17 Jun, 2024
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Injured From a Crash? Here Are Three Things To Do

Driving on the road has its risks. Those behind the wheel have a responsibility to maintain the rules of the road, establishing order and avoiding harm; however, despite best efforts, accidents occur. The crash of metal to metal is quite detrimental, possibly inflicting serious and permanent injuries. When this happens, you need to know how to proceed, obtaining the right help and financial assistance. The following are three things you should do.

1. Seek Medical Treatment

The impact stuns many people, and, at first, the shock may diminish any pain from the wreck. Because of this state, some sufferers tend to wait to see a doctor; rather, you should have a thorough medical evaluation immediately following the event.

If you don’t, make an appointment as soon as possible. See someone who specializes in car accidents as this professional knows how to spot soft tissue and spinal injuries.

2. Speak With Your Insurance Agent

Be sure to let your insurer know about the accident. File the police report number with them, and send any pictures from the scene. Do this on the day of the accident. Write down your claim number and get the agent’s email address so you can keep in touch.

3. Consult Legal Counsel

Hire a car accident lawyer Durham NC who can look out for your best interests. Insurance companies may choose to close out cases at lower amounts. Based on your afflictions, the legal team could get you money to offset long-term medical expenses.

You may require time to heal after a car accident. Be sure to work with insurance and legal professionals who can provide you with the opportunity to get better without worrying about mounting bills. For this to be possible, it’s best to see doctors and a lawyer as soon as you can. Listen to their advice, and allow the experts to handle negotiations.

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How to Choose the Perfect Office Warehouse Space

How to Choose the Perfect Office Warehouse Space

It can be a great move for all the small business or even the new ones to look for a warehouse space for lease. There are so many advantages if you would get an office warehouse space such as saving money and giving more room for your business’ flexibility as well as improvement. So in order to get the perfect space which can be your gateway for growth, here are some tips that may help you out.

1. Think about how much space you really need. You must also consider the items that you would store in the warehouse. Think how much electricity you would consume if you were to use the space. There are some office warehouse spaces that would only let you use the space itself. If people will be working within the warehouse then you must have amenities such as restroom, a room where they could take a break, and of course proper ventilation.

2. Analyze the amount of time that you would spend in the warehouse. If you think that you would only spend half a year or so, ask the owner of the space if they have some customizable plans that would fit the terms you need for your business.

3. Check for the building’s safety. It must have a fire exit and follows the various safety codes.

4. Ask about the different warehouse services that are provided by the landlord. Take time to have a little chat with the other tenants and get their feedback about the storage space.

5. If your business would require you to receive and ship a lot of goods, see to it that the location of the warehouse is accessible. If possible, look for a space for lease that is near the seaport or any delivery dock to load and unload the goods easily.…

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Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Is the Utility Warehouse business for you?

Utility Warehouse are a dependable company with award winning customer services. The consumer magazine Which? has awarded The Utility Warehouse broadband and home phone bundle as a best buy for 3 years on the run. Which? also awarded the Utility Warehouse best supplier for gas and electric in 2008; 2009; 2010 and 2011. The survey’s carried out by Which? included quality of product, customer services, value for money and accuracy of bills.

If you want to become an Independent Distributor the first way to make money is a customer gathering bonus. This is paid for introducing a customer and the amount of bonus is based on the number of services the customer signs up to.

The second way that as a distributor you can earn money is through customer volume commission. This is paid to the distributor as a percentage of the customer’s monthly spend. The way the commission is worked out has been amended this month and has increased my commission payments by about 66% per month.

There is a third way you can earn money from being a distributor. If you introduce someone who becomes a distributor you also receive a percentage of their customer’s monthly bill. Unlike other companies commission is paid on all the distributors in your team. This guarantees residual income for life.

There has been recent changes to the rules about joining Utility Warehouse. There is a joining fee of A�100 instead of A�199.95. For that you get all of the marketing materials and training you need. This fee and another A�200 is repaid when you sign up twelve customers in your first three months.

