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Impact of EEI Manufacturing

Manufacturers are facing more and more scrutiny from third-party organizations regarding the environment. Environmentally Effective Manufacturing is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 to promote environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and resource conservation. To be an elected member, one must meet specific IPC standards to represent the manufacturing industry worldwide at an international level.

Difference Between EEI and IPC

The two major organizations that offer product certification services are EEI and IPC. They both have their standards and regulations for manufacturing, but they each serve different purposes.

IPC certification is focused on technical specifications, while EEI focuses on environmentally sound manufacturing practices. IPC standards often focus on material specifications, whereas EEI focuses on process controls.

IPC’s certification deals mainly with electronics manufacturing, while EEI focuses on all types of manufacturing. EEI certification is required to use the Made in Green logo, which can be used for marketing purposes and grants accreditation for manufacturers in the process of areas environmental issues.

EEI Standards and How They Work

EEI’s standards are set by three central committees: the Product Committee, the R&D Committee, and the Sustainability Committee. They are as follows:

  • Product Committee: This committee is responsible for ensuring that all EEI certifications are linked to good manufacturing practices. To qualify for this certification, your products must be reviewed.
  • R&D Committee: This committee has established a set of technical criteria that can judge if a product is in line with EEI standards. It includes the Product Committee and reviews products under three categories: materials and consumables, manufacturing methods, and resource conservation.
  • Sustainability Committee: The main goal of this committee is to get manufacturers to use sustainable resources in their manufacturing processes and products. It also monitors the effects of the current standard to find any potential improvements that could be made.

How Can EEI Affect You?

If your company is seeking certification from EEI, you will need to adhere to numerous guidelines. Some of these include things such as Staying current on industry standards. This includes agreeing to abide by EEI’s Technical Committee list and having the Made in Green logo included somewhere on your packaging, product, or website.