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How to Organize a Labor Day Weekend Company Picnic

How to Organize a Labor Day Weekend Company Picnic

Picnics are great fun, especially at the workplace. Company picnics are a wonderful way to provide employees with some fun time, rejuvenate them and let their hair down. They are organized by many employers from time to time. The picnic takes employees to an interesting place, provides food, music and other entertainment. Company potlucks are also a wonderful way to allow employees to share some light moments with colleagues.

What comes into your mind when you think of the office? Work, targets, pressure, delays and cuts in salaries and many other negative factors that hover around one’s mind as soon as the term ‘office’ is uttered. Now, how do you feel if the terms ‘office’ and ‘picnic’ are associated together? Well, this is an incredible combination.

There are numerous reasons for organizing these events. Today, owners of big corporations understand the importance of company celebrations and outings. They know that these events are a sure short way to strengthen bond between representatives of the workplace and reinforce the corporate team.

The concept of company picnic is not new. However, it is also true that the concept was not as popular in early years as it is today. With people, especially employers around Labor Day and the concept of keeping employees happy to enhance profits, potluck and corporate picnics have become a common ritual in multinational and mid-sized companies. Most businesses organize these events to inspire people to work better and with great enthusiasm.

Company picnics are a wonderful way to enhance the morale of employees. It is a proven fact that those who care for their employees have prospered and doubled their profits within a short period. Labor Day company picnics are a crucial step to all those who aspire to achieve grand business success. Angry and wailing employees will never contribute to the profits of your company.

A well-organized company picnic will certainly make a huge impact on the work force. So what is the best way to organize a company picnic? Here are some tips so you can organize it successfully.

Set the Budget:

This is the most important thing to do. You need to consider the budget of the picnic closely. Prepare a list of all the things you would require paying for such as the location, transportation, food, water, transportation fee, special entertainment features and other services. Once you have a list, categorize the budget on the list.


Know about the participants of your picnic. You must know the number of employees involved and whether or not the families are participating.

Date and Location:

The location should accommodate the participants comfortably and the date of the event should be convenient to all.

Choose Activities and Menu:

Once everything has been planned, you need to select the menu and picnic activities. Fun activities such as games and entertainments are important to be included.

Organizing Labor Day company picnic is a wonderful way of keeping the spirits of your employees high and enhancing their performance rate. Planning and preparing the company picnic well is the key to the success of the event.