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History of the Revolution of Trade Union

History of the Revolution of Trade Union

Trade Union is one kind of labor union. These are one kind of organizations where the labors become accumulate to achieve some of their rights like proper working condition and proper wages. These organizations or unions negotiate to the employers to get their rights as well as to get the employees satisfaction with maintaining the employees’ satisfaction also.

In order to realize the union history we have to look at the past. There was a system in Europe called the guild system which worked with the protection of some specific professions by maintaining advancement and skills. But the guild system should not be considered the same as union but the guild system must be told as the pioneer of the union system.

Before the industrial revolution, workers tended to work at their home to produce goods. But approximately at the time of eighteenth century due to the industrial revolution people became interested about joining at the industries. When a massive number of people started to work under one or more employee then it was becoming a necessary to make a representative of the workers to share their conditions with the employer. In the USA, early trade unions and workers performed very effective activities to achieve their rights.

The idea of Unions became very popular in the USA at nineteenth century. During that time the first national trade-union appeared called the National Labor Union. This organization was first appeared at the year of 1866 and the most important feature of this union is it was not for any particular labors. It was rally effective to gain all rights of labors working in every sector in USA. With the features of child labor protection and legislation about eight hour working shift, the Knight of Labor came out as a trade union in the USA at the year of 1869.

Whatever, there are several unions now all over the world who are working to gain the proper rights of the labors.