25 Jun, 2024
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Where to Buy Recertified Medical Equipment

Where to Buy Recertified Medical Equipment

Quality and price are major concerns for medical facilities, healthcare centers, hospitals and research facilities when it comes to purchasing lab equipment. Identifying the right seller can help them buy reasonably priced recertified medical equipment which works as well as new.

Buy Laboratory Equipment Online

Shopping online is one of the best ways to buy the used equipment you need for your lab. This would offer the convenience to compare the features, functionalities and prices of different products the dealers have in stock, and place orders. Many established dealers even offer timely shipping services.

Benefit from Quality RecertifiedLab Equipment

Established online CCR-certified vendors have a wide inventory of used lab equipment which they recertify before sale. The used lab devices that these dealers buy are put through a process of refurbishment. Factory trained technicians examine the equipment, repair it, replace parts if necessary and recertify them before they are offered for sale. They ensure that the refurbished devices adhere to original manufacturer specifications and work as well as new. Therefore quality is assured. The devices are offered for sale with proper warranty. Most dealers even stock parts, consumables, reagents, and controls for the products they sell.

WideRangeof Recertified Medical Equipment

Every medical research application needs a specific kind of equipment. Online dealers offer various categories and models of different kinds of laboratory devices. The refurbished laboratory instruments they sell include luminometers, gamma counters, centrifuges, coagulation analyzers, blood gas analyzers, hematology analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, histology equipment, flow cytometers, and more.

Choose Brand Name Laboratory Products

To perform the lab applications flawlessly, you need to equip you labs with premium quality products. Presently, there are different types and models of these devices available from different brands. Therefore, consider whether the equipment you purchase is from leading names such as Bayer, IEC, IsoData, Beckman, Abbott Diagnostics, Instrumentation Laboratory, Cholestech, and others. Approaching an established online dealer would ensure that you get

Identifying the Right Online Dealer

To locate the right dealer, check out online directories and the yellow pages. Comparing the products and services offered by different lab equipment dealers, can help you choose the right one. Points to be considered:

Make sure they offer safe and timely shipping.

If the equipment is damaged on delivery or does not function as expected, you would have to return it. So make sure your dealer has a proper return and replacement policy.

It is also important to check if they ship to your country.

Check whether the online payment options they offer are secure.

Check out shipping charges, sales tax, and any other costs you would have to incur

You can easily buy quality recertified medical equipment for your lab at a reasonable price if you are discerning enough to locate the right online vendor.…

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4 Ways to Create Your Perfect Office Space

If you, like many Americans, are stuck working from home you should consider creating a dedicated office space. This should be a comfortable, quiet space dedicated solely to working. Most people that work from home find that having a dedicated office space helps them be more productive.


The first step is to pick the right furniture for your space. Whether this is commercial office furniture or just a chair from your kitchen table, it should be comfortable and sturdy. You can also consider getting an ergonomic chair or furniture that will help you stay active. A standing desk or yoga ball might be good if you get tired of sitting for hours on end.


Making sure your space reflects your work is important. You want to be sure to include artwork that makes you feel inspired and motivated. A clock is also an important feature in an office setting. It helps you to keep track of your day as well as how productive you are being.


Some studies have found that listening to music while working can increase productivity. This is not the case for everyone, but it might be beneficial to have a radio or speaker system set up in your office area. This way you can have some quiet music on in the background to help promote a positive and more creative space.


Having a plant in your work space can create a healthy environment. Studies have shown that houseplants can improve concentration, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Since plants expel oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, they are working continuously to get rid of toxins in the air.

If you have to work from home now or any time in the future, consider creating a personalized office space. This will allow you to be more productive, but still comfortable in your own home.…

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How To Create an HOA

There are many benefits to living in a neighborhood with a homeowners association. Property values tend to be higher because there is a dedicated group of people ensuring that community standards are met. There may also be many amenities that members can enjoy. If your neighborhood doesn’t already have an HOA, you can form one yourself by following these steps.

1. Survey Neighbors

The first thing you want to do is gauge interest among the people in your area. Pay careful attention to your state laws, because some states require agreement from everyone while others allow HOAs to form where there is simply a majority interest. Decide if you want membership to be mandatory or voluntary.

