25 Jun, 2024
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Impact of EEI Manufacturing

Manufacturers are facing more and more scrutiny from third-party organizations regarding the environment. Environmentally Effective Manufacturing is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 to promote environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and resource conservation. To be an elected member, one must meet specific IPC standards to represent the manufacturing industry worldwide at an international level.

Difference Between EEI and IPC

The two major organizations that offer product certification services are EEI and IPC. They both have their standards and regulations for manufacturing, but they each serve different purposes.

IPC certification is focused on technical specifications, while EEI focuses on environmentally sound manufacturing practices. IPC standards often focus on material specifications, whereas EEI focuses on process controls.

IPC’s certification deals mainly with electronics manufacturing, while EEI focuses on all types of manufacturing. EEI certification is required to use the Made in Green logo, which can be used for marketing purposes and grants accreditation for manufacturers in the process of areas environmental issues.

EEI Standards and How They Work

EEI’s standards are set by three central committees: the Product Committee, the R&D Committee, and the Sustainability Committee. They are as follows:

  • Product Committee: This committee is responsible for ensuring that all EEI certifications are linked to good manufacturing practices. To qualify for this certification, your products must be reviewed.
  • R&D Committee: This committee has established a set of technical criteria that can judge if a product is in line with EEI standards. It includes the Product Committee and reviews products under three categories: materials and consumables, manufacturing methods, and resource conservation.
  • Sustainability Committee: The main goal of this committee is to get manufacturers to use sustainable resources in their manufacturing processes and products. It also monitors the effects of the current standard to find any potential improvements that could be made.

How Can EEI Affect You?

If your company is seeking certification from EEI, you will need to adhere to numerous guidelines. Some of these include things such as Staying current on industry standards. This includes agreeing to abide by EEI’s Technical Committee list and having the Made in Green logo included somewhere on your packaging, product, or website.…

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This is the Major Barrier to Labor Productivity Improvement

This is the Major Barrier to Labor Productivity Improvement

Embarking on a labor productivity growth program can be considered a huge task. But when you think of it, every successful organization is always changing the way it gets things done so that it can maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Technology by itself will not necessarily guarantee an increase in labor productivity. The key to productivity is people. The key to people is good leadership. This means that you cannot prescribe or impose productivity improvements on people. They have to be led and the changes had to be created by them. The majority of labor productivity initiatives fail because somebody in top management has said that the target increase is 30% without any consultation or discussion with the people concerned. It is no wonder that they fail.

Labor productivity improvement starts when people can see that their job can be made easier and they can participate and drive the changes. Their job performance will increase as they apply their creativity and their energy. The real motivation comes when people derive complete satisfaction from their job and they know that they are making a meaningful contribution to an overall goal. It is the job of the leader to make sure that every member of staff is aware of the parts of their contribution pays in the overall scheme of things. The job of the leader is to create this environment and to make sure that the people receive positive reinforcement on a regular basis.

You cannot expect any labor productivity improvement unless the people receive frequent positive reinforcement so that they know the importance of their tasks. If they don’t get involved they will not find any meaning in their work. Effectively, this will create a barrier to productivity improvement. Sometimes an unqualified person in a job or someone who has not been trained properly will create a situation where the person feels that they are being treated unfairly and their job just cannot be very important. Once people reach this situation is very hard to turn them around and make them productive.

Productivity improvement just doesn’t happen by itself. It has to be planned very carefully and the most critical area is the introduction of the concept. Effective leadership must be developed at every single level because this will have a profound effect on the motivation of the people. If they think that they have been given an ineffective leader, they will believe that the organization doesn’t care about them. After all, they reason, if we were really important we would be given a good leader! You could say then, the biggest impediment to labor productivity improvement is the quality of the leadership available within the organization…

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Data Warehouse Ownership

Data Warehouse Ownership

Who is the owner of Data Warehouse? It is very important issue but hard to answer. Here are several examples from the practice of how to apply Data Warehouse ownership.

First, there can be two levels of data ownership: production data level and cube/theme data level. Ownership on production data level is clear to define because users who want data from productions systems have to ask production system owner for permission and access rights. Production system owner allows data cube, data theme or report initiator to use data from production. Data organized in new environment like cube or theme mean new information. It is so because situation is more complicated, cubes or themes are made from usually made from several production sources and data is worthless without good context. Who is the owner of the cube? It is the person who initiated cube building, request who started building of the cube. Owner of cube or theme is second level owner. Anybody who would like to use data from reporting cube, reports or themes must ask second level data owner for access rights. Owner of the cube asks for data access from source systems but potential users of the cube ask cube owner.

Making fragmented ownership by dimensions and measures ownership is too complicated and messes complete procedure.

Who is Data Warehouse owner? If the ownerships has to belong to only one department it is a little bit risky decision. For example if IT is owner, they are just service providers without in deep knowledge what to do exactly with content. Perhaps better variant is to give ownership to strategy or to finance, to be more precise to controlling. Reason for this decision is general view over definitions. Definitions are necessary for solid external and management reporting. Controlling knows best what kind of products will be made upon Data Warehouse for official reporting. If this solution is still not adequate perhaps best solution would be to establish committee of experts from all business areas with lead from controlling and to give ownership to this body.

Without ownership there will be no strategic development of Data Warehouse system. It will only run for coverage of current needs without any pro active approach. Data quality management will be very doubtful and at the end there will be no one to decide how to handle vast quantities of needed actions.

