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Preserving Fruits & Vegetables Against the Vicious Attack of Birds

Preserving Fruits & Vegetables Against the Vicious Attack of Birds

Fruits and vegetables undergo several procedures before they finally reach the consumer. They need proper storage and traveling conditions to prevent them against any damage. The Fulfillment services take care of the matter during the whole procedure of the contract warehouse. But fruits and vegetables counteract many other threatening situations such as bugs, birds or animals such as deer or rabbits that affect the yield. For instance, at the crop level, the farmers need to combat birds to save their fruit and vegetables.

A crop or even a home garden is under the threat of damage caused by a variety of birds. The notorious birds known for the destructive behavior are crows, starlings, grackles, robins, orioles, woodpeckers and blackbirds. However, we cannot completely blame them as it is in their nature to feast on a large smorgasbord of food. But, you can be on your guard to protect those precious fruits and vegetables. Here are some steps with which you can ensure the safety of your food.

• The most simplest and conventional means is to install a scarecrow in your orchard or a small garden. It is common knowledge that they are used on farms for many years now. The trick works because birds usually fear unknown objects so you can take advantage of this very idea. You can even fasten bright streamers to a pole and hang the lightweight pans in the wind. Long ropes with bells can also be used to scare them away as they create more noise. Adult birds can easily be scared with these devices as compared to the younger ones. You can also place some artificial hawks or some other fake predators to scare away the birds.

• You can also purchase an alarm system and install it in your garden. They are easily available as several professional manufacturers market these devices. They sound like a distress call of a bird in trouble. The birds steer clear on hearing these sounds. There are some other devices that emit unpleasant acoustical noise that interferes with the hearing of the bird. As a result, the bird chooses not to land in such a place.

• A chemical known as methyl anthranilate can be sprayed on the fruits you wish to save. Birds are strictly repulsive to the odor and taste of this chemical. It is safe for human consumption, though. Make sure you apply the chemical after a few days or subsequent to a heavy rain. A general piece of advice is to apply the chemical according to the directions mentioned on the label.

• Finally, you need to spread proper netting across the vegetable path or the fruit trees. Birds usually keep away from such an area as they are afraid of getting ensnared in the netting.

This way you can keep away almost all kinds of birds from your precious little garden. These were some of the most positive means to keep the vicious birds away from your fruits and vegetables without harming or killing the birds.