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Using Conveyor Systems

Using Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are primarily built to move products from one area to another in a warehouse or production facility. Making an efficient and consistent way to transport many products whether heavy or light, to different areas of the facility.

A conveyor system is built up out of parts which fit together to build the whole system. The parts can be:

Gravity roller conveyor – meaning that the conveyor is not powered and the items travel along by being pushed or through gravity such as an incline.

Gravity skatewheel conveyor – skatewheel conveyor are another form of gravity, the skatewheels are attached to the conveyor and the wheels on the top where the product can be moved across.

Belt conveyor – products are moved along a belt which is moving.

Wire mesh conveyors

Plastic belt conveyors

Bucket conveyors

Spiral conveyors – a sprial conveyor takes the products up or down to a different level in a small space.

Vibrating conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors

Belt driven live roller conveyors

Lineshaft roller conveyor

Conveyors are often used in many industries such as:


White Goods






The advantages of using a conveyor system are:

It is more efficient than manual moving – A conveyor system offers more efficient ways of moving products around a production or warehouse facility. This means that more throughput is possible than using a manual moving system.

Better tracking – Using a conveyor system enables items to be properly tracked and processed with a management system. This means that items are traceable and can be followed allowing for quality control.

Increase productivity – Using a system means that the process can be refined and improved to make a more efficient process. This leads to greater productivity that can be reproduced day after day.

Things to think about when looking for a conveyor system.

When looking for a conveyor system it is important to get the right advice at the start of the process. This saves time and money later on if the design and system development is given planning time at the beginning.Getting a company that have worked with systems that suit the purpose that you are looking to automate mean that the learnt experience can be passed on and make the process run you need to automate? It’s worth asking the question if you need to automate your processes and what benefits that will have.

Way’s to optimise the system.

Through good planning and knowing the goals at the start of the project helps make optimising the process better. It’s always better to know what is possible and get the right advice from the system at the start of the planning. Then optimising becomes part of the planning