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Warehouse Security Tips – Surveillance and Employees

Warehouse Security Tips – Surveillance and Employees

The ideal warehouse security deals both with external and internal security threats with a combined use of surveillance and security employees. You’ve heard, seen, or read in news how numerous companies are constantly victimized by well-planned ambushes and burglaries. And off media records, companies also suffer from employee theft & fraud. If you want to enjoy constant peace of mind over your warehouse security, consider the tips below.

How to Hire the Best Security Employees

While security technology allows for automated operation, there are still parts of your warehouse security plan that would have to manually supervised and thus require careful screening and selection of your security personnel.

Whether directly hiring or outsourcing your security needs to an agency, it’s important to establish the qualifications you require from security personnel. First and foremost, security employees must be familiar with how warehouses work.

With so many people and products coming and going all the time, it’s understandably hard to keep track of them. You can help them by giving them strategic base points and delegating their responsibilities to ensure that all areas are sufficiently covered.

Give them training whenever needed. If you are updating your security system, make sure that all of them are properly educated and trained for it. If you are changing your security policies, be sure that they are oriented regarding the changes.

How to Make Surveillance Effective

Surveillance–even the most expensive of them–can only be effective if they are professionally installed at the right places.


In most cases, surveillance simply doesn’t work because they aren’t installed properly. If you are strictly against hiring a professional team to install your system then make sure the security system you purchase offers DIY, user-friendly installation.

Complete Surveillance

Complete surveillance means that all areas are properly covered and threats are identified ahead of time to allow your security team to take pre-emptive action.

All areas must be equipped with weatherproof and vandalproof hidden cameras. Decoys must be installed as well. These cameras must have high image resolution capabilities, day and night function, and motion-detecting sensors. If possible, integrate them with security floodlights and door and window alarms.

Phone conversations must also be placed under surveillance. Consider installing a phone line alarm as well. This will give you a means to contact the outside world even if your main phone lines have been cut off deliberately or accidentally.

By implementing these tips, you can be sure that your warehouse security will be virtually impenetrable.