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Know the Signs When Your Dog is in Labor

Know the Signs When Your Dog is in Labor

Dog pregnancy is very difficult to figure out. Since dog’s cannot speak to us, the only way we know how dogs are feeling is by their reaction and behavior towards the ones they love – you. Only YOU know your dog more than anyone else, so you can determine what is different about your furry family member.

Your dog will get sick and begin to vomit just before labor. As your dog gets to her “nesting” place, she’ll walk in circles to get settled. Once your dog has nestled into the place she will give birth, you’ll notice clear discharge come from the vaginal area. After about an hour of this, the discharge starts to look greenish and your dog’s puppies will begin to come. Remember, during this process keep speaking comforting words to your dog. Especially if you are close with our dog, she will feel very calm to hear her name in a soft tone.

As the puppies begin to come, they may come all at once or they make take 20-30 each. You may need to help out if your dog is busy birthing one, to take care of the ones already birthed. All you’ll need is a washcloth, it should be big enough to cover the puppy, but small enough so it won’t get in the way.

Once a puppy is birthed, gently wipe away the placenta by wiping against the grain of the puppies hair. This will encourage the puppy to begin breathing. Also, you may need to cut the umbilical cord. Tie a knot of string just above the puppy and another knot just above that knot. Take sterile scissors and cut the space between the two knots.

Once your dog has birthed the entire litter, she will be exhausted. Make sure you help your dog with using the bathroom. During pregnancy, your dog may have to use the bathroom, so take special care that your dog doesn’t urinate and birth puppies at the same time.

The birthing process can be an amazing experience, and runs smoothly usually. Keep your local vet hospital or your personal veterinarian’s number handy in case something goes wrong. Remember, let your dog have some alone time with her new pups at the end.