There is a strong need to declare officially Data Warehouse ownership and to establish data security procedures as soon as possible.…

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Prepare Your Furniture The Proper Way

Prepare Your Furniture The Proper Way

Furniture is the key element of a room. While the right kind of furniture can enhance the attractiveness of a room, the wrong one can make your room seem like a total mess. But, your job doesn’t end at just choosing the right piece of furniture. You need to place it properly too. Even the best furniture cannot help your room from looking bad if it isn’t correctly placed. So, if you need your interiors to not look like a disaster, these are some axioms that you must follow.

The most vital thing to have a look into is the space you have in the room. While arranging the side chairs and the settee, make sure you leave some space in between them. As per professional interior decorators, there should be about 48-100 inches opening in between the side chairs and the settee. You have to also consider the requirements of the members of your family when talking about deciding the distance. If you have family members with hearing impairment, you can decrease the distance as per your comfort.

The position of your doorway is a crucial part of furniture arrangement too. You must ideally arrange your furniture according to the amount of doors in a room. For instance, if there are two doors; you need to ensure your furniture isn’t placed in the middle of the path between the 2. In fact, you do not want to face relentless interruptions by folks walking to and fro when you are in the middle of a talk. If your room has a single door, confirm your furnishings are placed in an easily accessible area and one should not need to walk around the entire room to reach them.

A room’s attractiveness is sometimes decided by the sense of balance it evokes. This sense of equilibrium is critical for your life as well as your furniture. For a start, avoid keeping several enormous pieces of furniture in a single corner of the room. Instead try and place some smaller pieces together with the big ones to make balance. You can also try maintaining equilibrium by adding considerate focal pieces like a painting there.

When designing a room, the general public tend to concentrate only on the visible appeal. Nonetheless functionality is a similarly crucial aspect that can’t be ignored. Of course, there can be no point in scattering furniture all over the place and not having the ability to maximize it. So as an example, if you’re planning a family room, remember to be certain that at least some pieces of settee are facing the TV set for max convenience.

So, next time you arrange your furniture; simply refer to the above tips for a fashionable and functional room makeover.…

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The Many Jobs of a Business Operations Team

The Many Jobs of a Business Operations Team

The supply chain management part of business can be very intricate and pretty confusing. There are many things that an operations manager of a company is responsible for. For example, a person in operations could be charged with putting together a Houston Contract Warehouse, so the company he/she works for can store their products there and possibly ship them from there as well. Then, another person at the storage facility would be in charge of the Houston Fulfillment, meaning they would keep track of the inventory in the unit. Below is a list of responsibilities of someone who works in the supply chain management part of a company:

1. These people make decisions about how the product will be manufactured, where, when, and how to use the machines to make the product. The operations team would determine when it is most cost effective to use the machines and how much should be put through the machines each day. Then, as far as the machines, this team would figure out how to run everything as efficiently as possible in order to keep up with inventory needs and management requirements.

2. Another responsibility that falls on operations is the decision about transportation of the product. For example, an operations person would decide if a truck, airplane, boat, or train is the most cost efficient and product efficient way to ship the items. This all depends on how much the product cost to make, the different places it needs to be shipped to, and the cost of each transport option. For instance, it would be best to ship clothing to China on plane because fashions go out of style quickly and the product probably cost a lot to make, both of which most likely easily outweigh the cost of the airplane to take the items.

3. Operations make decisions about inventory levels. It costs money to keep inventory because it cost money to make the product, so it is worth money. The more a product cost to make and the longer you hold it in inventory, the more money is wasted. It is important to keep a small amount of inventory, yet you do not want to face a stock-out and risk upsetting either another business customer or a consumer. So, deciding on inventory levels can be a very difficult task. Some companies find it is most effective to bring inventory in “Just-In Time” which means the stock comes literally, just in time to be sold or used to build another product. A lot of car companies use this method because it is easier than keeping expensive automobile parts around that could easily be broken or misplaced if not used right away.

4. Finally, operations managers and employees must choose where and how they will store their products. This decision depends on what the product is. For example, something like ice cream would need to be kept in a very cool environment before making it …

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Three Stages of Labor

Three Stages of Labor

Pregnancy labor is divided into three stages that usually last for 12 to 14 hours in the first pregnancy and 8 to 10 hours for second time mothers. During first stage or early labor the cervix contracts and widens. Second stage includes the actual delivery of the baby. The third and final stage encompasses the separation and delivery of placenta.

Stage I- The first stage which is usually the longest part of labor marks progressive changes in the cervix. During this stage, cervix gradually opens. The contractions may be 15 minutes or more apart. Later, the contractions become stronger and closer coming every five minutes and lasting thirty seconds. Cervix begins widening from about 4 to 10 centimetres. At the end of the stage, some women experience more frequent contractions though they are still mild. During each contraction, try to walk around the room. If you are tired, lying on bed on left side may make you feel good.

Stage II- In the second stage, contractions may be a little further apart. Once the cervix is fully dilated and the uterus contracts, it exerts pressure on the baby and you feel a spontaneous urge to push. With each push, the baby starts becoming visible. You may start feeling strong burning as the tissues begin to stretch. A slow and unhurried delivery can avoid perineum from tearing. If you get too anxious, try some relaxation exercises. This stage may last for two hours or more and continue until the baby is born.

