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The Advantage of the Cloud

The Advantage of the Cloud

Cloud computing is a popular buzz word right now, and many of our inventory management customers have asked us what the real advantages of using a cloud based or software as a service application are over a static system. There are several different advantages people may not have thought of.

Non-cloud based, or Static inventory systems have the need for large upfront infrastructure costs including a computer, software installed on the computer, an internal network switch or hub, wireless access point, technicians to maintain the system, and network backup hardware. All of these combined can cost tens of thousands of dollars before a company can get their warehouse up and running.

Cloud-based remote applications can support any type of operating system available today. It doesn’t matter if the user has a notebook, laptop, PC, Mac, or smartphone, because the functionality is running through the internet. This allows the user to access their software from home, in the field on a call, at work, or anywhere with internet access. This advantage is a huge benefit to any company that currently is storing any type of inventory.

Data records through the cloud sync in real-time, allowing for real-time visibility of inventory without the need to take mobile scanners to a batching station. This allows management and sales to know what is in the warehouse at any given time, eliminating back orders. It also allows businesses the ability to keep inventory at a minimum saving money on overstocking inventory items. Web services also allow for integration with most CRM or accounting packages on the market today with the ability to update them in real-time as well.

Updates to cloud based software are another major advantage. They can be passed onto subscribers instantly, saving money because there is never a need to purchase new versions of the software.

Another advantage for warehouses utilizing a cloud based application is the ability to generate barcode labels that can be sent to a networkable barcode printer. Technology has come so far, there are now printers that attach right to a warehouse workers belt, making any companies warehouse staff fully mobile and extra efficient.

The advantages are clear. Cloud computing may be a buzz word, but its application for warehouses is undeniable. For many companies, there is too much going on in their warehouse at any given time to not have an accurate count of inventory at any given time.