Second Stage of Labor

The second stage of labor encompasses pushing and birth. For numerous women, the second stage of labor is signaled by an overwhelming urge to push; this urge can be so strong that it almost feels like your body is pushing without any intentional effort by you ‘ an urge that is inconceivable to stop. This stage varies in length from half an hour to several hours. During pushing, contractions come with great intensity and frequency, but it is most effective for the mother to be encouraged to rest as much as possible between contractions. You may still feel the desire to push, however it is less overwhelming, and you will tire less quickly should you push with a contraction, and not constantly. This is also a time where those attending the birth should help the mother to find positions that feel as comfortable and effective as you can make it.

Taking cues from your body as to what position you push in helps your baby to maintain optimal alignment for as smooth a birth as possible. It is also important to remain hydrated, as this is hard work, and can be a long lasting process. Where possible, juice ought to be offered, as the natural sugars also help a mother conserve the energy necessary for the process of pushing is not simply a strong reflex or urge that kinda takes over for you, here are some tips for pushing effectively.

– Focus your energy downward. Whenever possible, use the muscles that you have been feeling with each contraction, your diaphragm, and gluteal muscles to push, while keeping the remainder of your body as relaxed as possible. This helps keep you from simply tensing your entire body, and actually hindering the birth process.

– Push as though having a bowel movement. These muscles are familiar and may be easier for you to control; they are also the ones most necessary for effective pushing.

– If in a position that makes it possible, try to tuck your chin to your chest and curl over your stomach as you push; this puts pressure on the top of the uterus and assists in effective pushing.

– It will almost certainly be pretty much impossible to remain silent while pushing, but in case you are naturally more silent, understand that grunting or deep moaning actual helps focus your muscles in pushing downward and can increase the effectiveness of each push. Possibly the Most Important thing to remember while pushing ‘ is get in a position where gravity is actually helping you in this process of birth. The lying flat on your back with legs up in stirrups approach to pushing that has become normal in western medical practices for birthing is possibly the least effective way to birth a baby. Because of the way your birth canal and pelvis are positioned and shaped, lying flat on your back means you not only have to push your baby out, but additionally UP, against gravity!