Stage III- Just after the baby is born; the uterus begins to contract again. The first few contractions generally expel the placenta. Mothers are encouraged to feed their babies during this time as it helps the uterus to contract and separate the placenta. Early breastfeeding is good for the baby and satisfying for the mothers too. Feeding starts the releases of Oxytocin hormone which causes contractions and helps the uterus maintain firmness. If the uterus doesn’t contract properly, you’ll continue to bleed. If you do not nurse and the uterus is not firm, you will be given Oxytocin to make your uterus contract. Usually, the third stage lasts for just ten to fifteen minutes.

In order to ensure smooth pregnancy, talk to your gynecologist and set a birth plan. It is always good to know about the three labor stages. You need to correctly understand when your body gives the signs the full blown labor. Speak to friends who are already mothers. Enjoy the first glimpse of your new born. You and your partner should share this special time together.…

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Contract Warehouses Do More Than Just Store Goods

Contract Warehouses Do More Than Just Store Goods

The wonderful thing about any kind of large storage facility, particularly the third-party variety, is that they take in huge consignments of goods for companies and keep them in perfect condition. Not only this, they also offer the service of splitting the loads into more manageable sizes for onward transportation either to other facilities around the country, or to customers who have ordered the goods. For anyone wishing to know more about this service, look for ‘Texas contract warehouse’ or ‘California contract warehouse’ online to get some idea of what is available.

Of course, many goods will come into the country from other countries worldwide. These can be huge amounts which the importer may well not have the facilities for. What these third-party companies do is to hold the goods in readiness for onward travel. Added to this they have some extra services which aid the importer when it comes to packaging etc.

Most of these companies have sister companies which produce specialized cartons and boxes which can be printed up to just about any design necessary. Splitting the loads and repackaging is made easy since the importer will not have to employ any other staff to do this extra work. Also, the goods may be of a rather delicate nature so these facilities will also have temperature controlled venues to make sure that everything is kept at just the right level to make sure that they do not get damaged.

This becomes extremely necessary for fresh food like fish products or chicken etc. Indeed, some of the seafood will have to be kept chilled, not frozen, while being processed and packaged for onward travel. This may take some rather specialized treatment so it is important to check out the facilities before entrusting this company with high value merchandise.

For example, some lobster sells at an extremely high price along with several kinds of different sea foods. The rarer it is, the higher the value so it is imperative that they are handled with extreme care. If they are not kept cool enough they can become extremely dangerous to eat and this would do nothing for the credibility of the importer to say the least.

Chicken and any kind of bird products are also a little sensitive so keeping fluids and blood drips away from fresh produce is absolutely essential. This is yet another way that these specialized storage companies really take up the slack since they are usually well versed in how to handle these goods. On top of this, they may well have refrigerated trucks to deliver the goods on to other destinations too which saves the importer from paying out for this extra facility.

Finally, most companies will benefit from using this kind of storage facility. Finding a great one which can satisfy all the needs of the company then is very important. Checking out what is online is probably the first place to start since a lot of …

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Factors That Decide the Price of a Moving and Storage Service

Factors That Decide the Price of a Moving and Storage Service

The prices of moving and storage services vary a great deal. Therefore, it is important for you to know the factors that influence the rates of such services. It will help you find the best firm that fits your budget and criteria.

Here are the key factors that influence the rates of moving storage services.

Type Of Service

A full service provider will cost you more than the Portable On Demand Service (PODS). The full service providers offer you a wide range of services like packing, loading and unloading, transportation, and storage. But, if you hire PODS, you will be responsible for packing, loading, and unloading of items. The moving and storage firm will provide you with a portable container and once you stuff your goods inside it, they will transport it to the desired location.

Type Of Store Unit

A climate-controlled unit will cost you more than a simple ventilated unit. You can decide whether to hire a climate controlled unit or not depending upon the types of items you want to store and the duration of storing.

Location Of The Store Unit

If you hire a store unit in city, it would cost you more than if you hire one in suburbs. Therefore, you should first decide the location that would best suit your purpose. If a store unit located on a highway, between your present and new home, can serve the purpose, you could think of hiring that as it may turn out to be slightly cheaper.

Volume Of Items

Volume of items decides the amount of packing supplies, the size of truck and the size of unit that would be required for storage. Therefore, if you have a lot of stuff, you will need a large sized truck and unit, which will increase the total cost of moving and storage package.

Reputation Of The Service Provider

The rates of reputable moving storage firms are slightly higher than the rates of others. However, it is always better to pay more than taking the risk and handing over the responsibility of moving your household items to an inexperienced company or the one that has a lot of complaints against it.

Security At The Storehouse

A self storage warehouse that has a resident manager, theft alarms, and electrical fencing for security is costlier than the ones with only gated access. Depending upon what you want to keep and the location of the unit, you should decide the security features that you want in the self storage building.

Period Of Leasing The Unit

The price of a moving and storage package depends on the time duration for which you want to lease the unit. If you want to store your items in self storage building only for a week, it will cost you less than if you want to store your items for a fortnight or a month.

There are a number of self storage warehouses in the US …

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Voice Pick Technology: Helping Take Your Warehouse Automation Process To The Next Level

Voice Pick Technology: Helping Take Your Warehouse Automation Process To The Next Level

Chief executive officers of manufacturing and shipping facilities understand that seamless and intuitive warehouse automation is one of the most critical components to ensuring that internal operations run as smoothly as possible. Voice pick technology has recently arrived on the warehouse automation scene as a viable resource to allow these plants to optimize productivity and efficiency. Though this technology system found its original use in the backrooms of supermarkets, it’s steadily demonstrating that it can prove a powerful tool in any industry. More specifically, many leading executives in virtually every manufacturing industry vertical are relying on this innovative new process to forever change their internal pick, pack, ship procedure and take their warehouse automation to the next level.

