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Myths and Dangers of Self-Inducing Labor

Myths and Dangers of Self-Inducing Labor

I have been asked more than once how a pregnant woman could induce labor at home. Usually, they are ready to try last few days and weeks seem like an eternity. Back aches from pre-labor hormone releases, false labor and not being able to see the feet all contribute to one thing. You want to have the baby *now.*

Unfortunately, some of the methods don’t work; they are myths. Others can be hazardous to mother and child, though they do seem to start labor. A few work, but are seldom discussed often as they are not topics generally accepted in polite conversation.

Bumpy Roads: I’ve read that this can start labor, but it is actually a myth. I even tried it, and it didn’t work, for either pregnancy. I can tell you that riding on a bumpy road when you really are in labor is extremely uncomfortable. It’s not much better right after birth, either.

Balsamic Vinegar: I can’t find any evidence proving this works, but many women swear by it. There are a few restaurants that end up in the news because pregnant women go there for a salad dressed with the vinegar. Many send pictures of the newborns, and they are convinced labor was started by the salad. There usually isn’t a problem with eating these salads, so if you want to try, go for it.

Blue Cohosh: There’s good news and bad news about blue cohosh. The good news is that it may work. The bad news is that it could kill you and your unborn child. This herb causes a massive increase in blood pressure. As your circulatory system is still attached to the baby’s, both of you could suffer a heart attack or a stroke. There are confirmed cases of infants being born in the process of having a heart attack.

Before deciding to try at home labor induction, please talk to your doctor. This is both for your safety and your child’s. The doctor can provide you information about safe methods and warn you about hoaxes and dangerous methods. He can also tell you if the child is ready to be born, which is important information.