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Your 411 on Court Ordered Classes

Don’t think of court ordered classes as a punishment, but as more of a new start. Not only can these classes set you down the road to a better lifestyle, but they will also keep you from running into more trouble down the line. In many cases, such courses are offered in lieu of a sentence, making them ideal for people who want their criminal records as unstained as possible.

You Can Choose Between In-Person and Online Courses

That’s right: you can actually choose to take your courses on the web, allowing you to complete them almost anywhere. Though not in-person, these classes are often held as group video sessions, allowing you to remotely meet others on the same road to recovery. That said, the brick and mortar option definitely has its benefits, including more opportunities for interaction with people in your course.

All Classes Require Court Approval

This is crucial, or else the course will not legally “count.” Thankfully, a simple online search shall easily find you several legitimate options a court will more than gladly accept. There are several all-purpose court ordered classes sites which have courses for just about any crime, although you can also find ones specific to your misdemeanor, e.g. john school diversion program for soliciting a prostitute’s services in a state where prostitution is illegal.

You Should Take Your Class as Soon as Possible

Generally courts will provide you with a short window during which you can take your course, so don’t dawdle, as missing the deadline could make all the difference in whether you get sentenced for a crime or not.

Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll have a Certificate of Completion to show the judge. Of course, even though classes may have ended, the lessons you’ve learned are meant to last a lifetime. So take your classes seriously, be timely, and take notes if you have to. Your criminal record will thank you, and the people around you will, too.