Understanding The Basics And Benefits Of Voice Pick Warehouse Automation

This technology essentially drives and directs order picking through the use of a headset and microphone. Employers wear the computer system on their person and are instructed on which items to select. Once the proper item is retrieved, staff members articulate a verbal confirmation back to the system and can move on to the next item on the pick, pack, ship itinerary.

This technological advancement allows busy employees an opportunity to receive orders verbally without having to continuously stop the process by reading the next item on the list. Also this particular automating system allows for hands-free direction. In short, the technology equips a manufacturing or shipping organization for a more streamlined order fulfillment process.

Some other benefits enjoyed by organizations employing this technological system include:

• Less time and resources spent on staff training due to verbal prompts

• Enhanced order fulfillment accuracy

• Increased staff productivity

• Hands-free & eyes-free operation provides a safer work environment

• Stock and inventory numbers receive live updating

• Removal of printing and assigning picking information

• Reduction of overall stationary costs associated with printing and reprinting orders

• Less time spent checking and rechecking orders

• Elimination of returning to order desk for next assignment; staff members simply move on to the next order automatically

These are just a few of the many benefits that corporations employing this form of warehouse automation receive. Perhaps one of the best features of this innovation lies in its perfect blend of human involvement and robotic assistance. Yes, a voice pick system helps minimize and even eliminate human error altogether in many instances. However, the technology still requires human engagement and interaction to help oversee the effectiveness of the product. This strikes an essential balance that other ‘all or nothing’ warehouse automation tactics don’t have. Because of this, it’s no wonder that this technology is consistently gaining entry into manufacturing facilities of every size and scope and in a host of industries.

Does your business need a voice pick system to enhance your warehouse automation process? More specifically, with so many distinctive features and benefits associated with it, can your manufacturing business afford not …

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Radiant Tube Heating – Keep Your Business Warm

Radiant Tube Heating – Keep Your Business Warm

Heating large areas such as warehouses and air craft hangers is a lot different to warming your house or office, the area is much larger and so needs to be examined from a different angle, taking into consideration not just the practicalities, but the costs and environmental factors too.

One viable solution to consider is commercial tube heaters which allow you to pipe heat into your business in a targeted and cost effective way. Radiant Tube Heaters are ideal for heating large warehouses as they provide targeted heat where it’s needed which is particularly beneficial if you have a large building and you have staff working in just one corner, you can ensure they’re kept warm without the added cost of heating the entire warehouse.

Radiant Tube heaters work by being fixed to the ceiling and targeting infrared radiant heats towards to floor by a reflector. If you were to imagine standing in front of a roaring log fire, or in direct sun light, you only feel the maximum benefit of the heat when you’re directly in its path, as soon as you move away from the fire or out the sunlight you feel noticeably cooler. Radiant tube heating work along the same principle, the heats rays only travel in straight lines (like light) and are absorbed by cooler solid surfaces which they’re aimed at rather than being aimlessly pumped into the air.

Radiant Tube heating can be incredibly cost effective because you’re not wastefully heating a large warehouse or open plan building, you’re just targeting a specific area which can have a positive impact on your business, not just from the savings you’ll see in your heating bills but also in reducing your carbon foot print. In compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, the UK government is trying to ensure all UK businesses produce as little greenhouse gases as possible, which is why the climate change levy was introduced. The less harmful pollutants your business admits, the less tax you have to pay on them, in fact, if your business is serious about trying reduce it’s carbon footprint, you may even be eligible for an Enhanced Capital Allowance or a Carbon Trust Loan to help cover the cost of the installation and maintenance of your radiant tube heaters.

The downside of radiant heaters is that they do only heat the area they’ve been targeted on, if you’re after a heating system to heat a wider area you may have to consider another method such as propane heating, or a warm air blow heater.

Tube heaters are relatively easy to install and maintain. Their compact size means they can be easily fitted in small, compact places and once installed they run easily and shouldn’t require much maintenance. You should be prepared to pay a little more for the products and their installation compared to other heating methods, however the savings you will soon see will more than compensate for this.…

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Having Trouble With Storage? Look For A Perfect Wardrobe!

Having Trouble With Storage? Look For A Perfect Wardrobe!

Companies going through storage problems often opt for Texas contract warehouse or California contract warehouse. However, the same is not true when you lack space to store your personal stuff. Finding the right wardrobe that can take care of all your storage problems is a daunting task indeed. Above all they are not just meant to store your clothes and shoes. In fact, an ideal wardrobe is one that allows storage of any item that needs to be kept away for the time being.

Sounds simple does it not? But do consider every facet. As you must be aware, there are various sizes available in the market. In case, you have ample space in your bedroom there is always an option to get one installed. At the end of the day, it all goes down to the availability of space.

The wardrobe with a sliding door will be more convenient as it hardly takes any space. Moreover, you can store and get back objects with ease. The best part is you will have more space to occupy in your room as you do not need space to open up the door so down with the conventional doors, and say yes to the sliding doors.

Besides this, some nicely crafted wooden wardrobes are a perfect show of your exceptional taste and elegance. Many times, you just like to get a new wardrobe for some change. By adding an elegant wardrobe, you will certainly be able to add class to your bedroom and take care of your storage problems along the same line.

