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Six Theories of Motivation

Six Theories of Motivation

You might have the best 3PL services to run your contract warehouse. However, your staff might lack the motivation required to perform their duties. Without enough enthusiasm from employers and employees, any business is destined to collapse. Therefore, a proper incentive is needed, no matter what kind of work you do. Whether you run your own business, or you are an employee working under someone else, the most important thing is to have a goal set in your mind. In order to reach that goal, you and your employees need motivation so that everyone can excel in their work. In general, there are six theories of motivation.

1. The first theory is about your acquired needs. People might be motivated to do a task that gives them what they desire. For instance, people might be looking for power, growth, friendship or any other achievement through their particular job.

2. The next theory is called extrinsic motivation. This basically involves people who are looking for external rewards in their tasks. They might not be looking for many acquired needs, but want greater rewards than that, such as praise from their boss, the promise of money, etc. People who have such incentives may also fear punishment.

3. The third kind of enthusiasm comes from intrinsic motivation. This incentive comes from within. A person might be enthusiastic about doing a task that pleases them, or something they are passionate about. These kinds of people enjoy their work and remain satisfied. Motivation therefore is already present inside the person and just requires some positivity to be harvested.

4. The next level of enthusiasm comes through the investment model. People might just be enthusiastic about finishing a task that they started. Since they have already invested time and money in that particular job, and have worked hard to achieve their goals, they have a sense of duty and accomplishment towards it.

5. An enthusiastic person might also be determined because of the endowed progress effect. This is when a person is already progressing at a productive rate. It often increases motivation within them, enough to proceed further with the task. In fact, it never hurts to have healthy competition revolving around the workplace because it eventually makes the organization increasingly enthusiastic about its goals.

6. The last theory is related to psychology. A positive psychological effect might be very helpful towards inspiring someone. A person might be interested in doing a particular task because it gives a feeling of being themselves, and proving their capabilities to others. Since the ultimate goal is set in their minds, they will have an easier and more motivated journey towards reaching their goals.

This is not all. There might be many more theories which might also be very complex. Whatever they are, one cannot deny that without enough motivation, one cannot succeed in any business. To set firm in any kind of work you plan to do, you need to first decide your level of enthusiasm towards it. Once you realize that you are determined about it, you will begin to love your work!