The training is high quality and you can attend as many training courses as you want. This is all included in your signing up fee. It is compulsory to attend the training before you can sign up your first customer. The course will help you understand the services and how to show the potential customers the benefits of switching to the Utility Warehouse.

Once you’ve attended the training and had everything explained to you you will see that the products sell themselves. There is a further 10% discount on energy after 12 months if the customer takes 4 services or more. If the customer takes 4 services or more they benefit from free phone calls nationally and to 10 global destinations. There is also an offer where the Utility Warehouse will pay up to A�200 to get someone out of their current contract.

The growth of your business will be based on referral’s from customer’s. Once they have started using the services they will tell their friends and family as well as work mates and your business will grow from there.…

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Understanding Right to Work Laws

Understanding Right to Work Laws

Right-to-Work Law

Texas is what is called a “Right-to-Work State.” This means that Texas is one of 22 states, mostly southern and western states, in which it is illegal for trade unions to sign agreements with employers requiring employees to be members of that union in order to work for that employer.

Union Shops

When unions have agreements with employers like this, the employer’s workplace is colloquially called a Union Shop. While you don’t need to be a member of the union to be hired, you do need to join the union after a certain time period elapses. This means that everyone working there is a member of the same union. Let’s say that you live Michigan and are seeking employment working on an automobile assembly line. To get the job, you would have to become a due-paying member of the autoworkers’ union at the plant.

The 22 states in which this is illegal believe that it is wrong for workers to be forced to pay dues like this. They believe that workers have a right to work, hence the name of the law.


The Right-to-Work Laws were first created by the Taft-Hartley Act, which was signed into law by President Truman in 1947. It illegalized the “closed shop” employment policy, in which an employee had to be a member in good standing of a particular union in order to be employed at a certain place of work to begin with. To reuse our automobile plant example from earlier, in a “closed shop,” you would have to already be a member of the autoworker’s union in order to be hired in the first place.

The law sought to reduce the potentially criminal aspects of requiring union due-paying as a requirement for employment, and to support a worker’s right to seek employment wherever he or she wanted.

Advantages of Right-to-Work Laws

One of the obvious advantages to living in a Right-to-Work state is that you aren’t forced to pay dues just to work for an employer. Some consider this as close to robbery, or being forced to pay protection money. In addition, right-to-work states often see greater economic expansion because employers have a wider and less expensive work force. Because of this, many companies are moving factories to right-to-work states.

Disadvantages of Right-to-Work Laws

There are also downsides to the policy. By taking away the benefits of unionizing, labor organizations experience what is called the free-rider problem, in which employees can benefit from unions without being due-paying members. This makes it hard to convince people to pay the dues a union requires to keep running, since the employee benefits whether he pays money or not. This reduces the effectiveness of collective bargaining, the process by which unions seek more favorable work conditions. Without collective bargaining, a union is virtually powerless.

For more information about business law in Texas, visit .…

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What Not to Do When Growing a MLM Business

What Not to Do When Growing a MLM Business

Are you doing more for others than for yourself when it comes to building a successful MLM business? Why are you working so hard for other people and not for yourself.

There was a woman, who I believed to be an independent representative for a cosmetic company, I felt she was a very good business woman and network marketer. She would work her way through the office building with a catalog and a smile. She carried herself professionally and she was able to convince people to purchase items from her even after they would say they didn’t want to make a purchase. She would return to deliver orders to her customers and talk with them in order to make sure they were satisfied with their orders.

It was during a conversation, when I learned she was not involved with network marketing or an independent representative. She was selling products for someone else. You should have saw my face. I was shocked by this news. I couldn’t believe she was conducting herself in such a professional business manner and making what appeared to be good money for somebody else.

I’m sorry but that just doesn’t make good sense to me. I tried to understand why she would work so hard perfecting her sales skills only to have someone else take the credit and more importantly all the financial gains from her efforts. She was working literally for free for the next person and not for herself. She explained to me that she was a independent representative for another company, but was unsuccessful. Now she enjoys helping her friend for free.

