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She’s Having Contractions, When Should She Go To The Hospital?

She’s Having Contractions, When Should She Go To The Hospital?

One of the most exciting times during a pregnancy is when the baby is about to come. Your heart is pounding and your mind is racing. If it is your first child you might not know what you are in for. If you went to Lamaze Class you might have some insight into what is going on. Lamaze class does try to prepare you for what is about to happen. In class you will learn what to look for when you are trying to determine whether your wife or girlfriend is in labor. However, what if you didn’t go to Lamaze Class or you forgot what you learned? You might be thinking that you as the father don’t need to know the signs. After all who better to know than your wife or girlfriend? The truth is that whatever overwhelming emotions and excitement you are experiencing, she is probably experiencing them time three. It will be up to you to think clearly and logically.

So, is the mother of my child going into labor? There are a few signs to look for when determining whether she is going into labor. Of course the most obvious sign that she is going into labor is that she is having contractions. Or is it? When she is having contractions it is important to determine whether they are labor contractions or Braxton Hicks Contractions, also known as false labor contractions. The key is to keep track of the contractions and time them you can write them down, use stop watches, or even download a smart phone app that keeps track of contractions. You must determine whether the duration of the contractions is growing and whether the span between the contractions is shortening. This is a clue as to whether she is truly in labor. If the contractions are random and do not seem to be getting longer and the span between them is not shortening, she is probably not in labor. Another sign is that the actual labor contractions will get more intense and painful.

Another sign that your wife or girlfriend may be in labor is if she starts to have an increase production of mucus. This discharge is usually accompanied with red streaks that are sometimes called “show.” The other undisputable sign that she is in labor is if her water breaks. If her water breaks it is time for her to go directly to the hospital.

One question that is asked is when she should go to the hospital. The answer to this question depends on what signs she is showing. If her water breaks it is time to go. Otherwise it is a matter of timing. You should time her contractions. Keep track of how long the contractions are, and the time in between them. Once the contractions last for 60 seconds are less than five minutes apart, and these averages go on for more than an hour. These are …

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Warehouse Space For Rent – Learn How to Save Time and Money by Making the Right Rental Decision

Warehouse Space For Rent – Learn How to Save Time and Money by Making the Right Rental Decision

Looking for the right rental property is a rite of passage for many businesses. Most discover that they can save time and capital by warehouse renting rather than purchasing their building. However, selecting the best site for a rental can be a difficult decision. More than one business has found itself stuck with steep fees and inadequate space because they didn’t ask the right questions first. But finding the perfect warehouse space to rent doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Read on for more details…

The first step before even starting to browse the available units is to know what you need. How are you going to use this space? Do you just need a big, empty room. Will the landlord pay for the utilities? If you are doing work in the warehouse, you’ll want to look at electrical outlets, restrooms and the ability to maintain a constant temperature.

Then, you need to consider the amount of space you need. You can find small storage units available for a flat monthly fee, but most warehouse rental agreements charge by the square foot. Some rental agreements dictate that the landlord pays for utilities and other property-related expenses, while other leases require the renter to pay for these expenses. When shopping around for the right size unit, also be sure to ask if you can easily upgrade to a larger facility or if the lease will lock you into that space for a certain time frame.

Once you have determined your space criteria and the necessary amenities for your business, it is time to start looking at the available sites. You can search online for available warehouse space to rent or speak with a local, commercial real estate agent.

As you tour the potential sites, consider your shipment needs. If you will just be storing products for an extended period of time, a location off the beaten track might be fine. However, if you expect weekly deliveries, look for a location near an expressway or seaport. Also determine how you’ll need to access the warehouse. For example, if you’ll be receiving truck deliveries, a truck delivery door will be essential.

When you think you have found the right warehouse for rent, talk to the landlord or property manager before signing any agreement. Learn exactly what the owner will provide and what your responsibilities are as a tenant. Be sure to ask about any local zoning or municipal ordinance requirements. If the property manager can’t give you a definitive answer, check with the local government. Nothing is worse than signing a contact to lease a warehouse, only to learn later that your expected use is not allowed per the local zoning requirements.

