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Find Employment in Fort McMurray

Find Employment in Fort McMurray

With global labour markets still under the fringes of recession, northern Alberta is booming with job opportunities across industry. Known as “Canada’s energy capital” for its extensive oil sands mining industry, the region experienced a slowdown in employment activity following suspension of various projects by oil sands producers in response to the global recession. Today, employers are back on the prowl for skills and there has never been a better time to consider employment in the region for the following key reasons;

Excellent Compensation: Fort McMurray is known for having one of the highest compensation rates in the world. For anyone seeking better compensation for skills, employment in Fort McMurray almost certainly guarantees that. In fact, for many positions across industry in the region, compensation is almost double compared to rates in other provinces of Canada. Many fast food establishments in the region start their employees off at $14/hour or more compared to the minimum wage offerings in other provinces, a trend observable for other occupational groups across industry.

Affordable Housing: There’s been a radical change in the cost of housing in Fort McMurray and that is an incentive to anyone who has previously considered employment in the region but decided against the cost of housing. Today, rental rates in Fort McMurray are comparable to Atlantic province rates in cities like Halifax, Nova Scotia. This change can be attributed to growth in the real estate market and the drop in demand for housing following the economic slowdown. So whether you are looking for a room in shared accommodation or a place to call home, rates are available from $800 a month.

Career Growth: As home to Canada’s youngest and most dynamic workforce, the region is a perfect environment for career advancement. If you are a hardworking, skilled individual with a drive to succeed, opportunity for career success awaits you in Fort McMurray no matter which industry you choose to work in. The oil sands industry offers employment for people from all works of life and is supported by an equally substantial variety of industry that provide opportunity for all who have the drive to succeed; to earn an honest reward for a job well done.