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Some Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Some Natural Ways to Induce Labor

First of all, make sure that you do NOT perform any of these tips until you have reached your due date and your doctor has agreed that you can move forward with self-induction methods. Performing these things too early could cause an early labor which could be harmful to you and to your baby.

But, when the time comes and you want to do your part to have that baby born already, these tips are at your disposal to try and speed things up.

1. Go for a long walk…uphill. By this point, a walk uphill (particularly a long walk uphill) will really wear you out. But if you can manage it, it has been shown to help speed things up, especially if you’re already in labor and are trying to speed things up. Walking back downhill will be a treat for your muscles-and maybe the downward gravity will motivate your baby to start heading out too!

2. Eat spicy food. This will stimulate certain sensors in your body that have been known to bring on labor. Don’t worry about eating spicy food throughout the rest of your pregnancy-this is one of those things that will only work if your baby is ready to come out. Actually, that applies to number one as well.

3. Visit a Chinese medical practitioner. There are a number of things that a Chinese doctor can do to help speed labor up. In Shiatsu, for example, there are certain pressure points in the foot, hand, and lower back that can stimulate labor. As long as your OB-GYN has given you a go ahead, your Chinese doctor should be familiar with how to proceed. Acupuncture is another popular method of speeding up labor. Your practitioner will insert tiny needles into certain points in your body (most likely on your feet, but possible also in your abdomen, arms, and legs). You’ll lie there for 30-40 minutes with the needles. And then hopefully, you’ll be closer to labor than ever! (Don’t worry, acupuncture doesn’t hurt.)

Good luck!