Finally, when choosing the right warehouse space for rent., always insure your equipment or any goods that will be stored at the location. In case of a fire or other disaster, your …

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Self Induce Labor Safely and Naturally

Self Induce Labor Safely and Naturally

Forty weeks have gone by and you have been waiting for this moment for what feels like an eternity. You are bigger than you ever imagined possible, you have been feeling the Braxton Hicks contractions and your bag is packed. Any minute now you will be heading off to the hospital, you think. But… nothing.

If your induction date is fast approaching and you really don’t want to go down that route then here are some alternative methods to self induce labor safely and naturally.

Nipple stimulation by gently rubbing or rolling the nipple is said to encourage the start of contractions. The theory behind this is that oxytocin, the hormone responsible for contractions, is released in the body when the breasts are stimulated.

A review by Kavanagh et al in 2005 found significant benefit from nipple stimulation in women whose cervix had already started to ripen and 37% of women who tried it went into labour within 72 hours as compared to just 6 per cent of those who had not.

Castor oil acts as a powerful laxative. It also stimulate the digestive system and the uterus and so aids in inducing labor. However it is not recommended by midwives because of its side effects of diarrhoea leading to dehydration. The study carried out by Garry et al in 2000 of 100 overdue women found that 57.7 per cent began active labour after a single dose of 60ml of castor oil, as opposed to 4.2 per cent who received no treatment. No adverse affects on mother or baby were reported but all the women who took it felt nauseous.

Sex and orgasms can trigger the release of oxytocin and stimulate the induction of labor. Semen contains a high concentration of prostaglandins which help to ripen the cervix. Sex is safe as long as your waters have not broken. If your water as broken having sex may increase the risk of infection. There is no concrete evidence that sex works to induce labor however it will forge a strong bond between the couple.

Acupressure stimulates certain points in the body to trigger uterine contractions and encourage the babies head to descend and engage. It is used as a very powerful and effective tool in relieving labor pain and morning sickness. There have not been any studies showing any adverse effects on mother or baby. A recent study tested labor acupressure on a group of women who were near or past their due date, and used a control group of women in a similar condition who were not given acupressure. (Complement Ther Med. 2005). The results showed that women in the acupressure group went into labor naturally and significantly more often than the women in the control group who not using any acupressure techniques.

Another study showed that stimulation of one single pain relieving pressure point was enough to remarkably reduce labor pains (J Altern Complement Med. 2004). The study also showed that the total …

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How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

There are plenty of happy marriages out there and plenty of couples who would never dream of cheating on one another. They are perfectly pleased with the path their relationship is on and they believe the vows they took during their wedding ceremony were meaningful and true. Others may not be happy in their marriages, but instead of looking for happiness outside of the marriage while the marriage is still legally intact, they are honest with their spouse and work toward a mutual solution. However, these scenarios are not always the route people choose to take. If you suspect there may be a problem in your marriage and your spouse may be seeing someone else, there are things you can look for. Consider whether all of their belongings are kept at your home or if they are using a Texas contract warehouse or California contract warehouse to keep stuff off site. Ask yourself if they could be hiding another life from you that you are not a part of.

If your significant other seems to be keeping secrets, consider a few things before jumping to conclusions. Ask yourself if there is a big event in the near future they may be planning a surprise for. The last thing you want to do is accuse them of cheating on you if they are sneaking around planning a surprise party for you. If you suspect something is up and you are worried things may be going south, confide in a close friend. Chances are; they will know if something special is being planned. They can reassure you without giving away the surprise and your spouse will never about your insecurities. However, if things seem off and your spouse is being sneaky over a long period of time and no surprise ever materializes, you may have cause for concern.

Has your significant other had a sudden change in work schedule? This often happens and is perfectly legitimate. If your significant other works in a field where there are shift changes, there are plenty of reasons why the change may occur. However, if your spouse’s job is typically a 9-5 office job and they suddenly start working until 10 pm or 11 pm each night, there may be something going on.

Have you noticed a change in your relationship? If you were always affectionate and that suddenly stops, you may be dealing with a serious issue. If your spouse is getting intimacy elsewhere, they are less likely to need it while they are at home. On the other hand, you may also notice an increase in bedroom antics. The intimacy may not be there and you may feel uncomfortable with how things work out, but you may notice your spouse is more amorous. This is especially true at the beginning of an affair, so if you think a problem may be about to start, you may want to start communicating with them about …

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How to Improve Labour Productivity in Iron and Steelmaking Operations

How to Improve Labour Productivity in Iron and Steelmaking Operations


Whilst the biggest variable costs for most iron and steel plants include raw materials and energy, the biggest components of fixed cost generally include labour cost. This is especially so in the developed world where a typical blue-collar salary can come to $25,000 per year or more. In this article, the author discusses a number of different approaches to reducing labour costs through emphasis on productivity improvement.

