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Improve Your Company’s Curb Appeal

A business can become shabby and drab just as a home does. The curb appeal can suffer from many of the same issues. A new outlook and updated appearance can go a long ways toward making your business more attractive. Go through this checklist to see what areas you need to work on.

The Exterior Building Surfaces

Repair or replace loose siding. Give a brick wall a new coat of paint or use an air compressor to clean it really well. Install new rain gutters with downspouts or rain chains. Repair any loose or missing grout on windows or doors. Add some updated shutters or window boxes for interest.


Make sure your signage is easily seen and can be read at a glance. It should clearly state the name of your business and be where it can be seen from the street. When in need of a new monument sign Vancouver WA businesses choose a company that is skilled in making many kinds of business signs.


Avoid choosing bushes or trees that will grow to cover or obscure windows or doorways. Not only can they be a physical hazard, they can also be a safety issue if they provide somewhere for burglars or muggers to hide. Potted flowers add color and fragrance. Hanging flower pots should be hung in areas away from human traffic to avoid them falling or dripping on someone.

Paving and Walkways

Fix frost heaves so they are not a tripping hazard to customers or employees. Concrete can be resurfaced with a colored or textured skim coat to hide cracks. Cracks in the parking lot may need to be repaired using hot tar and an oil seal coat applied to the whole surface for a new look.

Fixing up the business’s exterior will help give customers the feeling that you care. Making a good impression is always a good thing and can be an asset to your company.