2. Get Representation

There are many rules about what an HOA can and cannot do, and it is unwise to try to navigate these guidelines on your own. Hire lawyers Ashburn VA, to help you do so. They can advise you of your rights and responsibilities as an HOA leader and can help you work through the process of forming your association correctly.

3. Make a Plan

What services are you planning to provide the members of your HOA? What covenants, conditions and restrictions will govern their actions? How much will the HOA fee be, and how will you collect it? These are just a few of the questions your plan should answer. You will also need to choose a name and set a budget for your HOA.

4. Protect Yourself

Any organization that takes in money should be registered as an LLC or nonprofit. Your HOA should also have the appropriate insurance coverage, particularly a variety of liability policies that cover both the association as a whole and each of the officers elected to it.

Forming an HOA is a lot of work, but it can also yield many rewards for you and your neighbors. As long as you take the necessary steps to do it right, you can have a thriving association that makes your neighborhood an even better place to live.…

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How a Pallet Inverter Could Save Your Business Money

How a Pallet Inverter Could Save Your Business Money

By effectively moving materials around a factory or stock house, and gaining easy access to the huge pallet based loads, one can easily improve the workplace efficiency and overall productivity. In the modern world, a business has to be flexible and must have the capability to react quickly to workplace demands in order to operate with efficiency. All the requisite tools to perform the tasks should be available to the staff to simplify and speed up their work.

A Pallet inverter is a perfect example of an important tool which can be easily used for different purposes, and due to its versatility, offers many benefits when it comes to moving goods all around the factory, ensuring that proper control procedures for the stock are being followed.

A pallet inverter is actually designed for lifting the palletised loads and then allowing them to be flipped over vertically so as to place all the topmost items at the bottom. There are many reasons for doing this, including preventing the powdered content in the packages from clumping and settling, or to ensure that the items which have been placed at the bottom are used first so as to prevent any wastage. Pallet inverters actually provide for an easy load transfer from plastic pallet to wood pallet, rental pallet or slip sheet.

A single person can operate a pallet inverter and its operation is very easy. The mechanism is simple and straightforward, and the inversion is achieved in few logical steps. Firstly, pallet is loaded on the forks at the front side of machine. This load is then raised off the ground using a powerful gas lift which is operated by a one touch button. It is then rotated through 18 degrees. This load can easily be pivoted 180 degrees on the axis before it is lowered down on a new pallet in a completely inverted form as compared to its previous position.

Due to its unique engineering and quality manufacturing, pallet inverters offer much more than this basic function. They can also double up as a pallet truck; their fork lift system can be used to raise bulky loads (of even metals and alloys) and are of great help in the stock house or docking area. Due to the high visibility position of its driver which is mounted on the backside of the vehicle, it is easy to drive a pallet inverter in crowded workplaces. For this reason, there are less blind spots or unseen obstacles which can cause hurdles or accidents.

Highly maneuverable and easy to use, while driving on the factory floor, a pallet inverter which also doubles up as truck means that you in fact get the benefit of two vehicles at the price of just one, thereby also improving your bottom line through this investment.

These pallet inverters also allow a much improved workplace environment for workers as well as staff as they ensure delivery of goods at their perfect …

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Tractor Package Deals: Seeing Through The Smoke and Mirrors

Tractor package deal is all of the rage these days. When sellers are contacted, buyers are more likely to seek out a tractor package deal than the usual options. Of course, the truly savvy buyers are also likely to ask if there are any catches or not. In most instances, the answer to that question is going to be yes.

So how do buyers sift through all of the smoke and mirrors? Taking the time to watch videos about the seedier online deals is a great start. Read on for a further explanation of the catches that are sure to pop during the purchase process:

Be Wary of “Special Offers”

One of the most common mistakes is avoiding the assistance of a financial institution to pull the trigger on one of the many special offers that are sure to come up. These offers are not always as special as they appear to be, though. In many instances, these deals are offered to out of state residents who are told that all they need to do is drive up and go.

Once the equipment has been hooked up, they are told that they are free to leave. On the surface, they seem like excellent deals. Why shouldn’t people be willing to drive out of state to take advantage of these awesome prices? That’s because there is more to these deals than what meets the eye.

Bargain Basement Offers

The companies that provide “special” offers are not actually looking out for the buyer at all. They are usually representative of a bare minimum mentality. Whether the loaders are lightweight or the buckets are, these deals should be avoided. The tires are typically standard at most and the equipment’s stability is sure to be in question.