Productivity Differences in the Industry

Whilst some differences in productivity are always evident in different steelmaking processes, very large differences are also often apparent when looking at nearly identical plants. This is especially so if comparisons are made between state-owned and privately owned steel businesses. A typical modern European integrated flat rolled steel plant producing 2.5 millions tonnes of flat products can today be expected to employ around 3000 people. A plant of the same size in some parts of Eastern Europe can at the same time employ ten or even twelve thousand people. It should be stressed that some of this productivity difference is not real, because the comparison is not strictly fair. Quite commonly,

the high productivity plant may be outsourcing many services (e.g. transport services, IT, canteen operations)

the low productivity plant may be providing social or welfare-related activities (e.g. offering hospital or recreational facilities).

However, much of the productivity difference discussed above often is very real and arises because of differences in organizational structure, so that – even on a like for like basis – a three-fold difference in productivity can still be apparent. Low hourly labour costs in many countries do of course mean that poor productivity is not always as problematic as it might at first seem. Nonetheless, as business profitability falls or other performance pressures come about (e.g. changes of ownership, as for example through privatization) so the question arises as to how productivity might significantly be improved.

Lessons from the Past

Lessons from restructuring of state-owned companies such as British Steel are instructive. In the case of the UK steel maker, productivity improvement (beyond that relating to modernization and the introduction of new technology) was achieved in two ways:

First, organizational structure was streamlined by the removal of organizational layers. Why have seven or eight organizational layers when four or five will do? Reduction in the size of the employment pyramid is the key technique here. Firms such as Nucor in the USA (which has just four organizational layers from CEO level down to shop floor level) have applied this very successfully

Second, job flexibility was introduced. The point here is not to have separate teams of utility workers specialised in maintenance of gas, electricity and water services – when a single (better trained) team might be sufficient. Such job flexibility applies not just to utilities; but also to engineering (civil, mechanical, etc), maintenance (iron making, steel making, rolling), transport etc – and can similarly lead to a major reduction in total employment.

Plans …

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Choosing The Right West Coast Vacation Destination

Choosing The Right West Coast Vacation Destination

Anyone who has ever traveled to the West Coast knows there are vacation options for just about everyone. Those who have never been can choose from several cities and small towns that offer great local dining, accommodations in all price ranges, indoor and outdoor activities, and local flavor not found anywhere else. One of the most popular destinations on the coast is southern California. Those headed to the region can enjoy stops in LA, Hollywood, Temecula and LA. Hollywood is probably one of the first places you think of when considering this part of the country. Everyone should experience the contrast of silver screen actors and the local residents of affluent Beverly Hills. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the entire city while there, driving past a contract warehouse or a 3 PL. When you are finished in LA, head south to San Diego, a seaside town with charm and plenty to do.

Further north up the coast, visitors to California will enjoy visiting the city of San Francisco. Nothing like the southern part of the state, San Francisco is a combination of free and artistic thinking, blended with the charm of a sea-fairing community. Visitors to San Francisco will love sailing around Alcatraz, whale watching, and then enjoying a delicious seafood dinner. Strolling along the docks in San Francisco is a great way to spend a few hours in the city.

Offering a blend of southern and northern California charm, the Napa Valley is the destination for those who love wine and want a quiet, romantic getaway. The area is filled with bed and breakfast establishments that offer personalized accommodations in a quaint surrounding. Visitors to the Napa Valley can tour wineries and enjoy wine tastings, dine at some of the finest restaurants in the country, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities through the California countryside.

Heading further north, visitors to the West Coast will want to make a stop in Portland. This city continues to grow and while there are more cosmopolitan options, few offer the character and quirkiness of Portland. The city is home to a variety of restaurants and galleries. Portland prides itself on being at the forefront of the environmental movement and in addition to spending time in the outdoors, many of the hotels and other establishments in the city do what they can to stay green.