While searching for them, you will find that custom built and designed wardrobes to be a good deal. Why so you ask? Well there are various reasons. They save space, and are much durable and above all you can always set partitions to your perfection.

There is no doubt that some well-crafted wardrobes are the sign of true professionals who always provide the furniture an exquisite finish. This level of skill, however, is quite rare and unlikely when it comes to a nonprofessional. You can ask them to embellish your wardrobe with more elegant items like mirrors or designed handles that will add to its beauty.

Some customized pieces are available in almost every shape and size possible. Now, it is up to you to go out there, make your choice while matching it according to your requirements. Apart from solving your storage crisis, with a unique design you can get an item to match your room decor.

You can easily opt for a walk-in wardrobe if there is a slightly bigger space in your room or kitchen, for instance. What makes them amazing is the fact that they are beautiful and can compliment the nature of almost any bedroom. If your room has a funky aura, then why not try colorful wardrobes. For one, you can match them with the colors of your curtains or carpets and second it …

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Data Warehouse Appliance – Need Expert Statistician For Justifying Its Function

Data Warehouse Appliance – Need Expert Statistician For Justifying Its Function

Usually people have a notion that data warehouse appliance is all about storing loads of old data, but this is not the entire fact. Besides being archive, it also articulates huge amount of data from various sources into a single comprehensive database, so that the user can examine and manipulate the content as per the requirement. The user would be having only one database, so it becomes vital for him to access and feed data from a variety of sources, in order to obtain the information, which he requires. The data warehousing appliance is a tried and tested way of examining information to make survey of cluster of statistical and other content, so that a corporation can plan out future artifice and can find out the outcomes of its proceedings. Correct usage of content can create a huge difference to the way in which a trade can evolve and can develop, as it enables the production of projections and forecasts. This data can be used to create a business module, thereby helping the user to focus on the business. Furthermore, it helps in cutting costs and making better usage of the accessible resources.

There is a major difference between the data warehousing appliance and business intelligence. Business intelligence uses various methods to compare and interpret information and content, in a motive to improve efficiency. Advanced software enables the management of content to render useful information for smooth running of the business. Data warehouse appliance can be referred as a pot, which consists of all sorts of information. With the help of a dash board, reports, analysis and any kind of content can be assimilated and can be used. Furthermore, both data warehouse appliance as well as the business intelligence work together in order to give the end user the exact required information. The employees, who are required to use this application, should be well trained in database building and management. They should be proficient in statistics, in order to make full use of the given application.…

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What is Welding Automation

Welding automation is the use of computer technology to automate welding operations. Welders have traditionally used torches that are connected to electrical power sources to melt two or more metal pieces together. The operator must monitor the welding process in order to ensure a quality weld. Welding automation automates much of the welding operation, freeing the operator from having to pay close attention to the welding process. Welding automation systems allow the operator to focus on other tasks while the automation performs the welding operation.


The automated welding operation uses various sensors to measure and control the welding process. Sensors can be used to detect the position of the weld joint and provide feedback to the automation system. Welding automation systems also use sensors to detect the temperature of the welding operation, the current being delivered to the torch, and the position of the torch with respect to the workpiece. Welding automation systems typically use a robot arm that holds the torch. The robot arm is controlled by the automation system, which moves the arm according to the data from the sensors. The robot arm delivers the welding energy to the joint and monitors the weld for quality. There are many types of sensors used in welding automation systems. Many of these sensors operate in one of two ways. Some sensors send information back to the automation system that is used to control the welding operation.

The History of welding automation technology

It can make welding much faster and more efficient by allowing you to weld multiple parts at once. When you think of a robot, you probably think of a machine that performs certain tasks automatically. Welding automation is not quite the same as welding robots. Welding automation refers to the technology that controls the operation of welding machines. The most important thing to know about welding automation is that it does not replace human workers. Welding automation is actually more efficient than manual welding. It allows workers to do more productive work while spending less time on the actual welding process.

What are some of the benefits of automated welding?

Some of the benefits of automated welding are that it can help speed up the process of welding, it can save time and money, and it can make the welding process more efficient. Additionally, some of the benefits of automated welding include that it can target your ideal audience, it can help you save time and money, and it can make the welding process more efficient.

How does an automated welding machine work?

An automated welding machine is a machine that is used to weld metal. The machine is designed to cut and join pieces of metal together using a variety of techniques. It can either use a manual or electronic welding process.

The benefits of using an automated welding machine are that it can save time and money, and it can make the welding process more efficient. Additionally, it can help you reduce the amount of labor

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Avoiding Debt

Avoiding Debt

This is a short article on ways of getting out of debt.

There seems to be more people in debt now due to the ongoing recession. People losing their jobs or simply wanting to keep up with the Joneses. There are any number of must have new gadgets coming onto the market every month and they are all expensive. The trouble is unless you’ve saved up the money you will have to use credit to buy them if you feel as though you have to have them.

The adverts we see and hear are all very persuasive and they even offer inducements such as zero interest or buy now but don’t pay for a year. The companies who offer these deals to you will not be doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. They will still be making money. More often than not you will be charged more at the end of the deal than the book price when you first walk into the shop.

You have to be a savvy shopper due to this and make sure that you don’t fall for the advertising tricks that are put in your path.

I’ve researched different ways for getting out of debt without getting into more debt as you go along.

Try saving up for things that you need rather than using credit to buy everything instead of using your credit card or going out and getting a loan.

