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What to Do If You Think You Are Going Into Labor

What to Do If You Think You Are Going Into Labor

There is a lot to do when you are preparing for your new baby. Finding just the right crib, getting baby clothes and other items together are a lot of fun, but it isn’t the only thing you will need to do. You’ll need to put together a plan so that everyone is aware of what to do when that day finally comes.

Calls to Make

You’ll need to call your labor coach or coaches, so they can meet you at the hospital or birthing center. You’ll also need to call your doctor, so that he or she is aware that delivery is near. If there are other friends and relatives you wish to call, do so before leaving home, as cell phones are usually not allowed in hospital facilities. They could interfere with some of the equipment.

Grab the Suitcase

It’s a good idea to have a suitcase packed and near the front door when you approach your due date. Babies come on their own schedule, and you may be asleep when it begins. In that suitcase, you’ll want supplies for both you and baby. I also recommend you have something to do, such as a book or crossword puzzles. You won’t need them during labor, but if you have to stay in the hospital for any length of time, it will come in handy.

Prepare yourself

Labor is going to last quite a while, and there are a few things you might want to consider prior to leaving. If you have long hair, braid it tightly, preferably in two braids. It could get very messed up otherwise. You may want to avoid using the restroom before going to the hospital. The urge could be caused by more than the need to have a bowel movement.

Remember your Classes

Hopefully, you and your coach have attended childbirth classes. These classes not only explain what is going to happen, they will also give you some things to do to make the process easier. The class you choose should have at least a few breathing exercises. These are important for both you and baby, as many of us tense up and hold our breath when we’re in pain. Keeping plenty of oxygen in your body could help you avoid a C-section.

Labor and delivery are difficult, but advance preparations and a list of what to do prior to it can make it a bit easier. Ask your doctor if he or she has any other advice for you, as each situation is unique.