Far from your final option on the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest town of Seattle grows in vacation popularity every year. The most popular attraction in Seattle is probably the public market, where locals and tourists enjoy the fish throwing show that happens all day. The market is filled with dining and retail shopping options and visitors can barely walk five steps without running into a gourmet coffee shop. Seattle has a thriving art scene and those headed to the city should plan to spend a few hours browsing galleries and shops for handcrafted items created by local artisans. …

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Save Money and Improve Business Production by Outsourcing These Services

Save Money and Improve Business Production by Outsourcing These Services

Running a successful distributorship can be a challenge in many ways when a businessman attempts to provide all aspects of the company functions by himself. There can be a financial drain of resources and also a huge waste of energies that could better be spent on marketing efforts for increasing sales and providing company name recognition. In the Texas area, a Houston public warehouse can be found by just opening the phone book or going online and conducting a search. There are many satisfied customers who employ a Houston 3PL (third party logistics provider) as a means of outsourcing part or all of their supply chain management functions. Some of the services provided include, but are not limited to, assembly, packaging, shrink wrapping if needed, and labeling of products. Outsourcing in this way can also save money by providing a “one stop shop” type of operation for the business. They can provide packaging and transportation support to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers and even other shippers. So the scope of influence in employing this type of service is far reaching and has quite elaborate benefits to the company who requests it.

There are several other popular ways to outsource company functions that can also provide cost savings to a company. Just a few of these are:

o Human Resource Functions: Many companies are now using private firms who specialize in the functions of a human resources department thus eliminating the need for the company to invest money in maintaining their own. These private firms will come on an as needed basis and perform duties such as hiring and firing employees, introducing and establishing company policies, and providing training to employees.

o Payroll Processing: Outsourcing payroll has become an accepted way of eliminating that department from the company and allowing the job of payroll to be handled by a private provider. Most of these companies give outstanding service and offer the means of tracking money earned, along with deductions taken, on the web for employees to check as they wish.

o Legal Representation: Legal work and representation has long been recognized as a logical candidate for company outsourcing. Maintaining a legal department in-house is very expensive and attorney services are not needed on an every day basis but rather required on an “as needed” basis. Contracting with a legal firm makes good business sense and provides professionals who are top notch in their field when needed. Most of these firms charge a retainer fee and then will bill companies by the hour when they are working on company business. The firm where the attorney is employed will then send a statement out each month detailing the services provided to the contracting company.

o Advertising and Marketing Agencies: These are two areas of expertise that can be readily available and can save a company huge amounts of money when employed on a contractual basis. Both of these services focus on areas such as …

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How Dynamics Helps Enhance Your Sales Environment

Keeping your business operating smoothly often requires that you utilize a broad range of different programs in your operation. For instance, Microsoft Dynamics is a high-quality program that can create a broad range of benefits that go far beyond what other programs of this type may offer.

This program has become one of the most trusted and beneficial ways of streamlining business and operating more smoothly and effectively. Individuals interested in this program need to make sure that they understand how it can help with their sales and make their business that much more successful.

Ways Dynamics Can Help With Sales

Dynamics was designed by Microsoft to be a diverse platform that can be used with just about any business model. Over the years, they have tweaked up their approach to include a broad array of different benefits that take this platform just a few steps beyond what others may offer.

Therefore, it is important to understand how Dynamics can help with your sales and make your business more successful. Understanding these facets can help to ensure that you get the best experience possible for your needs. Just a few benefits of this process include:

  • Track Your Sales More Easily – If you’re struggling with knowing where your sales come and go on your platform, Dynamics can help by making it easier for you to know where your sales went, who purchased what, and how much money you earned with each sale that you make in this process.
  • Gauge Customer Engagement – Your customers are critical for the operation of your business. Without their satisfaction, you’re going to quickly find yourself experiencing some real struggles with the operation. Use Dynamics to track customer complaints, needs, and sales demands at the same time.
  • Boost Product Management Needs – Keeping your products in stock is important for your business operation, as running out may find you struggling to meet your customers’ needs. Thankfully, Dynamics helps by providing a streamlined inventory management tool.
  • Prevent Mistakes With Sales – When you make a mistake with your sales, you put your business team in a series of situations that may require professionals to properly manage. Make sure that you use Dynamics to minimize these mistakes and keep your company safe and secure.
  • Helps With Team Management – Dynamics makes it easier to track your sales team and ensure that they are on the right path towards success, ensuring that you get the best chances of success.

