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Where to Buy Recertified Medical Equipment

Where to Buy Recertified Medical Equipment

Quality and price are major concerns for medical facilities, healthcare centers, hospitals and research facilities when it comes to purchasing lab equipment. Identifying the right seller can help them buy reasonably priced recertified medical equipment which works as well as new.

Buy Laboratory Equipment Online

Shopping online is one of the best ways to buy the used equipment you need for your lab. This would offer the convenience to compare the features, functionalities and prices of different products the dealers have in stock, and place orders. Many established dealers even offer timely shipping services.

Benefit from Quality RecertifiedLab Equipment

Established online CCR-certified vendors have a wide inventory of used lab equipment which they recertify before sale. The used lab devices that these dealers buy are put through a process of refurbishment. Factory trained technicians examine the equipment, repair it, replace parts if necessary and recertify them before they are offered for sale. They ensure that the refurbished devices adhere to original manufacturer specifications and work as well as new. Therefore quality is assured. The devices are offered for sale with proper warranty. Most dealers even stock parts, consumables, reagents, and controls for the products they sell.

WideRangeof Recertified Medical Equipment

Every medical research application needs a specific kind of equipment. Online dealers offer various categories and models of different kinds of laboratory devices. The refurbished laboratory instruments they sell include luminometers, gamma counters, centrifuges, coagulation analyzers, blood gas analyzers, hematology analyzers, immunoassay analyzers, histology equipment, flow cytometers, and more.

Choose Brand Name Laboratory Products

To perform the lab applications flawlessly, you need to equip you labs with premium quality products. Presently, there are different types and models of these devices available from different brands. Therefore, consider whether the equipment you purchase is from leading names such as Bayer, IEC, IsoData, Beckman, Abbott Diagnostics, Instrumentation Laboratory, Cholestech, and others. Approaching an established online dealer would ensure that you get

Identifying the Right Online Dealer

To locate the right dealer, check out online directories and the yellow pages. Comparing the products and services offered by different lab equipment dealers, can help you choose the right one. Points to be considered:

Make sure they offer safe and timely shipping.

If the equipment is damaged on delivery or does not function as expected, you would have to return it. So make sure your dealer has a proper return and replacement policy.

It is also important to check if they ship to your country.

Check whether the online payment options they offer are secure.

Check out shipping charges, sales tax, and any other costs you would have to incur

You can easily buy quality recertified medical equipment for your lab at a reasonable price if you are discerning enough to locate the right online vendor.