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What Not to Do When Growing a MLM Business

What Not to Do When Growing a MLM Business

Are you doing more for others than for yourself when it comes to building a successful MLM business? Why are you working so hard for other people and not for yourself.

There was a woman, who I believed to be an independent representative for a cosmetic company, I felt she was a very good business woman and network marketer. She would work her way through the office building with a catalog and a smile. She carried herself professionally and she was able to convince people to purchase items from her even after they would say they didn’t want to make a purchase. She would return to deliver orders to her customers and talk with them in order to make sure they were satisfied with their orders.

It was during a conversation, when I learned she was not involved with network marketing or an independent representative. She was selling products for someone else. You should have saw my face. I was shocked by this news. I couldn’t believe she was conducting herself in such a professional business manner and making what appeared to be good money for somebody else.

I’m sorry but that just doesn’t make good sense to me. I tried to understand why she would work so hard perfecting her sales skills only to have someone else take the credit and more importantly all the financial gains from her efforts. She was working literally for free for the next person and not for herself. She explained to me that she was a independent representative for another company, but was unsuccessful. Now she enjoys helping her friend for free.

Do you think her friend would work for her for free if the roles were reversed? I doubt it. The friend is building a business and doesn’t mind receiving free labor. Would you love free labor? Her friend is striving towards her goals and any effort she puts out she would want to be compensated for. Wouldn’t you?

You know that there is nothing wrong with volunteer work, you should always give back to your community or to a cause you believe in. However, you should never let someone take advantage of you even if you are friends and vice versa. If you have people helping you, compensate them nicely so that they will continue to help you grow your MLM business and you never know they may bring you some more helpers.