Do you think her friend would work for her for free if the roles were reversed? I doubt it. The friend is building a business and doesn’t mind receiving free labor. Would you love free labor? Her friend is striving towards her goals and any effort she puts out she would want to be compensated for. Wouldn’t you?

You know that there is nothing wrong with volunteer work, you should always give back to your community or to a cause you believe in. However, you should never let someone take advantage of you even if you are friends and vice versa. If you have people helping you, compensate them nicely so that they will continue to help you grow your MLM business and you never know they may bring you some more helpers.…

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Renting Warehouse Space For Your Personal Possessions

Renting Warehouse Space For Your Personal Possessions

If you are gearing up for a big move or if you want to remove some of the clutter from your home, basement or attic, consider renting warehouse space. Renting a warehouse will give you an offsite location to safely store your items that is climate controlled and secure.

Before you sign the lease on the warehouse space you’ll need to visit the facility to inspect the premises first hand. You’ll need to be comfortable with where your valuables will be stored, and you’ll need to make sure the warehouse is clean and have proper security systems. You may also want to check to see how your items will be stored while in the warehouse. Will they be on pallet racks or shelves? Will there be secure wooden containers for loose items? How do warehouse employees handle the items? Warehouse management may require employees to move items to allow access to other items, so be sure to watch them while at work to see how carefully they operate warehouse machinery.

You should have a good idea of how long you’ll need to rent the warehouse space. Don’t sign a lease for an entire year if you only need to store your possessions for a couple of months. Find out the prices for month-to-month leases or if the warehouse offers a 6-month or 8-month leasing contract. If you need long-term storage, find out if the company offers long term leasing policies and make sure the rental fee doesn’t skyrocket after the first year.

Once you decide on a warehouse space to rent and sign the lease with the warehouse manager, you can start transporting your items into your designated storage area. You can either move the items yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. Some warehouses will provide you with a moving and transporting service, which is recommended because they can store and stack items into your rented space in a way in which it is easier to be moved and stored. The packing materials you choose can also have an impact on the way your items are stored. Professional packing and moving companies or warehouse employees can assist you in maximizing your packing and wrapping to ensure efficient warehouse storage.

As your possessions are being moved into the warehouse space, an inventory will be taken. All paperwork will need to be done at this time for legal reasons to document the exact amount of items and the condition they are in at arrival. When it is time to retrieve your items, the condition will be checked to ensure nothing was damaged during the time that the warehouse space was leased.

Many warehouse facilities offer add-on features to renting space. You may wish to purchase insurance, or it may be offered to you as part of your rental fee. Many warehouses also have bathrooms, showers and offices available for those who need to work or are storing goods that are …

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Labor and Employment Law – Three Concerns for Business Owners to Address

Labor and Employment Law – Three Concerns for Business Owners to Address

Employment law governs interactions between management and labor. It also details the way in which management is responsible for the environment of the workplace and, to a certain degree, interactions between labor force members. Employment law continues to evolve in response to a changing society, so business owners need to be proactive about remaining compliant. EEOC compliance software and ad tracking software can be valuable tools in meeting compliance goals. There are three compliance concerns all business owners must be sure to address.

1) Diversity in the Workplace

A lack of diversity in the labor force of a particular business is not necessarily due to deliberate efforts to exclude a specific group or groups. It can sometimes be a result of not casting the employment opportunity net wide enough to attract diverse applicants during hiring periods. However, that explanation may not suffice in the event of a complaint. Therefore, a special effort should be made to avoid the appearance of hiring discrimination by placing ads for employees in a variety of venues. Ad tracking software can help keep track of the success of ad locations in attracting a diverse group of applicants and EEOC compliance software can be a labor-saving means of tracking hires to ensure that diversity goals are being met.