Make sure that you pay off your credit cards each month. Credit cards have high interest rates and if you carry over a balance each month and just pay off the minimum you will have a credit card debt for years and pay back more than double the amount you borrowed. If you do carry forward a balance then try and pay off more than the minimum amount each month so that the debt is paid off quicker. This way you won’t be repaying as much to the credit card company.

Try and do the same with any loans you have. Make sure that you know the penalty for paying the loan off early but if you can pay off more each month again not only will the loan be settled earlier you will also be able to avoid paying huge amounts of interest.

Keep your discipline and don’t be fooled into buying what you don’t need. If you want to buy a big-ticket item then do your research and see who can sell it to you for the cheapest price and then start saving for it. Don’t think that because it’s interest free it won’t cost you anything in the long term.

When going shopping know what you need and stick to it. Make a list and don’t buy anything that you don’t need. Again that way you will know roughly how much it will cost you.

Have a look at all your household bills and see if you can switch them to cheaper deals. There are …

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Career Or Calling? – Vocation and the Helping Professions

Career Or Calling? – Vocation and the Helping Professions

Most of what is written about the idea of vocation in the sense of “a calling” to a career is written about religious vocation. I believe, however that what is written has some relevance to all powerfully felt attractions to careers especially to those in the helping professions.

Luigi Rulla (1971), writing about religious vocation, begins with career theorist Donald Super’s idea that career choice is the expression of “self-concept-in-situation”. But Rulla argues that the salient difference between career and vocation lies in the fact that vocation is not the expression of self-concept, but rather the expression of the self-ideal. He argues that vocation has much more to do with expression of values than career does. It is perfectly possible in the light of Super’s theory to pursue a career which is well suited to your abilities and to the potential of the environment but which does not strongly emphasize personal values. Another career researcher, Riverin-Simard (1990), observes that there can be a re-definition of personal values at mid-life which is strong enough to provoke an upheaval in career trajectory. The question of vocation therefore often rises to the forefront for mid-life career changers considering expressing their values by moving towards careers in the helping professions

Vocational callings have the characteristic requirement that the personal values of the aspirant be coherent with those of the domain or the institution with which they are considering aligning themselves. In the case of vocation the importance of congruent values may be more important than questions of ability because ability and skills are surface attributes that can be modified to a significant degree as the aspirant strives to express their deep values. This idea is comforting to mid-life career changers as they struggle to develop the skills which will permit them to express their passionate beliefs in the values of their chosen vocation.

Those who make helping professions their calling often inhibit their ability to sell themselves because social work or “soul work” requires the kind of emotional or spiritual commitment that precludes its own marketing and any portion of vocational commitment in a job will tend to pull it out of the market place.

Vocation-based work is at odds with the job market because, as hard-nosed business men will point out, a man who will not threaten to quit his job has no leverage when demanding a higher salary. Vocational work is rarely undertaken with personal financial gain as its central intention, and the “products ” of the helping helping professions, for example, are not commodities in the normal sense of the word because they are often not services which can be easily priced.

It can be argued however that vocational callings transcend the market place because they remain necessary and important services which society can not easily do without. The emphasis on values may lead a vocational aspirant to make personal sacrifices and over-ride normal considerations of stability, prestige, status and remuneration… and …

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How to Find User Geo Location and Perform Large Scale Data Analysis in Data Warehouse

How to Find User Geo Location and Perform Large Scale Data Analysis in Data Warehouse

With deluge of data from users in weblogs companies make use of them for multiple purpose including user behavior like how long users spent time on which pages, which are more popular pages, user page traversal, etc. Typical weblog has information (but not any specific user identifiable info) like the time of the day, ip address of user, the page served, status of page served, etc.

One way to make use of IP address is to map it to a location like city, state or country. One can get/purchase products that provide list of IP blocks mapped to locations. One for example is MaxMind. The data is reasonably static but you can get the latest data once every month or quarter and use it. So, now you have users’ IP addresses in one hand and mapping of IP blocks to city/country in another and finding the user location may seem straight forward which it is if you are doing it for few IP addrs. But it can be a big performance issue if you are doing analysis on tens or hundreds of thousands of IPs on regular basis (using MySQL database).

MySQL 4.x or 5.x, do not use index while performing range operations between two sets of data. But GeoCity data maps block of an IP address to a city and for a good reason. This will force you to use range operations like (=) greater than or equal and (

Note: IPv4 (IP address of 4 octets like with 32 bits unlike IPv6 which are 128 bits long) can have 2^32 (2 to power of 32) addresses, nearly 4 billion. Furthermore, IP authorities allocate group of IP addresses to ISPs or particular country and there is no reason to store all separate IP addresses.…

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The Right to Unionize

The Right to Unionize

Labor unions have a long history in America; however, recently, union membership has fallen to under 9% of the private sector, a low that has not been seen since 1932. Union leaders allege that corporate employers are responsible for their diminishing membership, because they illegally discriminate against employees who support the union.

The History of Unions

The first labor unions began in the late 18th century, but became significant following the Civil War, when the National Labor Union was established in 1866. Although the NLU dissolved in 1872, the concept of labor unions was beginning to spread rapidly. Following the NLU were the Knights of Labor, who sought to unionize all laborers and producers and led one of the first successful railroad strikes. Unfortunately, in 1886 government officials intervened and disbanded the group for alleged violence.

The American Federation of Labor quickly sprang up alongside the Knights of Labor. The AFL sought to establish basic rights for workers, such as an eight hour work day, and the prohibition of child labor. The AFL only included skilled workers, and refused to represent African American and women’s rights. The AFL thrived while the Knights of Labor dissolved.

