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How Do I Predict When I Am Going Into Labor? 5 Beginning Signs of Labor That You Must Know

How Do I Predict When I Am Going Into Labor? 5 Beginning Signs of Labor That You Must Know

There is actually no way to predict when you will be going into labor. Experts have no clue as to what triggers the onset of labor. However, there are 5 beginning signs of labor that you can look out for.

(1) Baby “drops”

You will feel the baby “dropping” and there is more weight at your pelvis. Suddenly you lost the heartburn problem that you have over the past few months and you feel yourself breathing easier due to lesser pressure at below your ribcage. Many experienced mothers and grandmothers may even comment that your tummy seem to have “dropped” – lowered.

(2) Braxton Hicks contractions

You will feel more frequent and painful contractions when the expected delivery date draws nearer signaling beginning signs of labor. However, if the contractions do not get more intense, longer per time and more frequent, this is likely false labor.

(3) Changes to cervix

Your cervix may start to open. This is especially so if you are not a first-time mother. However, a 40-week second-time mother with 2-centimeter cervix dilation may not guarantee that labor is imminent!

(4) “Bloody Show”

You may see some blood-tinted discharge as beginning signs of labor as your cervix begin to dilate when you get closer to actual labor. This is the mucous plug, the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed your cervical canal throughout your pregnancy.

(5) “Water-bag” Breaks

The amniotic sac (commonly called “water-bag” by many mothers) surrounding the baby is filled with water. When it breaks, fluid will leak from your vagina. It can come out in a small trickle or large gush. Whichever, you should call your doctor immediately.

These beginning signs of labor may vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Not all the 5 signs have to be present to mean labor is coming. Some people experience just one sign while others a combination of symptoms. Whichever do not be afraid that it may be false alarms. Call and seek advice from your doctor when and of the beginning signs of labor are there.