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What Is Natural Childbirth?

What Is Natural Childbirth?

The idea and philosophy of natural childbirth is based on the belief that women were designed to give birth, and have the instincts to do so without external intervention. Before the availability of hospitals women gave birth at home, most often with the assistance of a midwife. As hospital births became more readily available to all women it became more popular. With the feminist movement also came the push for a pain free labor and delivery. Today women have the option to choose what suits them best for the birth of their baby.

The benefits of natural childbirth are endless. This includes a shorter recovery time for mom due to fewer medical interventions such as c-sections, episiotomies, and complications from epidurals. For the infant their exposure to drugs normally used during labor is drastically reduced. Natural childbirth also generally means the baby is not immediately separated from the mother, increasing the bonding experience and generally resulting in more successful breastfeeding.

Many women may be scared of the idea of childbirth without the option of drugs for pain. What can these women do to have a successful natural childbirth? Birthing classes can provide the confidence needed to work through the birthing process naturally. Classes such as The Bradley Method teach focus and control through deep breathing. Any education the mom can get on labor and delivery will help her know what to expect when the time comes, and calm any fears she may have.

The team you choose to have at the birth can also be your best defense for dealing with any pain you may face during labor. Your team may include your midwife or OB, a doula, and your husband or partner. You may choose to have other family members there to be a support, but be sure to consider the decision of who will be there carefully. This will be an amazing and stressful event, and each person there should be ready to do anything requested of them. Making sure those who are there know what is expected of them can also relieve you of worry and stress during labor and delivery. Let them know your reasons for delivering your baby naturally, then when the time comes they will be able to remind you of why this is so important to you.

The majority of moms who are able to follow through with their wishes to have a natural childbirth feel very accomplished and proud of themselves, as well they should! Delivering naturally is an amazing first step into motherhood, making a choice that benefits both of you. Giving your child his or her first moments in this world drug free will be beneficial for everyone involved!