So if you’re operating a business that relies heavily on sales, it is important to integrate Dynamics into your operation. This software not only helps with sales but can also provide a myriad of other advantages, such as a simpler customer relations platform that can provide easier communication.

The businesses that can thrive in this situation include sales-based companies that rely on commissions, high-quality utility businesses, and manufacturers who need to keep their business running smoothly. Make sure to reach out to a professional who can help you understand …

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Do You Know Why You Really Need A Virtual Assistant?

You know you want to hire a virtual assistant. You’ve done your research, and you know that hiring a virtual assistant can make your company’s most complex challenges disappear.

You also know stress can become chronic when you have too much to do. With that in mind, keep reading for a better understanding of how virtual assistants can make your life easier.

What skills does a virtual assistant have?

From printing and copying to data entry, administrative tasks can cause even the most skilled employers to lose morale. Fortunately, virtual assistants not only have administrative work skills, but they’re also fast and knowledgeable. They’ll likely have:
• Excellent typing skills
• Strong communication skills
• Strong writing skills
• Experience with productivity software, and,
• Social media marketing skills

The benefit rests in the expertise. The advantage lies in what gets done.

Calendar management keeps your team together

Having too many unproductive meetings can make learning difficult for your team. For work meetings, productivity may mean active, engaging discussion on pertinent topics. Sometimes, employees have other responsibilities taking place outside the office. Scheduling can get mixed up, so you may want to consider the benefits of delegating scheduling tasks.

According to an MIT study on work meetings, improved quality is the only way to justify meeting costs. But doing so would require additional training. Fortunately, a virtual assistant can ensure your schedule remains up-to-date, giving you time to focus more on training your employees.

Accounting done right

Not everyone can ensure accurate bookkeeping. A virtual assistant can help you stay on track with what’s borrowed and loaned and what profits your business has lost.

Remember, prolonged focus on complex tasks can damage your employee’s mental health. Over time, a company can fall apart as employees lose morale. Keeping your business moving may mean finding a virtual assistant with a skill set that fits your needs.

Streamline the intake process

A virtual assistant can distribute questionnaires or surveys. In some cases, a friendly virtual assistant might assist clients as they complete onboarding paperwork.

Wouldn’t you like the chance to take an extra break now and then? Even productivity experts like Bill Gates know that meditation is essential to success. Without clients, your business wouldn’t run, so why not let someone else do the work?

Cut costs by minimizing outsourcing

Hiring multiple freelancers can be beneficial when your marketing strategy is diverse. But most companies want someone who can do it all.

Have you considered what projects a virtual assistant could complete? Think about your business needs and consider putting together a SWOT analysis.

What are your company’s strengths, and how could a virtual assistant bring them to light?  Are your employers getting frustrated because responsibilities are unclear? If you’re unsure, hiring a virtual assistant might make a bad day better.

Want to hire multiple freelancers, manage schedules, and set up appointments every day? If not, know that your business deserves efficiency, so request a quote to get a virtual …

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Compensation to Be Defined by Economic Concepts

Compensation to Be Defined by Economic Concepts

Human resources are allocated to certain uses that contribute to production. This is the reason why a company pays the employee a certain price for the provided labor. This relationship is based on economics and implies that the said price is governed by the logic that you are making a purchase. As any purchase, one looks for value for money. A company will seek to benefit from the largest quantity of labor at its optimum best. Similarly, the service provider or the employee will seek the highest rate that he can get; after all, it is his hard work and skill. In sort, this is about buying and selling in order to improve production or profit. However, there is a huge difference in the way the market prices labor and other products. Labor has a short shelf life; that is, labor has a sense of immediacy as it may not be available on the following day. This does not mean human beings are not going to be available; but that the particular service that is required may not be available. Another factor is that the labor cannot have a fixed value. It varies according to the labor force itself – from person to person. It also varies with the ability or skill levels. Since, we are talking about human beings, it is not possible to expect or receive the same level of skill or ability from minute to minute. This can either be advantageous or disadvantageous for the employer.

