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Important Considerations In Food Storage

Important Considerations In Food Storage

Storing food in bulk is quite a challenge. This is where you can need a 3PL service. Some food items get damaged quite soon whereas, others can be stored for long term. Such non-perishable items can be stored in public warehouse until a time when supplies are needed. The shelf life and proper storage methods depend on what you intend to store. In order to get a glimpse of long-term storage ideas, you need to know the nature of the food item.

For instance, you must exactly be able to distinguish perishable foods from non-perishable ones. Dry or canned ones are perishable however dairy products and fresh foods are considered perishable. the best thing about non-perishable food is that it can stored at room temperature or dry storage for any amount of time but the same is not true for perishable items.

The best solution is to cook and consume as soon as possible or refrigerate or freeze immediately after cooking. Even after that the perishable items can only be preserved for a short duration. In this case, dry storage or freezing tends to be the only way out. This is the most legitimate option for long-term food storage.

When you are storing non-perishables in dry storage, make sure the products will retain their quality. Also find out the time until when the food will remain fresh for consumption. Try to find out the approximate shelf life of the products you are storing.

Speaking of quality, canned foods like vegetable soups, canned fruits, juices tend to preserve their highest quality for around one year. As for the powdered milk, dried fruit and crackers the shelf life is around six months. It might interest you to know, there are some items you can store indefinitely. Things like vegetable oil, corn, baking powder, instant coffee can be stored in suitable containers. You can use them any time without worrying about their proper storage. Actually, there is no need to worry about storage when it comes to these items.

For the preservation of perishable food items freezing is the best option. You can maintain their highest quality in this way for about a year. After which they tend to lose their taste and quality. Moreover, they must be consumed immediately upon thawing. You when such food items get deteriorated you will feel a rancid smell upon thawing.

Maintaining the quality is possible only when you freeze the food as soon as possible. In order to prevent them from freeze burn, make sure that the food is properly wrapped in plastic foil or at least package well. This also directly influences the taste of food you intend to store. For usage, you will have to defrost the food. Begin thawing by placing it in refrigerator first and then microwaving it.

For bulk storage, you will need storage containers. They are feasible as it is easy to cover them. You will find them in lockable or snap-on lids which is why they do not pop off easily. Just keep them away from moisture and they will last longer than you can imagine.