Special offers in the world of agricultural equipment are the same as a daily special at any sit-down restaurant. These deals are not being offered as a way of helping the buyer. They are offered as a means of allowing the company to unload any equipment that they know no sane buyer would want. It only gets worse from there, too…

Beware of Upsellers

Since the tractors and the equipment that are available are not of the highest quality, how do these sellers even make their money? The answer is a simple one: they upsell the rest of the equipment at a major markup. If the buyer wants a nicer bucket that can handle more heavy-duty tasks, they are going to be stuck buying one from the seller. This is exactly what they are banking on.

The same goes for anyone who is looking to upgrade the tires or any other aspect of this equipment. If this sounds awful, guess what? There are some sellers who won’t even bother to offer any options for an upgrade. The buyer takes the items home, thinking that they got a great deal….only to find out the sad truth once they actually try to use their equipment after the purchase …

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Birthing Clothes

Birthing Clothes

Birthing clothes are the clothes that you wear when you are giving birth. These are also called labor clothes. You can wear them as soon as you get to the hospital – during your contractions stage itself. When you first hear about it, you might not think very highly of these clothes. I mean, why anyone would need special clothes when they are in labor – right. But wait till I tell you more about them – they have become quite popular among the celebrities. You can get a birthing top or a birthing skirt. Here are some of the reasons why they are getting a huge tick:

* Labor clothes are very practical and you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing…

* You don’t have to wear gowns or cover yourself with sheets – these birth clothes are very comfortable and the ones from a good merchant are approved by Midwives and doctors.

* Good birthing clothes, from a reputable merchant, accommodate all labor positions and medical equipment.

* Birthing clothes are very stylish – and when you are going through labor pain, we might as well look good.

Birthing clothes have multiple uses – apart from wearing them during labor, you can also wear them during prenatal yoga, pilates or for walks – These are very comfortable to wear when you are in third trimester and also for the first few weeks/months after your delivery – especially the birthing tops. The tops are very comfortable for feeding.

Lot of people often get confused between maternity clothes and birthing clothes. They are actually very different. Maternity clothes are what you wear when you are pregnant – you can’t wear them in your delivery room. Birthing clothes, on the other hand are specially designed for wearing during your delivery. They are designed such that they will not hinder the use of any medical equipment.…

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How to Induce Labor With Maternity Acupressure

How to Induce Labor With Maternity Acupressure

Many women throughout the world have learned the secrets of maternity acupressure and the successful birth of their child through natural means and with no chance of injury to the child keeps them coming back for more. This type of acupressure has been in existence for over five thousand years but as with many forms of medical practice most western sources do not willing accept it. If it does not involve dangerous drugs it must not be worth the effort to discuss in their knowledgeable opinion.

Acupressure is similar to the art of acupuncture save for one critical difference. Acupressure utilizes the fingers to press along certain spots of the body whereas acupuncture utilizes needles. The fingers are moved along certain key points of the birthing mother’s body to relieve pain, stress, and other issues that can crop up during child-birth.

There are many cited reasons to use this form of treatment, most notable of which is that it can be performed in the mother’s home or in a location that seems more natural for child-birth than a cold severe hospital room while surrounded by indifferent medical professionals that sometimes see the birthing mother as simply another pay-check.

Due to the success and efficiency of this ancient practice Asian women have been using it to enhance the experience and reduce the common pains of childbirth for several thousand years now. In recent times the women of the western world have begun to try this alternative to harsh drugs and invasive procedures.

Labor related acupressure is used to induce labor. It has been repeatedly proven to aid in making contractions work more fluidly, dilating the cervix, and descending the baby in a safe and less demanding manner.

Maternity acupressure has many beneficial uses such as:

– It is used to induce labor naturally without the use of numbing and dangerous drugs.

– It strengthens contractions, dilates the cervix, and aids in descending the baby safely.

– It can be used to turn a posterior baby safely.

– It has been proven to stop nausea and vomiting in relation to child birth.

– The normal pain and discomfort of childbirth are greatly lessened by the nature of this treatment and non-pharmaceutical practice.

– It aids the soon-to-be mother in remaining calm, relaxed, and serene.

