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Save Money and Improve Business Production by Outsourcing These Services

Save Money and Improve Business Production by Outsourcing These Services

Running a successful distributorship can be a challenge in many ways when a businessman attempts to provide all aspects of the company functions by himself. There can be a financial drain of resources and also a huge waste of energies that could better be spent on marketing efforts for increasing sales and providing company name recognition. In the Texas area, a Houston public warehouse can be found by just opening the phone book or going online and conducting a search. There are many satisfied customers who employ a Houston 3PL (third party logistics provider) as a means of outsourcing part or all of their supply chain management functions. Some of the services provided include, but are not limited to, assembly, packaging, shrink wrapping if needed, and labeling of products. Outsourcing in this way can also save money by providing a “one stop shop” type of operation for the business. They can provide packaging and transportation support to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers and even other shippers. So the scope of influence in employing this type of service is far reaching and has quite elaborate benefits to the company who requests it.

There are several other popular ways to outsource company functions that can also provide cost savings to a company. Just a few of these are:

o Human Resource Functions: Many companies are now using private firms who specialize in the functions of a human resources department thus eliminating the need for the company to invest money in maintaining their own. These private firms will come on an as needed basis and perform duties such as hiring and firing employees, introducing and establishing company policies, and providing training to employees.

o Payroll Processing: Outsourcing payroll has become an accepted way of eliminating that department from the company and allowing the job of payroll to be handled by a private provider. Most of these companies give outstanding service and offer the means of tracking money earned, along with deductions taken, on the web for employees to check as they wish.

o Legal Representation: Legal work and representation has long been recognized as a logical candidate for company outsourcing. Maintaining a legal department in-house is very expensive and attorney services are not needed on an every day basis but rather required on an “as needed” basis. Contracting with a legal firm makes good business sense and provides professionals who are top notch in their field when needed. Most of these firms charge a retainer fee and then will bill companies by the hour when they are working on company business. The firm where the attorney is employed will then send a statement out each month detailing the services provided to the contracting company.

o Advertising and Marketing Agencies: These are two areas of expertise that can be readily available and can save a company huge amounts of money when employed on a contractual basis. Both of these services focus on areas such as website development, search engine marketing, video production and internet technology tools that are so specialized that they are best left to the experts.