Convenience Store Software – Employee Scheduling and Labor Management

Here’s a common scenario in many convenience stores: The c-store manager spend hours creating a staff work schedule. The manager needs to consider a huge number of factors – employee availability, seniority of staff, time off requests, staff ages and certifications, shift swaps, the need for 24/7 coverage, and busy or slow periods in the store. Then, the work schedule must be communicated to all of the employees – bulk emails, or posted on the wall. When an employee gets ill, requests time off, or is a no show, then the schedule must be redone and distributed back to the employees.

This process happens every week, and is complex, time consuming, and generally a royal pain with traditional systems such as Microsoft Excel or pen-and-paper. Unfortunately, it is also essential. Over staffing your convenience store will reduce profits – you will lose money. Under staffing your store will not allow you to meet customer demand, and customers will leave – you will reduce profits.

Luckily, labor management software can drastically improve the scheduling process while increasing profits at your convenience store. Scheduling time can be reduced from hours to seconds. And labor management systems give you the additional tools needed to fine-tune your work force and reduce labor expenses with time and attendance controls.

Some of the capabilities of labor managements can include (if equipped with employee scheduling and attendance management modules):- Employee work schedules can be built for one or many locations in seconds.- Staff and management can record employee availability, time-off requests, and other key information about staff members.- Approve and export payroll to many popular payroll providers – such as Quickbooks, SurePayroll, ADP, Paychex, and CompuPay – with a single click.- Notify staff members instantly of any schedule changes or newly created schedules by email or text message – removing all employee confusion and missed shifts while reducing turnover. – Enforce the employee schedule by stopping early clock ins and late clock outs – immediately improve profits.- Remotely monitor employees – use the web, Facebook, or a cell phone.- Provide remote access for employees to view schedules, review timecards, request time off, change availability, swap shifts with other staff members, and receive daily schedule alerts via email or text messages.

Scheduling software can make quick work of employees schedules at your convenience store – though it does much more than work schedule creation.

Some labor management systems can also perform workforce optimization and profitability analysis for c-stores, for example:- Schedule employees with the strongest skills during the busiest times at your business, automatically if equipped with an auto-scheduling system.- Notify you of potential labor shortages for your c-store business.- Monitor your labor costs – in real time on the computer, Facebook, iPhone, or Blackberry.- More than forty labor reports for monitoring labor costs, and reviewing schedule trends.- Reduce your turnover – use your current staff more efficiently.- Create “what-if” scenarios to visualize staffing changes – without losing your original schedule.- Increase store profits by 3-5% at each location.

Labor management systems can provide your convenience store with increased profits and reduced turnover, while keeping staff and manager morale at an all time high. If you aren’t currently using a labor management or employee scheduling system, try one today!