The general consensus is that this form of acupressure is capable of allowing the mother an all-natural child-birth with far fewer, if any, of the typical complications that can readily crop up during this time.…

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The Advantage of the Cloud

The Advantage of the Cloud

Cloud computing is a popular buzz word right now, and many of our inventory management customers have asked us what the real advantages of using a cloud based or software as a service application are over a static system. There are several different advantages people may not have thought of.

Non-cloud based, or Static inventory systems have the need for large upfront infrastructure costs including a computer, software installed on the computer, an internal network switch or hub, wireless access point, technicians to maintain the system, and network backup hardware. All of these combined can cost tens of thousands of dollars before a company can get their warehouse up and running.

Cloud-based remote applications can support any type of operating system available today. It doesn’t matter if the user has a notebook, laptop, PC, Mac, or smartphone, because the functionality is running through the internet. This allows the user to access their software from home, in the field on a call, at work, or anywhere with internet access. This advantage is a huge benefit to any company that currently is storing any type of inventory.

Data records through the cloud sync in real-time, allowing for real-time visibility of inventory without the need to take mobile scanners to a batching station. This allows management and sales to know what is in the warehouse at any given time, eliminating back orders. It also allows businesses the ability to keep inventory at a minimum saving money on overstocking inventory items. Web services also allow for integration with most CRM or accounting packages on the market today with the ability to update them in real-time as well.

Updates to cloud based software are another major advantage. They can be passed onto subscribers instantly, saving money because there is never a need to purchase new versions of the software.

Another advantage for warehouses utilizing a cloud based application is the ability to generate barcode labels that can be sent to a networkable barcode printer. Technology has come so far, there are now printers that attach right to a warehouse workers belt, making any companies warehouse staff fully mobile and extra efficient.

The advantages are clear. Cloud computing may be a buzz word, but its application for warehouses is undeniable. For many companies, there is too much going on in their warehouse at any given time to not have an accurate count of inventory at any given time.…

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Renting a Warehouse For Long Or Short-Term Storage

Renting a Warehouse For Long Or Short-Term Storage

Renting a warehouse (or a portion of a warehouse) on a contract basis may be the best choice for your storage needs. Contract warehouses are perfect for storing large items or a considerable number of items, especially those that will need to be protected. Normal storage facilities can’t offer the protection and the amount of space that a warehouse can provide. You can rent warehouse space for short-term storage needs, or for long-term storage and distribution.

Renting warehouse space on a short-term basis is perfect for when you are trying to get your small business off the ground. You know you’ll need a place to store and distribute items, and using your basement or garage just isn’t going to cut it. A small business won’t need the vast amount of space of an entire warehouse, and conversely, will need more space than what a household garage can provide. Renting warehouse space for your small business storage will give your home or office the space needed to do business, while your product is safely stored at a warehouse facility.

Using a warehouse as your small business storage facility means that you can rest easy knowing your orders are being fulfilled and shipped correctly. Warehouse management teams can fill orders and ship to stores directly to customers. Orders are processed by the warehouse crew and tracked accordingly. When an order comes in, a member gathers all the items and can ship by the palette or by individual orders. Contract warehouses will let you run your small business without worrying about how orders will be shipped. The cost is usually covered in your warehouse renting bills.

Finding a warehouse to store your stock can be frustrating, since prices and specific services offered will vary. Research the facility and make sure they are using up to date warehouse management and tracking software, as well as the right type of equipment that won’t damage your items. If you’re just starting your business, you won’t have the space nor the manpower needed to meet a high demand right off the bat, so make sure the warehouse you rent does.

Remember, you’re looking to rent a warehouse not just for storage, but also for processing shipping and receiving orders. If you just need a place to store items, a traditional storage facility may be better suited for the job. However, warehouses are available for short-term storage options for large items or for a lot of items. If you’re moving, for example, and need to store a large quantity of household items, renting warehouse space may be beneficial. A warehouse has enough room for many large items. Costs vary, so research your options and choose the right one for your needs.…

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Be in Charge of Your Job Search

Be in Charge of Your Job Search

Have you also been affected by the global recession of 2009? Who hasn’t? It seems only yesterday that things were going on well. There were lots of jobs and people seeking jobs had ‘choice’. Today, things are different. Jobs are no longer easily available. This makes it difficult for the potential job seeker, who has to compete with many people for even general jobs.

