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Why Can’t You Wear White After Labour Day?

Why Can’t You Wear White After Labour Day?

Everyone has heard that you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Along with that, you can pull out your white garments for Easter and start wearing them again for the summer. But where did this old rule come from? Do we still have to follow this old rule even today?

Where did the only white rule come from?

The story was from the old south. The story goes that when the “new rich” were integrating themselves into the established rich society, they had no fashion sense. The established rich, the society folk, set up some rules, fashion etiquette, so that the “new rich” would not embarrass themselves with their clothes. Do not wear white after Labor Day was one of those rules and it still lingers today.

What about Winter Whites?

There was a distinction between crisp whites and winter whites. Winter whites are ivory, bone, egg shell, and cream. They are variations of off white. Winter whites have always been acceptable in winter. Crisp white is also acceptable for winter weddings.

Is this for Shoes? Or does this apply to everything?

Originally, the rule was simply no white shoes. White pumps or sandals just were not appropriate for the winter. The rule has expanded to include all sorts of white clothes. It is now considered taboo to wear white dresses, skirts and pants. It seems that the lower in the body the white goes, the more taboo it is. In particular, white pants seem to be just as taboo as white sandals or pumps.

Is this a practical rule?

It is, surprisingly, a very practical rule. White clothes deflect the heat of the sun. They make your body cooler. Thus it makes sense to wear white during the summer so that you stay cooler. Black clothes absorb heat the heat from the sun. Black clothes make your body warmer. It makes sense for you to wear black clothes during the winter to keep warmer.

Do people still do it?

Many people seem to have pretty mixed reactions to this rule. Many like the older Southern traditions and think it is simply the low class that blatantly disregard them. Others blatantly disregard this old rule without consequence. For example, in 2007, actress Katherine Heigl wore a white dress in the dead of winner to the Emmy Awards. She was given the People award for being the best dressed actress.