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Ten Things You Need to Bring While in Labor and Delivery – Part 2

Ten Things You Need to Bring While in Labor and Delivery – Part 2

As you prepare for the birth of your new baby, consider this list of items for your suitcase or emergency bag. This list consist of 5 additional items that will provide comfort during this special time.

Your own Change of Clothes – The hospital provides the wonderful gown that leave you exposed. This can be annoying and embarrassing. Bring your own set of comfortable clothing so you can relax and not have worry about your derriere being exposed. Include your robe, socks, slippers, and anything else that will provide the comforts of home. This is extremely comforting after the birth of your child and is one last thing that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Comfortable Pillows – Hospital pillows tend to go flat quickly or not provide the comfort you want. Bring your own pillows so you can be comfortable as you recover. Also, bring a donut pillow. When you are able to get around, the donut pillow provides relief when you sit down. This is especially helpful if you had a vaginal birth.

Ipod or Laptop – Depending on the length of your labor these items will help the time pass as you wait on your little one to arrive. Most hospitals provide cable TV but these items will provide your own entertainment that you choose to watch.

Easy Grasp Reacher – Use this to grab things that you can’t reach. Allows you to pick up items that fall on the floor or things that need to be pulled closer to you.

Lipstick or Chapstick – You want to look your best when the pictures are taken. You will have to reapply it often depending on the length of your labor.

Use this list to complete your suitcase or emergency bag as you prepare for labor. Hopefully this list help you be prepared and comfortable as you prepare for your special day.