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Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Is the Utility Warehouse business for you?

Utility Warehouse are a dependable company with award winning customer services. The consumer magazine Which? has awarded The Utility Warehouse broadband and home phone bundle as a best buy for 3 years on the run. Which? also awarded the Utility Warehouse best supplier for gas and electric in 2008; 2009; 2010 and 2011. The survey’s carried out by Which? included quality of product, customer services, value for money and accuracy of bills.

If you want to become an Independent Distributor the first way to make money is a customer gathering bonus. This is paid for introducing a customer and the amount of bonus is based on the number of services the customer signs up to.

The second way that as a distributor you can earn money is through customer volume commission. This is paid to the distributor as a percentage of the customer’s monthly spend. The way the commission is worked out has been amended this month and has increased my commission payments by about 66% per month.

There is a third way you can earn money from being a distributor. If you introduce someone who becomes a distributor you also receive a percentage of their customer’s monthly bill. Unlike other companies commission is paid on all the distributors in your team. This guarantees residual income for life.

There has been recent changes to the rules about joining Utility Warehouse. There is a joining fee of A�100 instead of A�199.95. For that you get all of the marketing materials and training you need. This fee and another A�200 is repaid when you sign up twelve customers in your first three months.

The training is high quality and you can attend as many training courses as you want. This is all included in your signing up fee. It is compulsory to attend the training before you can sign up your first customer. The course will help you understand the services and how to show the potential customers the benefits of switching to the Utility Warehouse.

Once you’ve attended the training and had everything explained to you you will see that the products sell themselves. There is a further 10% discount on energy after 12 months if the customer takes 4 services or more. If the customer takes 4 services or more they benefit from free phone calls nationally and to 10 global destinations. There is also an offer where the Utility Warehouse will pay up to A�200 to get someone out of their current contract.

The growth of your business will be based on referral’s from customer’s. Once they have started using the services they will tell their friends and family as well as work mates and your business will grow from there.