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When Making a Multiple Shop Shipment, Can I Use Multiple Couriers?

When Making a Multiple Shop Shipment, Can I Use Multiple Couriers?

When you’re shipping with a courier service, it can be a bit overwhelming when you start to realize how many options even a fairly small San Francisco delivery company might have to offer you. The options can include ways to either save you money off the cost of delivery, as well as ways to get your delivery to its destination faster. Usually, the way to save money is to integrate your deliveries into a larger delivery schedule.

This means the courier can make more efficient use of their employee’s time and of their vehicles, and their savings can be passed along to their customers. On the other hand, if you want your packages to get exactly where they need to go in a certain time frame, you can pay more to have more control over your shipments, even specifying the routes you want a courier to take, for example, if you have more than one delivery to be made over the course of the shipment.

The options get even more complicated as the scale of the company which is shipping packages increases. For those companies which might be shipping goods across the country there are any number of different ways that shipments can make their way to their final destination. Sometimes people wonder about the possibility of shipping a package with more than one courier company in order to try and get better rates or delivery times, often by re-distributing parts of a multi-stop shipment at various points throughout the country.

This is an option, and many courier companies facilitate this sort of shipping by either having certain other couriers that they partner with in order to make this type of arrangement simple, or by having a partnership in a multi company distribution center that is leased by m any different courier companies. These facilities serve as warehousing and redistribution points which can help to allow you to ship your goods with more than one courier in order to get more cost effective and more timely service for your deliveries.

It is very seldom that this is going to work out to be more effective or cheaper than simply shipping with a single company, and if you want to do this type of shipment, it pays to do your homework beforehand. You may find that some courier companies have a fee or surcharge for being part of a multi-courier transaction, and others may have existing infrastructure to make it easy and affordable.