The advantage is that one can work on improving the quality of the labor as it is a variable. This can also enable the employer to vary his own demands as per the need of the hour. The disadvantage is that the employer cannot fix a particular price and remain inflexible about it. As much as there is a variability of his demands and the labor’s supply, the price also becomes a variable. Moreover, it cannot be fixed in advance. The best an employer can do is make a estimate of how much value he places on the potential labor he will receive. This also affects how the labor supplier rates himself. It is not possible that everyone with similar qualifications or experience is paid the same price. He can only ask for the market rate at that time and should be flexible. Thus, the labor supplier can go with a general range for his level of expertise.

This aspect of variability is reason enough to accept that compensation decisions must consider the economic concept seriously.…

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Child Labor Issues a World Wide Problem and Challenge We Must Conquer

Child Labor Issues a World Wide Problem and Challenge We Must Conquer

Using children as slave labor is a real problem in the world, and it’s been going on in many human societies and cultures for far too long. Yes, in ancient times everyone had to pitch in, but now those who run businesses are collecting these kids and making them work 14-20 plus hours per day. This of course is unacceptable in Western culture, but it still goes on in very poor and emerging nations all over the globe.

Not long ago, an individual who grew up in Pakistan and I were discussing online the challenges of child labor abuse worldwide. I agreed and said that the child labor issues are problematic all over the world, it’s just been going on for generations now, it’s a real challenge; “what do you suggest there?” I asked. This individual is living and working in Dubai now, but he noted that there were problems back in Pakistan with child labor abuses.

He offered a relevant suggestion and stated; “On Child Labor issues, Yes you are right it is a real challenge. I’ve a suggestion that may improve specially in Asia and Africa. If the government or the outside donors agencies work collectively and come up with some educational plan for their families make the education free for them and announce a monthly cash awards for the parents who educate and send their children to schools regardless of the sect.”

Indeed, that would work alright and in Africa, yes the problems are huge, and such a solution might prevent the kids from joining those bands of guerrilla militia with machine guns too. Humans around the planet need to agree to a least a minimum of rules and human rights. This would be a very good place to start.

If you have any comments or questions on child labor abuses, or first-hand experience of what you’ve seen in this arena, then please shoot me an email. Let’s talk and compare notes. Please consider all this and think on it.…

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Informatica Training – What Is Informatica?

Informatica Training – What Is Informatica?

Informatica is something that you may have heard of before or maybe have not. However, if you have not heard of it you are truly missing out on this great bit of knowledge. Informatica is a software which allows the user to create a data warehouse with ease. It makes the process of designing, ETL and maintaining the data warehouse a breeze as well. Informatica training brings a new, simple approach to the term “Data warehousing.”

Informatica training: What is data warehousing?

The use of data warehousing is an innovative way for a business to lower their operating costs, raise the production rates and push their sales through the door by using the management of information. It allows for the support of intelligence through the business, management of the relationship with the customer plus lots of other beneficial business uses.

Informatica training: How can Informatica help with data warehousing?

Data warehousing is not always the simplest of tasks especially when it comes around to accountability however, Informatica consists of an easy to use interface that allows you to create and control your warehouse effectively leaving, next to no room for the possibility of error. The bulk of the warehouse design is done by performing simple click and drag methods. This method, allows you to easily comprehend the tasks which you are performing. Informatica also has a unique ability to connect with any other major database that exists. This means that information is easily transported in between each of the databases including, the large volume information files.

Informatica has the ability to do this by performing throttle tasks or, performing huge tasks broken into smaller ones so as not to bog down the log. This is all done in a very effective yet secure way. Additionally, thanks to the server which is used by Informatica and a plug in server manager application, you are able to connect tables from any other server or database in existence. This in turn, helps you to effectively create, run and manage your data warehouse without frustration.

Informatica training: How does the software work?

The design is created in the designer portion of the program. It clues you into where you will put the tables and sources, what the specific targets which you will have are as well as how you should go about moving the information. With Informatica, you get your own repository manager which helps you to maintain the repository portion of the program. The repository is the database which is used by Informatica in order to keep track of all the data which is stored there for use.

Informatica training: What do I get with Informatica?

You have several different options when it comes to Informatica. This includes a number of varied packages and extras that are available. The Informatica Power Center allows you access to every option available which includes meta data. With this, you are able to keep all of your repositories in one place …