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How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You

There are plenty of happy marriages out there and plenty of couples who would never dream of cheating on one another. They are perfectly pleased with the path their relationship is on and they believe the vows they took during their wedding ceremony were meaningful and true. Others may not be happy in their marriages, but instead of looking for happiness outside of the marriage while the marriage is still legally intact, they are honest with their spouse and work toward a mutual solution. However, these scenarios are not always the route people choose to take. If you suspect there may be a problem in your marriage and your spouse may be seeing someone else, there are things you can look for. Consider whether all of their belongings are kept at your home or if they are using a Texas contract warehouse or California contract warehouse to keep stuff off site. Ask yourself if they could be hiding another life from you that you are not a part of.

If your significant other seems to be keeping secrets, consider a few things before jumping to conclusions. Ask yourself if there is a big event in the near future they may be planning a surprise for. The last thing you want to do is accuse them of cheating on you if they are sneaking around planning a surprise party for you. If you suspect something is up and you are worried things may be going south, confide in a close friend. Chances are; they will know if something special is being planned. They can reassure you without giving away the surprise and your spouse will never about your insecurities. However, if things seem off and your spouse is being sneaky over a long period of time and no surprise ever materializes, you may have cause for concern.

Has your significant other had a sudden change in work schedule? This often happens and is perfectly legitimate. If your significant other works in a field where there are shift changes, there are plenty of reasons why the change may occur. However, if your spouse’s job is typically a 9-5 office job and they suddenly start working until 10 pm or 11 pm each night, there may be something going on.

Have you noticed a change in your relationship? If you were always affectionate and that suddenly stops, you may be dealing with a serious issue. If your spouse is getting intimacy elsewhere, they are less likely to need it while they are at home. On the other hand, you may also notice an increase in bedroom antics. The intimacy may not be there and you may feel uncomfortable with how things work out, but you may notice your spouse is more amorous. This is especially true at the beginning of an affair, so if you think a problem may be about to start, you may want to start communicating with them about problems.

A final clue is hiding financial transactions. If money is disappearing or your significant other stops sharing the credit bill with you, it may be a sign of a problem. Consider confronting them before problems escalate.