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Using Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Induce Labor

Using Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Induce Labor

Towards the end of pregnancy, I think all of us would like the child to decide to make his or her debut. At that point in time, we can no longer even see our feet, we have to bend backwards when we try to walk and sleep is almost impossible between our big bellies and the lively kicking match in our womb.

Over the generations, there have been a number of ways of trying to bring Junior out quickly. Some work, some don’t and some are downright dangerous. It is a difficult subject and a decision that should not be made lightly.

About once a year, a news story will show up on our local television station about a special salad this or that restaurant offers its pregnant guests. The dressing is usually made with balsamic vinegar, and it is rumored to start labor. That may or may not be true, though you should be aware that balsamic vinegar does usually contain some lead.

Blue cohosh is another method used in the past. This does work, but it has too high a price tag in many cases. It can cause both the mother’s and the child’s blood pressure to rise dramatically. Women and children have died from this, usually from a heart attack.

My mother told my husband to drive me down a bumpy road to get the festivities started. This does not work and it’s very uncomfortable for all concerned. Neither does walking or jogging.

Another old wive’s tale is that taking a laxative will help. Again, not true and very uncomfortable. The sphincter muscle is the same, but the substance only irritates the colon, it doesn’t have any affect on the reproductive system.

Raspberry leaves are good for pregnant women, but they can cause uterine contractions. This does not mean that it is likely to start labor. More often, it stops premature birth or a miscarriage. Because it can cause contractions, always check with your doctor before using it (or any other herb).

There is one way to get things rolling, and it’s the thing that probably got you in this condition in the first place. Because of the hormones released during intercourse, having sex is a good way to do the job. Your doctor has probably been told by many patients what caused their labor to begin.

Keep in mind that self inducing can be dangerous both for you and for your child. If it’s too early, the baby could have serious complications, including low birth weight. If it’s an herb, it will cross the placental barrier. Discuss this with your doctor before using anything to make sure it’s the right choice in your situation.