2) Maintain an EEOC Compliant Atmosphere

An essential element of a successfully diverse labor force is an atmosphere that is respectful of differences, featuring zero tolerance for the harassment of protected groups. The bottom line on this matter is simple. The business owner is responsible for the work atmosphere and must see to it that sexual harassment, discrimination, and other behaviors specifically addressed in employment law are not tolerated. In the event of such a problem, there should be specific and effective means of resolution available to the labor force. Obviously, it should be plain that retaliatory action against a complainant is unacceptable.

3) The Termination Paper Trail

Termination has its dangers for the business owner. A job loss, particularly in this challenging economic climate, may not be accepted gracefully. Tempers could flare, resulting in an unjustified complaint. It is essential to make sure that all terminations comply with the letter of the law and to make sure that every step of the process is documented, in case it is necessary to defend the business in court against a wrongful termination complaint. In potentially contentious matters like termination, there can never be too much documentation.

In order to follow the letter of the law, however, it is necessary to know the law, and to keep track of its evolution through court rulings and interpretations of the law. Recent decisions concerning automatic terminations related to not returning to work after a leave of absence offers a good example of the sort of changing applications of employment law that a business owner must keep up with the remain compliant with EEOC expectations. According to recent EEOC interpretation, that …

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Never Underestimate Manual Labor Jobs!

Never Underestimate Manual Labor Jobs!

If you ever did this, you are definitely wrong! For some of us, coming home from a day of lifting, digging, pounding and carrying can be more satisfying than a bank accountant counting the notes. Read on to find out the different types of manual jobs.

Construction Helpers

This is the most common manual labor jobs that you’ve heard of and they are the ones who run around assisting skilled construction workers. They carry tools, equipments and other materials that are needed, run errands, perform a variety of tasks like hammering, and clean up the work area at the end of each day. All these may seem small unimportant but imagine, what will be the life of those skilled construction workers be without them?

Besides that, it can be a real eye-opener as you can get an insider’s look at the construction of the buildings, bridges, roads and monuments!

What it takes: To qualify to be a construction helper, you need to have dexterity to use the tools, have excellent judgment when it comes to safety and have a high level of precision when making measurements. Most importantly, you need to have good physical strength and stamina, and at the same time, able to follow directions clearly. Good math skills, honesty, dependability and courtesy will definitely do you well.

Where the jobs are: Look for jobs like these in the Yellow Pages under “Construction”, “Carpentry”, “Plumbing”, and many other construction-related topics. Alternatively, look for Help Wanted ads in the newspaper.

What this job could lead to: With the experience that you have gained from being a construction helper, you might decide to pursue future positions like an apprentice to a special trade, which will then lead you to positions like master plumber, carpenter or whatever your field is.

Deckhands on Fishing Boats

These are entry-level positions that requires lots of learning and involves a lot of hard work. If you have always loved going fishing, this is definitely a chance for you to do it real.

As a beginner, you may be allowed to handle more responsibilities like hauling trap, operating fishing gear and etc.

What it takes: You need a lot of physical strength to qualify for this job. Besides that, as weather and water conditions can change quickly, you must possess a hunger for adventure. To ensure safety and success for a fishing venture, good teamwork is critical. Other desirable qualities for this job are mechanical aptitude, good condition skills, endurance, patience and alertness. However, if you are prone to seasickness, this is definitely not the job for you!

Where the job are: You can try your luck at places like commercial fishing companies, marine biology labs and sport fishing companies.

What this job could lead to: If everything goes well, you might end up as a captain of a fishing boat, an owner of a fishing company, or manager of a retail fishing equipment store. Other possible positions include harbor pilot, marine …

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Tips To Successfully Manage Bar Inventories

Tips To Successfully Manage Bar Inventories

Management of inventories is essential to succeed in business. Unless a businessperson keeps complete track of all the goods in his stock, he is sure to end up in loss. These inventories could be in any forms. These include materials and components, work in progress inventory and finished goods inventories. It is essential to keep a record of the inventories to ensure that no fraudulent activities take place. Inventories are to be reconciled periodically. Bar inventories are no exceptions to this rule. Where inventories with regard to bar is concerned, one should ensure that proper measures are followed to have a perfect account of the inventories so that one could have a proper planning and prevent loss.

