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Employer Drug Testing and Legislation by Congress Considered

Employer Drug Testing and Legislation by Congress Considered

It appears that there may be some future new employment laws with regards to employee drug testing, whether it be random or mandatory. The ACLU and Congress, prompted by the Unions feel that drug testing is degrading and violates someone’s civil rights.

The business community and corporate opposition contend that workplace safety is a key ingredient to a successful company, and that workmen’s compensation insurance and health care plans are already too costly in the case of a work related accident caused in part by drug use.

So, there are many sides to this issue. Another contention is that an employee can choose not to work for an employer that decides they will test for drugs because it is intrusive, just quit, no one says you have to work there!

Still, others on the Union side say that a man (or woman) has the right to meaningful work and if we are going to test for drugs at work, then let’s test Congress, the Senate, the President, Cabinet, Supreme Court, and make the findings public! See how far the legislation goes then?

You can see how some of the raw emotion of this particular debate rages on, as opponents of drug testing claim “We already know there is abuse, widespread in DC,” so let’s test them too. Corporate lobbyists want to have the option to drug test, unions and workers do not want the invasion of what goes on in their personal lives to cost them their careers.

More interesting in all this employment law debate is what happens in the future when some illegal drugs are ruled legal, as that will launch a completely set of fission material into the controversy, so please consider all this.