Use Everything At Your Disposal

The right way to be successful in obtaining employment is to use every resource available to you. In our modern world of fast paced technology methods of hiring and finding potential employees have changed considerably. Earlier your best form of contacting an employer was to post a letter and CV. Today, you use the internet. There are literally thousands of general jobs posted online. The problem is how to find them.

Making Sense Of The Web

The internet can be confusing for the job seeker. When trying to find a specific piece of information you nearly need a degree in itself. So how do you manage to further your career using this tool? The best way is to use a database. There are many available offering lists of general jobs as well as those specific to particular professions.

There are many website databases that offer their services to you for a fee. Do not be fooled by the adverts guaranteeing that you will be earning within the month if you sign up with them. No one can guarantee that you will find a job. However, there are those that offer genuine services. You can set up a free jobseeker’s profile with some databases.

What Benefits Do You Get From Having An Online Profile

There are many benefits of registering an online profile. The main one is that you can apply for work online to postings made by employers. There are those for general jobs as well as specific skills like medical jobs. You can also use the useful features of the Web to aid you in your search. One of the best is resume help. With a number of experts available who can tell you where you need to improve and where you have it right, you will soon having a glowing CV that nobody will be able to resist. Another advantage of using online tools for seeking work is that it is instant. If you apply for a position online you know that the employer has received the application at once.

Good Luck

Applying for general jobs can be stressful. There is often the worry of living on a budget until you manage to obtain employment. The important thing to remember is that it is those who persevered and put in the most effort who will be the ones who find work. Although there seems that there are too many other seekers like yourself to compete, with a little handwork and a bit of good luck you will beat them all and fulfill …

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Information On Selecting the Right Networking Marketing Company

Information On Selecting the Right Networking Marketing Company

Are you are searching for information about how to pick the right company to help you work from home?

You do this right and you can get a lifetime income. You have to know what to look for before you get involved in this industry. This piece of content will tell most of the things you need to know.

Networking marketing offers a whole host of companies that allow you the freedom of working from home. Which one do you choose though? You have to choose whether the company is ethical. Do you want to carry stock or not? Other considerations have to be the commission you receive and how far down your team commission is paid.

The product the company want you to promote is important as outlined above.

Network Marketing itself is based on the product and its sales so it’s important that you get this part right. There are thousands of companies selling thousands of products.

However I would recommend a company who have a wide range of products. I’d also look to see if the company are encouraging their distributors to promote something that everyone in the country uses. Taking this into account will help you choose an appropriate business to start.

Selling products that are used by everyone in the country on a regular basis will give you an ongoing commission paid as long as your customers continue to use the services.

See if the company you are thinking about joining are on the stock exchange. This way you know that they will be ethical as there are strict rules before you are allowed to be listed on any stock exchange.

How much does it cost to join? Do you want to continually have to buy stock each month in order to keep receiving a commission? A lot of companies encourage you to buy stock so that you keep getting paid. The stock can also be used to promote the product to potential customers.

Look into companies that ask you to buy more stock the higher up the ladder you climb. You may be ploughing your profits back into the company rather than being able to keep your hard earned commission yourself.

As you can see there are a lot of different things that have to be taken into account before joining a company.

Once you’ve done your homework and found the right company for you network marketing can be an enjoyable and very profitable business. It’s great to start off part time to begin with and then watch your team grow and your commission payments increase. Over time you may make a full time wage out of it.…

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Hours Per Repair Order in Fixed Operations Is a Key Measurement

Hours Per Repair Order in Fixed Operations Is a Key Measurement

In Fixed Operations there are several closely watched numbers. In this article we will discuss one of the most important measurements, Hours Per Repair Order or HPRO.

If you are a Service Advisor in Dealership today, you have heard of HPRO. It is the measuring stick by which not only Advisors are measured; it is also how many Managers and Departments are measured as well.

Lately there has been debate about the importance of HPRO with some Managers and Directors eschewing HPRO for Profitability or Total Labor Sales. At the end of the day though, you may have Labor Sales but how do you really compare an Advisors performance or counsel them based on total Labor Sales?

HPRO is the universal measurement. It is easily understood and can be an excellent Coaching and Counseling point.

So what is HPRO and how is it measured?

