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Birthing Clothes

Birthing Clothes

Birthing clothes are the clothes that you wear when you are giving birth. These are also called labor clothes. You can wear them as soon as you get to the hospital – during your contractions stage itself. When you first hear about it, you might not think very highly of these clothes. I mean, why anyone would need special clothes when they are in labor – right. But wait till I tell you more about them – they have become quite popular among the celebrities. You can get a birthing top or a birthing skirt. Here are some of the reasons why they are getting a huge tick:

* Labor clothes are very practical and you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing…

* You don’t have to wear gowns or cover yourself with sheets – these birth clothes are very comfortable and the ones from a good merchant are approved by Midwives and doctors.

* Good birthing clothes, from a reputable merchant, accommodate all labor positions and medical equipment.

* Birthing clothes are very stylish – and when you are going through labor pain, we might as well look good.

Birthing clothes have multiple uses – apart from wearing them during labor, you can also wear them during prenatal yoga, pilates or for walks – These are very comfortable to wear when you are in third trimester and also for the first few weeks/months after your delivery – especially the birthing tops. The tops are very comfortable for feeding.

Lot of people often get confused between maternity clothes and birthing clothes. They are actually very different. Maternity clothes are what you wear when you are pregnant – you can’t wear them in your delivery room. Birthing clothes, on the other hand are specially designed for wearing during your delivery. They are designed such that they will not hinder the use of any medical equipment.