The AFL allowed its members to represent their own trades and run their own strikes. In the 1900s, strikes and boycotts were fairly common, as union workers fought to earn their rights. Coal mine, railroad, and factory workers were especially prominent in the unions.

Many of the rights we have today are the direct result of the union struggles in the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately, however, there are still workplace injustices that need to be addressed today.

Labor Unions Today

Most unions that exist today belong to an umbrella organization, either the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) or the Change to Win Federation. Although union membership is low, there is no shortage of injustice.

Many union leaders believe that corporate discrimination and exploitation is responsible for low membership numbers. Although it is illegal to discriminate against an employee because they are affiliated with a labor union, it still occurs. Many corporations threaten their employees with termination, “black listing,” or relocation.

Blacklisting means union workers will be put on a list when terminated and will likely experience difficulties finding new work.

Relocation occurs when a substantial number of workers organize to rally for better working conditions, but instead of recognizing their workers’ needs, businesses just pack up their stuff and leave. They will reopen a plant in another struggling city and employ hundreds of new workers for extremely low wages. In this way, businesses avoid addressing workers’ rights while exploiting economically impoverished cities.…

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History of the Revolution of Trade Union

History of the Revolution of Trade Union

Trade Union is one kind of labor union. These are one kind of organizations where the labors become accumulate to achieve some of their rights like proper working condition and proper wages. These organizations or unions negotiate to the employers to get their rights as well as to get the employees satisfaction with maintaining the employees’ satisfaction also.

In order to realize the union history we have to look at the past. There was a system in Europe called the guild system which worked with the protection of some specific professions by maintaining advancement and skills. But the guild system should not be considered the same as union but the guild system must be told as the pioneer of the union system.

Before the industrial revolution, workers tended to work at their home to produce goods. But approximately at the time of eighteenth century due to the industrial revolution people became interested about joining at the industries. When a massive number of people started to work under one or more employee then it was becoming a necessary to make a representative of the workers to share their conditions with the employer. In the USA, early trade unions and workers performed very effective activities to achieve their rights.

The idea of Unions became very popular in the USA at nineteenth century. During that time the first national trade-union appeared called the National Labor Union. This organization was first appeared at the year of 1866 and the most important feature of this union is it was not for any particular labors. It was rally effective to gain all rights of labors working in every sector in USA. With the features of child labor protection and legislation about eight hour working shift, the Knight of Labor came out as a trade union in the USA at the year of 1869.

Whatever, there are several unions now all over the world who are working to gain the proper rights of the labors.…

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How to Use Maternity Acupressure

How to Use Maternity Acupressure

While anyone can use maternity acupressure, it should be noted that this is a very powerful tool. It can be used for inducing labor and for controlling and managing pain during labor. It is also used by women that have had Cesarean births or are trying to avoid Cesarean births. It can even help position the baby in the womb if the baby is not positioned correctly for a normal healthy birth. All this can be done without surgery and the painful recovery times that result from Cesareans.

People use maternity acupressure to apply pressure to the same pressure points located on the body that are used in acupuncture. When pressure is applied to these points:

Contractions can be started or strengthened

Pain can be managed or controlled

The baby can be positioned in the womb for birth

The baby can be guided down the birth canal

Anyone that wants to use maternity acupressure should practice finding the pressure points on a partner, someone who will be with the expectant mother in the birth of the baby. Although it is safe to find the points on the mother’s body, these points should never be massaged before it is time to induce the labor.

Three main areas of the body that are used:

On the skin between the thumb and index finger- this point is useful for inducing labor and pain management

On the inside of the leg, about one inch above the ankle bone

On the small of the back, about A� inch above the dimple over the buttocks

In practice, and at the time of labor, people who want to use maternity acupressure should remember to use lotion, as well. This helps the fingers to slide across the skin smoothly and helps to keep the skin from getting raw from the constant pressure of being rubbed. The position the birth mother should take would be one of comfort, but for the third point, on the small of the back, it has been suggested that it works better when the mother is on her hands and knees.

Those that want to use maternity acupressure should also remember that it could take time for these points to work. After labor is induced, each point should be massaged one at a time, with periods of rest every five minutes. Any one point should only be worked for up to 30 minutes before moving on to the next one.

To use maternity acupressure safely, the birthing partner should practice on him or herself and on others to find the points before labor. The areas, when found should feel tender, like there is a bruise there. Once labor has been induced, the tenderness should leave.

Use maternity acupressure to give birth naturally, without the need for drugs or long, painful recovery times in expensive hospitals. Women all over the world use maternity acupressure every day to safely deliver their children, whether it is one at a time or multiple …

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Is More Costly Labor Better Labor? Is There a Direct Correlation Between Labor Rates and Quality?

Is More Costly Labor Better Labor? Is There a Direct Correlation Between Labor Rates and Quality?

Many labor unions tell Americans that you get what you pay for, and if you take the jobs to China, where people are working for a few dollars a day to save money, then you will hurt your brand name and products because the quality of the workmanship won’t be as good. Is this true?

And if it is true, then why would the labor unions worry about corporations off-shoring and outsourcing to other countries major component pieces of their production manufacturing line? After all, the corporations in that case would learn from their mistakes and have to come right back again, and the Labor Unions could say – “We told you so!”

The reality is I believe this to be a false argument, and some labor unions are very angry that corporations in America are taking their factories from a union shop, and putting them into a state which is less than union friendly. In fact, there is a big case going on right now with a major manufacturer of airliners in the US.

