at others who are in pain every day and they have the responsibility of other people’s lives in their hands. Training physicians, nurses and others in the medical field will often spend a lot of time working and only a little time sleeping. They may have trouble sleeping because of the high pressure they feel at their job. This is an excellent opportunity to get a massage. It will relax the mind and work in an opposite fashion as those who work in physical labor. Once the mind is relaxed, the muscles and body will also relax.

Not to be forgotten, give certificates for a free massage as gifts to those stay-at-home mothers out there who are working hard all day long, cleaning the house, doing laundry and seeing after the children. This job is at times forgotten by many who have never had to actually do it themselves. This is one of the most stressful and …