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Packing Tips: Preparing Your Items for the Moving Labor Help

Packing Tips: Preparing Your Items for the Moving Labor Help

While hiring the right moving labor help can make relocating to a new home easier for you and your family, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare. Enlisting moving labor services, together with careful planning and packing can prevent your valuables from getting lost or damaged during the trip.

The primary task you must do weeks prior to the move is to eliminate any items you don’t intend to bring along. Old clothes, toys, appliances, and furniture can be given to friends or donated to local charities. Selling them at a yard sale also works, if you have time to arrange one.

If you’re expecting to move a lot of heavy furniture or fragile items like china or kitchenware, it’s advisable to buy packing supplies like bubble-wrap, duct tape, tie-downs, blankets, and purpose-built moving boxes. These can usually be found either at the local hardware store, or sold by companies that offer moving labor services. You might also want to visit the local grocery store or supermarket to ask for any recycled boxes you can use.

When packing your belongings, make it a point to label every box after they’ve been fully-packed. You can try using color-coordinated boxes or labels that correspond to items that belong in a certain room; for instance, yellow for items that belong in the kitchen, blue for garage tools, red for your children’s clothes, and so on. Aside from making it easier for the moving labor help to determine which boxes belong to which room, labels can also make boxes easier to unpack once you arrive at the destination.

Fragile items such as dishes, mirrors, and electronics should be properly insulated with bubble wrap, foam, or newspapers to prevent them from breaking. Packing your breakables together with pillows and blankets also works, and saves on space. Larger items such as furniture and appliances can be disassembled to make them easier to transport. Their nuts, bolts and screws should be stored in a labeled container such as a sandwich bag, and securely taped to the furniture.

Companies that offer moving labor services also advice customers like you to sort out and pack certain valuables in a bag that you can easily bring with you. This kit may include jewelry, external hard drives, laptops, and other small items that may be too fragile or expensive to put inside your other boxes.

And finally, it’s also a good idea to prepare refreshments for your family as well as for the moving labor help you’ve hired. This lets them know that their help and hard work is greatly appreciated. With a little extra effort on your part, that big move can be pulled off with minimal stress for you and the moving labor team that you’re working with.