25 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

Arrest and The Legal System

We live in a society that depends on the legal system to keep us safe and deal with the fact that crime does exist, and some people need to pay for their crimes. Today’s television networks are full of stories about police and keeping society safe from crime. Though these shows obviously play up the more dramatic aspects of some of these cases, they do provide an educational outline of how the process works.

Arrest and Bail

When a person is arrested for a crime, no matter what it is, they will be picked up by the police and read their rights, which include the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney. After that, the defendant will be taken down to the police station where they will be “booked” and then placed in custody in jail. After that, a dollar amount will be set for bail, unless the court feels the person might disappear if they are let out of jail before their court appearance. Yes, it’s all a bit complicated, but the system is in place in order to protect innocent people from being falsely accused of a crime.

If the defendant does have a bail amount set, they can have a friend or family member borrow the amount from a bail bondsman arapahoe county colorado or in another city close by. This money will be paid to the court to ensure the arrested person’s release from jail, so they can be free with family until they have to appear in court. Once the case is resolved, the bail money will be returned and can be paid back to the bail bondsman, with interest.

While dealing with issues surrounding an arrest are certainly not enjoyable, at least a defendant has a chance to be free if bail is posted, so they can prepare for their court date and hopefully get set on a better life path.…