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How To Prevent Workplace Accidents

The law requires that employers provide safe working environments for their employees. However, given the cost of safety measures, some may be tempted to cut corners.

Instead, workplace safety should be thought of as an investment that can pay dividends. Here are some ways to prevent accidents and keep workers safe.

Frequent Maintenance on Machinery

Heavy machinery that is frequently maintained is less likely to break down and cause injuries. Employers should have maintenance and diagnostics services performed on a regular basis to keep machinery in the best possible condition.

Training for Employees

All employees should receive thorough training on the tasks they are expected to perform. They should not be allowed to perform the tasks until they have completed training and demonstrated competence in the tasks they are expected to perform. Under no circumstances should an employee be asked or allowed to perform a task for which he or she has not received adequate training.

Clear Procedures

The employer should have safety procedures in place to prevent workplace accidents. Employees should receive training on the procedures, the steps should be clearly posted, and there should be consequences for those who do not follow the procedures.

Protective Equipment

Employers should provide adequate personal protective equipment for employees appropriate to each task. Learning to use the equipment correctly should be part of employee training, and there should be penalties for employees who go to work without the proper equipment.

Making an investment in safety now can pay off in the long run. If an accident or an injury occurs, work has to stop temporarily to help the injured worker. The injured worker may have to spend some time out from work to recover. Poorly maintained equipment may break down even without causing any injuries, resulting in a work stoppage until repairs can be made. Therefore, safety can promote workplace productivity.