It seems as though if it were true that more costly labor, is better labor, then the quality of the finished product will go down substantially by moving the manufacturing facility, or production line. Nevertheless, the money saved in labor, not to mention pensions and legacy costs, and healthcare benefits is so substantial, that these corporations will save so much money that they will be able to lower the cost of their finished products and compete on the global market.

We must never forget we live in a globally competitive marketplace, and everything is attached to everything else. Likewise, the standard of living in China, Brazil, and the United States may be vastly different, and people will be glad to have jobs even if they are paid a fraction of what an American makes. So if you ask is there a direct correlation between labor rates or rather how much is paid per hour for a worker and the quality of the workmanship, I would say not in all cases.

In some cases it may very well be true, but for many jobs that are quite tedious in nature, I’d say it doesn’t matter if a human in Michigan, Wisconsin, Washington State, or California is involved in the manufacturing process as opposed to someone in China, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Russia, or anywhere else on this planet.

You see, at some point the unions are going to have to stop their political rhetoric, and realize they need a better argument, otherwise the American people are going to get tired of it, because only 8% of the people in this country work union in the commercial sector, and because of that everyone else is paying more money for the things that they buy. Therefore we have to ask ourselves what’s really fair to the American people.

If the union wants to …

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10 Keys to Success in Pay For Performance Solutions

10 Keys to Success in Pay For Performance Solutions

Pay for Performance Solutions enables companies to reduce their cost of labor while increasing the average take home pay of their workforce. It’s a sophisticated, end-to-end incentive system that’s accurate, fair and very effective. The cornerstone of our program is a proprietary software system that handles the complexity of the incentive program and enables us to reward employees based on their own level of productivity.

The 10 Keys to Success

1. Employee Bonuses Are Based Directly on the Employee’s Productivity Level

Employees have direct impact on their productivity and reward. Employees are given a Production Goal for the container, pick slip or job order at the beginning of each assignment so that they have a goal to shoot for. .

2. Daily Feedback on Productivity and Bonuses. Daily reports give employees, supervisors and managers vital performance information. An employee will know where he or she stands on a daily basis.

3. Production Goals Are Set at a Fair, Achievable Level. Setting production goals is a critical aspect of bonusing. Top performers need to be achievable and motivating.

4. The New System Removes the Status Quo. There isn’t an increase in costs without an increase in productivity. Doing things as they’ve always been done isn’t the answer. The bonusing program moves productivity levels very quickly in an achievable manner.

5. Complex Software manages the complexity of individual tracking on a daily basis. The IMS software program manages the day-to-day logistics of a complex incentive system.

6. Major Productivity Constraints Are Factored In So Top Performers Continue to Achieve. Some productivity issues are beyond the employee’s control. These issues can be factored into the software and accounted for so employees remain empowered.

7. Production Goals Do Not Vary Too Much By Type of Freight. The type of freight in a container often changes productivity levels. Employees are still very productive its just hard to see. Our system takes type of freight into account.

8. Productivity Gains Benefit Individuals So Motivation Is High. The incentive program creates a bonus for the individual and small team. It impacts the people doing the work. Because bonuses are seen daily motivation for gain is very high and change is usually immediate.

9. Daily Feedback Creates Constant Awareness and Purpose. Productivity reports are provided daily. Employees and Supervisors are aware of where they stand and what they want to achieve. Goal setting becomes a very meaningful exercise when a feedback loop reports success or failure.

10. Employees Understand the System and Know How To Improve. We offer a training program for all staff involved in the program. Everyone should have the opportunity to understand the program and know how improvement can be achieved.…

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Use The Advice Below To Get The Best Home Product Assembly Service

Use The Advice Below To Get The Best Home Product Assembly Service

More than likely, everybody that will read this information has become highly frustrated at one time in their life trying to put something very complicated and complex together. If you can associate with the above statement, and you require a home product assembly service team in the area where you live, please keep reading and we will let you know the best way to go about finding one.

After all, if you just got your new HD flat-screen TV with stereo surround sound, you want to get it working properly and quickly so that you do not miss any of your favorite football team’s next games, almost assuredly you are going to require assistance. They are your hometown team, and you are their number one fan, so why take the chance of missing even one minute of the action, because you do not know what you are doing. All you have to do is get on the phone and call an industry leading product assembly service and your problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Some of the most expensive models of exercise equipment are so intricate and sophisticated to put together, that the people who designed them must have thought that NSSA rocket scientists would be the ones buying them. If you have come to the realization that this is not worth your valuable time to waste, trying to figure something out, that only a few people in the world know how to do then why not get an assembly service company that has a specialized labor force that puts these types of things together each and every day of the week?

As technology advances and each product attempts to improve on the last model, these items are becoming much more difficult to operate, much less having to figure out how to assemble them. Please do yourself a favor, and let somebody get the headache that some of these new fangled contraptions can give you when you try to put them together.

Even some of the new modern furniture that is coming out requires somebody with a Master’s Degree in Engineering, just to read the instructions. So why bother, why not bring in a company that can do something in a few minutes, which would take you a day or two to accomplish?

If you can relate to everything that was mentioned above, then why not let a product assembly service do all of the complicated work for you. The best way to find them is to first ask your family or friends who they use. If they cannot give you a good answer, then you can do a search on the internet for one that happens to be located close to where you live. If that does not work, then you can look in the phone book, to see if anything pops up. If you still have not found a company that you are …