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Do Maternity Acupressure and Induce Labor Safely

Do Maternity Acupressure and Induce Labor Safely

There are times when a pregnancy may need a little push to get labor started. Choosing to do maternity acupressure is a great choice for several reasons

You can do maternity acupressure anywhere

The process is simple and in most cases can be done on yourself, although there are some pressure points on the body that would be much easier to reach with a partners help.

It is very effective in inducing labor with 48 hours

In fact, scientific evidence proves this. 83% of women who do acupressure go into labor and sometimes within 30 minutes.

It is non-invasive and safe for both mother and baby

It has even been shown to improve the overall labor experience because it prevents the baby from becoming distressed due to a shorter and easier labor.

It provides pain relief and can stop nausea without any risk of stopping contractions.

You do not need any experience to do maternity acupressure. If you can push down on your skin with your thumb, you can do maternity acupressure. It does not take any special skills. The process has been around for thousands of years and is accepted by the WHO (World Health Organization) as safe for pregnant women.

It is a good idea to practice acupressure points before the need arises, but be very careful. If you practice and do maternity acupressure before a woman is ready to go into labor, she may go into labor early which can cause problems for both mother and baby, such as a premature birth.

Although many people will tell you that there are three main acupressure points on the body to induce labor, there are actually many more that serve different purposes in the labor process. These include:

Inducing labor naturally

Dilating your cervix

Speeding up a slow labor

Stimulating contractions

Pain relief

Relief from nausea

Relaxation due to stress or tension

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can effectively do maternity acupressure without training. It is imperative that you find a good resource, preferably one that includes videos so that you can see how it is done exactly. Without proper instruction, you will be like many others who have tried to do maternity acupressure, and assume that the system does not work because you did something wrong.