25 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested is probably one of the most challenging things someone can experience. The level of fear and anxiety such experience puts on the individual can actually lead to illness. Therefore, to limit your exposure to such effects, it is a good idea to seek competent legal representation to fight your oncoming legal battle, but how do you find such a person? Thankfully, there is a standard approach to finding legal counsel who is right for you and your pending criminal case.

Ask Around

The first step to finding a good fairfax criminal attorney is to ask around. While you may have your doubts, family, friends and neighbors are often a good source for finding reliable legal representation.

Search Referral Services

The next place you should search is legal databases. Most likely, your state’s bar association will have a place on their website for performing searches. In addition to finding many attorneys, these databases may also have records of your potential attorneys cases and if any disciplinary actions are pending against them.

Look for Experience

Next, once you have a list of potential attorneys, you are going to want to look at their track record and experience with your type of case. Remember that not all criminal charges are equal. For instance, if you were arrested on a DUI charge, then you want a DUI lawyer, not a drug lawyer.

Interview Prospects

Once you have narrowed your list down to your top prospects, call and schedule an initial meeting with all of them. You will want to go to the meeting prepared to ask questions because this is essentially an interview for both of you. The attorney wants to see if you’re a potential client, and you want to see if your personalities mesh.

Criminal charges are serious, which means you need a serious attorney. Find an attorney experienced with your type of case, and discuss how they plan to help you.…