Bar inventories management

Like in any other sensitive products, bar inventory management is also difficult. You need to take into account various factors that may be behind the failure in the reconciliation of these types of inventories such as spillage while pouring alcohol, breakage, theft and so on. As far as a bar is concerned, it is essential to tally the accounts every day to ensure that inventories are properly accounted.

Tips to manage bar inventories

Having some guidelines to manage inventories effectively may be of some use. Here are some suggestions for effective management of bar inventories.

Have a separate worksheet for your inventories. If you can have software designed for this purpose, it is all the more greater.

Include every type of bar inventories you have. Classifications always help.

It is not the just the quantity that matters: you also need to have the price included to ensure you have a perfect inventory management system.

The bar inventory list should contain the alcohol brand, the purchase and sale price per bottle and the stock available of each product.

Start your day counting your bar inventories. Do not forget to include all that are in and out of storage.

Every single bottle should be accounted and hence educate your staff on the need to save the empty bottles for counting. This also greatly helps you plan your orders for specific liquors.

Broken bottles should be included in inventories and hence you could have your staff maintain records of all broken bottles.

Check the closing stock for the day and tally it with the sales for the day. Do not forget to include broken bottles and wastages.

To ensure that there are no errors, it is suggested to instruct all the staff to maintain proper record and provide them each with a worksheet so that they would have the details included with regard to purchase and sale of liquor bottles.

Bad inventory management and fragile bar business

If the inventory is not managed properly, the business may not run smoother. Have a perfect plan to maintain your inventories and do bear in mind that inventory management is not possible without the help of the staff dealing with inventories. Hence, it would be best to entrust with each …

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Substantially Comparable in PERM Work Experience

Substantially Comparable” in PERM Work Experience

If an employer hires an alien for a position and then later decides to start the Green Card process on the alien’s behalf there may arise problems as to establishing the employer’s actual minimum requirements. In the PERM recruitment process an employer may advertise for a position requiring a certain amount of experience that is considered normal for a position. If the alien beneficiary only qualifies for the PERM position based on experienced gained working for an employer in the same or “substantially comparable” (SC) position then a PERM petition will be denied.

In a perfect situation it would be best to not have to rely on experience gained with an employer because such a situation is a common audit trigger. But, in reality it is often necessary to use experience gained with an employer to qualify for certain visas statuses (EB-2 for example). When it is necessary that work experience gained with a petitioning employer be used for a PERM it is equally necessary to document that this experience came for a position that was substantially different than the PERM position.

Situations where experience gained from an employer is needed to be proven to be substantially different are usually cases of aliens seeking EB-2 status with a bachelor’s degree plus 5 years of post graduate experience. For alien’s seeking EB-2 status based on their Master’s degrees it is not particularly important to worry about prior experience unless a petitioning employer normally requires experience on top of an advanced degree.

Actual Minimum Requirements

A major component of DOL review in the PERM process is determining an employer’s actual minimum requirements for a job. Essentially this concerns whether or not an employer has hired people with less experience/education for a position than what is being advertised and listed on ETA Form 9089. If an alien only meets an employer’s listed minimum requirements due to experience gained while working for that same employer in the same or similar position then DOL will question the employer’s actual minimum requirements.

In order for a PERM process to be in good faith it must be actually open to US applicants and not tailored to the specific qualifications of the alien beneficiary. Imagine that an employer hires an alien for the position of entry level secretary (requiring no experience) and then 5 years later files a PERM for the alien for a job that is the exact same as an entry level secretary. But, for the PERM position the employer requires applicants to have 5 years of experience. Since the employer hired the alien for the same position 5 years ago with no experience it is not justifiable to require 5 years of experience if the employer has hired people with less experience in the past. In this case the DOL will not see that a position is truly open to US applicants and will judge it to be tailored to the alien’s qualifications. In reality the employer has had …