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Voice Pick Technology: Helping Take Your Warehouse Automation Process To The Next Level

Voice Pick Technology: Helping Take Your Warehouse Automation Process To The Next Level

Chief executive officers of manufacturing and shipping facilities understand that seamless and intuitive warehouse automation is one of the most critical components to ensuring that internal operations run as smoothly as possible. Voice pick technology has recently arrived on the warehouse automation scene as a viable resource to allow these plants to optimize productivity and efficiency. Though this technology system found its original use in the backrooms of supermarkets, it’s steadily demonstrating that it can prove a powerful tool in any industry. More specifically, many leading executives in virtually every manufacturing industry vertical are relying on this innovative new process to forever change their internal pick, pack, ship procedure and take their warehouse automation to the next level.

Understanding The Basics And Benefits Of Voice Pick Warehouse Automation

This technology essentially drives and directs order picking through the use of a headset and microphone. Employers wear the computer system on their person and are instructed on which items to select. Once the proper item is retrieved, staff members articulate a verbal confirmation back to the system and can move on to the next item on the pick, pack, ship itinerary.

This technological advancement allows busy employees an opportunity to receive orders verbally without having to continuously stop the process by reading the next item on the list. Also this particular automating system allows for hands-free direction. In short, the technology equips a manufacturing or shipping organization for a more streamlined order fulfillment process.

Some other benefits enjoyed by organizations employing this technological system include:

• Less time and resources spent on staff training due to verbal prompts

• Enhanced order fulfillment accuracy

• Increased staff productivity

• Hands-free & eyes-free operation provides a safer work environment

• Stock and inventory numbers receive live updating

• Removal of printing and assigning picking information

• Reduction of overall stationary costs associated with printing and reprinting orders

• Less time spent checking and rechecking orders

• Elimination of returning to order desk for next assignment; staff members simply move on to the next order automatically

These are just a few of the many benefits that corporations employing this form of warehouse automation receive. Perhaps one of the best features of this innovation lies in its perfect blend of human involvement and robotic assistance. Yes, a voice pick system helps minimize and even eliminate human error altogether in many instances. However, the technology still requires human engagement and interaction to help oversee the effectiveness of the product. This strikes an essential balance that other ‘all or nothing’ warehouse automation tactics don’t have. Because of this, it’s no wonder that this technology is consistently gaining entry into manufacturing facilities of every size and scope and in a host of industries.

Does your business need a voice pick system to enhance your warehouse automation process? More specifically, with so many distinctive features and benefits associated with it, can your manufacturing business afford not to employ voice pick technology?