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Steps to Follow When You Are Making an Important Decision

Steps to Follow When You Are Making an Important Decision

When Larry was asked if he would be interested in taking over a distributorship for a locally produced line of Italian products, he thought it over carefully before he said yes. He knew the product was excellent and he himself enjoyed the spaghetti sauce and succulent meatballs whenever he had the chance but he wondered if he had what it would take to be responsible for delivering the goods to prospective customers. He researched storage possibilities for the huge volume of food he would be in charge of storing until he could line up clients who would contract with him for delivery. He was gratified to find a public warehouse that was not only affordable but offered great service as well. His area of distribution was mostly limited to the city and this facility specialized in Los Angeles fulfillment of orders in a prompt and efficient manner leaving Larry time to contact clients and arrange for new business.

Thinking things through is a must in every area of our life and it is always wise to weigh the pros and cons of every major decision before acting upon it. Rushes to judgment are most often seen in the personal areas of our lives and inflict the most pain upon our peace of mind and that of our loved ones. Many people have made a rash decision to get married for instance because they were infatuated and then discovered to their horror that the person they married was not at all as they imagined them to be. When considering a major lifestyle decision like getting married it is best to follow these suggestions:

• Give yourself time – It is not wise to rush into anything that requires a major commitment either from yourself or the other person unless you have taken the time to get to know and observe the person in all kinds of situations. When you date for awhile, you allow yourself the opportunity to see how that person will react to adversity and also how he or she will relate to you as you go through various trials in your own life. Whether kindness and consideration will prevail or indifference or impatience are displayed will give you a true picture of this person.

• Introduce this person to friends and family – Include your loved one in family events and celebrations so that he or she can develop a better appreciation of where you come from and how you have developed into the kind of person you are. This is also a good way for your family and friends to observe how the two of you interact and sometimes they are able to pick up on things that you may be blinded to that are definite warning signs that may signal trouble in the long run.

• Communicate as much as possible – This seems like it would be a given but actually many people are not very good at communicating about everyday things with each other. It is through these seemingly meaningless conversations that we often discover the deepest held convictions and beliefs of another human being. The way that person views other people for example shows the level of respect that will be given to you and to your children later on in life.