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How to Induce Labor With Maternity Acupressure

How to Induce Labor With Maternity Acupressure

Many women throughout the world have learned the secrets of maternity acupressure and the successful birth of their child through natural means and with no chance of injury to the child keeps them coming back for more. This type of acupressure has been in existence for over five thousand years but as with many forms of medical practice most western sources do not willing accept it. If it does not involve dangerous drugs it must not be worth the effort to discuss in their knowledgeable opinion.

Acupressure is similar to the art of acupuncture save for one critical difference. Acupressure utilizes the fingers to press along certain spots of the body whereas acupuncture utilizes needles. The fingers are moved along certain key points of the birthing mother’s body to relieve pain, stress, and other issues that can crop up during child-birth.

There are many cited reasons to use this form of treatment, most notable of which is that it can be performed in the mother’s home or in a location that seems more natural for child-birth than a cold severe hospital room while surrounded by indifferent medical professionals that sometimes see the birthing mother as simply another pay-check.

Due to the success and efficiency of this ancient practice Asian women have been using it to enhance the experience and reduce the common pains of childbirth for several thousand years now. In recent times the women of the western world have begun to try this alternative to harsh drugs and invasive procedures.

Labor related acupressure is used to induce labor. It has been repeatedly proven to aid in making contractions work more fluidly, dilating the cervix, and descending the baby in a safe and less demanding manner.

Maternity acupressure has many beneficial uses such as:

– It is used to induce labor naturally without the use of numbing and dangerous drugs.

– It strengthens contractions, dilates the cervix, and aids in descending the baby safely.

– It can be used to turn a posterior baby safely.

– It has been proven to stop nausea and vomiting in relation to child birth.

– The normal pain and discomfort of childbirth are greatly lessened by the nature of this treatment and non-pharmaceutical practice.

– It aids the soon-to-be mother in remaining calm, relaxed, and serene.

The general consensus is that this form of acupressure is capable of allowing the mother an all-natural child-birth with far fewer, if any, of the typical complications that can readily crop up during this time.