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Tractor Package Deals: Seeing Through The Smoke and Mirrors

Tractor package deal is all of the rage these days. When sellers are contacted, buyers are more likely to seek out a tractor package deal than the usual options. Of course, the truly savvy buyers are also likely to ask if there are any catches or not. In most instances, the answer to that question is going to be yes.

So how do buyers sift through all of the smoke and mirrors? Taking the time to watch videos about the seedier online deals is a great start. Read on for a further explanation of the catches that are sure to pop during the purchase process:

Be Wary of “Special Offers”

One of the most common mistakes is avoiding the assistance of a financial institution to pull the trigger on one of the many special offers that are sure to come up. These offers are not always as special as they appear to be, though. In many instances, these deals are offered to out of state residents who are told that all they need to do is drive up and go.

Once the equipment has been hooked up, they are told that they are free to leave. On the surface, they seem like excellent deals. Why shouldn’t people be willing to drive out of state to take advantage of these awesome prices? That’s because there is more to these deals than what meets the eye.

Bargain Basement Offers

The companies that provide “special” offers are not actually looking out for the buyer at all. They are usually representative of a bare minimum mentality. Whether the loaders are lightweight or the buckets are, these deals should be avoided. The tires are typically standard at most and the equipment’s stability is sure to be in question.

Special offers in the world of agricultural equipment are the same as a daily special at any sit-down restaurant. These deals are not being offered as a way of helping the buyer. They are offered as a means of allowing the company to unload any equipment that they know no sane buyer would want. It only gets worse from there, too…

Beware of Upsellers

Since the tractors and the equipment that are available are not of the highest quality, how do these sellers even make their money? The answer is a simple one: they upsell the rest of the equipment at a major markup. If the buyer wants a nicer bucket that can handle more heavy-duty tasks, they are going to be stuck buying one from the seller. This is exactly what they are banking on.

The same goes for anyone who is looking to upgrade the tires or any other aspect of this equipment. If this sounds awful, guess what? There are some sellers who won’t even bother to offer any options for an upgrade. The buyer takes the items home, thinking that they got a great deal….only to find out the sad truth once they actually try to use their equipment after the purchase is final.