Tips to Avoid Premature Labor

If you have given birth too early and have suffered the experiences that having a premature infant can bring, then you must follow several precautions to not have that occur with your next child. Certainly some babies are born premature and there really was no way of knowing that would happen and no signs of preterm labor during the pregnancy at all. However, for many other moms having another try at giving birth a second time is a gift and you should be extra cautious to not have another preemie on your hands.

To prevent early labor, you can avoid many things while you are pregnant. This first is to avoid smoking, this means you cannot smoke at all while pregnant and you cannot be around those that do as it will seriously increase your chances of preterm labor and other birth defects within your new baby. You should also avoid caffeine, as much as possible as it provides a jolt of energy for the mom and an even bigger one for the baby. This can cause the baby to be hyperactive inside the womb and preterm labor can begin very quickly. Spicy foods are another big one, you do not want to eat them very much while pregnant as some babies simply do not like them and it makes them very jittery and can onset false labor pains as well. Alcohol and drugs have to be mentioned. While most moms would never even think of taking drugs or drinking while they were carrying their babies, there still are thousands of mothers that do everyday. This can lead to not only preterm babies, but it can also lead to the infant being very sick and even dependent on certain chemicals.

While every mother is thinking about losing the baby weight even while they are pregnant, it has to be something to worry yourself over after you have the baby. During the pregnancy you need to eat for two and eat healthy food choices that will not hurt you or your baby. Do not ever diet while pregnant or take any dieting supplements while pregnant either. Pain medications are another reason you cold potentially have premature babies, if you are one that takes it on a regular basis. A regular basis can be taking it twice a week for a headache or for back pain which is very common during pregnancy. Instead try to use ice packs, a warm bath or taking a nap while pregnant to relieve some of your pains versus taking any medication. When you take medication while you are pregnant you are giving the same medications to your baby as well. Be very cautious and speak with your doctor regarding which ones are safe to take and the dosage. Always try to think of what things you can and cannot engage in when you are pregnant that anything you put into your body will also be going into your babies as well. You can seek many healthy tips and nutritional plans to follow during your pregnancy on the web and for any pain relief simply ask your doctor for the safest options.