HPRO is the Labor Time sold on a Repair Order. It is expressed as a unit of time. Each hour is divided into units of time called tenths of an hour. In each hour there are 10 units, each representing 6 minutes of time. When a Service Advisor sells one Labor Hour he/she has sold 10 units of time. If your labor rate is $100.00 an hour, then each labor hour sold is worth $100.00. Six tenths would be $60.00; three tenths would be $30.00 and so on and so on.

When HPRO is calculated, the amount of money collected from the Customer is used to determine the Hours Per Repair Order sold. Let me explain. If an Advisor sells 1.5 hours of labor @$100.00 that would be $150.00 in Total labor Sales. Say the Advisor only collects $135.00 from the Customer because he/she gave a 10% discount. This would reduce the HPRO. Why?

Because the Advisor only collected $135.00 from the Customer and the Customer Pay labor rate remained the same. $135.00 divided by $100.00 equals 1.35 hours sold not 1.5. In the Technicians case, the amount of collected money does little to affect the actual flag time. The Technician would still have earned the 1.5 hours of labor time. What happens is the Dealership loses not only the 10% discount; it also affects the Effective Labor Rate (another key measurement we will cover in another article.)

If you take that same 1.5 hours sold and divide the amount collected by the time sold, the Effective Labor Rate is $90.00 and not $100.00. Getting back to the question of whether or not you measure HPRO, if you are not, you must be keeping track of the amount of time sold some other way. And if you do it by total Labor Sales, you could be contributing to the career of an underachiever.

Let me explain. What if Sally Service Advisor has been having slightly above average total Labor Sales yet achieves this by writing more repair orders that the other Advisors by 10%? Or …

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All You Need to Know About Pyroelectric Detectors

Pyroelectric detectors are light sensors that use the pyroelectric effect. They are widely used to detect laser pulses, otherwise known as continuous-wave of light, mainly in the spectral region of infrared. These detectors are mostly used as the central part in several optical energy meters at room temperature. Compared to other sensors such as photodiodes, pyroelectric detectors have a broader spectral reaction.

Operational Principle

The basic principle of how a pyroelectric detector operates is ferroelectric crystal material with electrodes on the sides. One of the two electrodes is coated with a black material exposed to UV light or any other radiation. As the light hits the exposed surface, the crystals are heated because heat is conducted from the electrodes. When the heat of the crystal, they produce a pyroelectric voltage that can be detected. If the voltage is constant, the current can also be detected.

Constant electrical power cannot be measured because the voltage fades away, and the device will be satisfactory. Pyroelectric detectors are therefore not suitable for detecting the intensity of a continuous-wave of light. These detectors are classified as thermal detectors because of their heating effect. They respond to the heating effect on the radiation rather than react. Operational amplifiers are used to detect the charges based on field-effect transistors because of their low current leakage.

Performance Parameters

Spectral Response

Spectral response is the sensitivity of the material used as the photo sensor for UV light. This is vital because not all parts of the radiation spectrum are visible. Thermal Detectors have a wide range of spectral responses that require the only absorption of sufficient broadband. Pyroelectric sensors can use infrared filters that transmit light in a range of specific wavelengths.

Sensitivity and Dynamic Range

Pyroelectric detectors are used in the nanojoule and microjoule region to determine the pulse energies. Some of the sensors can measure a noise floor that is below 100 pJ. Furthermore, higher energies of up to 10 μJ can be determined. Other detectors can measure much higher pulses of several joules, but high noise nanojoules cannot be determined.

Detection Bandwidth

Standard detection bandwidth for pyroelectric detectors ranges between several kilohertz up to tens of kilohertz. Such bandwidth is fast, making this detector faster than thermopiles and thermocouples. This is possible because of the small thermal capacity made by compact crystal detectors. To make the sensor respond quickly, use thin metal objects that have processed ends that minimize thermal capacity.

Surface Reflectivity

In this principle, pyroelectric detectors are supposed to absorb the full spectrum of the incident light with such a possible high sensitivity. Furthermore, if you want a fast response, use thin absorbing coatings sitting on a metallic electrode that has enhanced absorption due to the surface structure. Doing this allows a substantial amount of reflectivity to be used in the detection.

Pyroelectric detectors can be used in other applications, including satellite-based infrared detection, fire detection and detection of people in motion detectors. The technology also allows the detection of dangerous gases such …