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Building Your Business With SaleHoo – Learning to Look For a Wholesale Company

Building Your Business With SaleHoo – Learning to Look For a Wholesale Company

Wholesale supply companies, such as SaleHoo, are listed on a directory that you can easily access on the internet. But remember, those directories are just that “directories.” When you see a list of names on a directory, not all of them are created equal. As a consumer of their products, you have to take responsibility for yourself and find the ones that are honest and will work with you. Just because their names are listed, it does not mean they are all created equal.

Contact a few from the directory. You can start at the top of the list or in the middle. Contact the ones you have chosen and ask for information from them. Do they offer the products you want to carry? If possible, find out if they have a record of shipping their products as promised. If their web site does not have customer reviews for you to read, will they give you the names of a few customers that will give them a good recommendation? You are going to have a long term relationship with this company, so finding out all you can at the beginning will help you develop a strong and profitable relationship.

While you are having a conversation with the wholesaler, ask how often they offer new products. Will they supply you with updates regarding new products or do you have to contact them to find out what is new? If they do not notify you of new products as soon as they become available, your competitor may have the products before you. It is to their advantage, though, to let you know about new products as soon as they are available. Your sales can mean profit for them.

Be sure to check the directory of suppliers often. The directory will give you much needed information that you need before deciding to work with a particular wholesaler. If you can locate a wholesale supplier when the are new to the directory, you may have a jump on receiving new products that have not been offered yet. The information that you will find on the directory should give you information like their experience and history as a supplier. This will help you in deciding to approach them as your partner in your new business.

The wholesale directory will also give you the names of drop shippers as well as wholesalers. It is to your advantage to read information about the drop shippers. The advantage of selecting drop shippers will allow you to stay at your computer while they store and send the products you sell.

An very important question to ask a wholesale suppler that you have selected from the directory is about their online payment system. You want the wholesale supplier and drop shipper to be honest, but you also need to know their payment system is secure.

Finding a wholesale directory may be easy but finding a wholesale company and a drop shipping company, that delivers the quality of product you want to carry, may be a little harder. Finding reputable wholesalers and drop shippers that are reliable is as important as finding quality products.