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Nowadays, making a business is not as difficult as before. It is easier now because in digital era, all kinds of the information are easy to get. One of the examples is about travel industry. As we know that travel is a promising business.

There are many travel industries exist around us, from the popular until the unpopular. As time flies, it is more developing now. In this modern era, all the things become more open all around the world. The travel industry itself is increasing its quality.

Besides, the existence of gadget really helps people in knowing about the travel industry. It is easier for the travel to get the costumers because they can find the information of the industry easily.


As we know that travel industry focuses on the travel field. It offers some choices for those who want to get worthy facilities for travelling. The development of the travel industry is different from era to era. According to English-magazine.org, the travel industry appears long time ago because the wealthy citizen of ancient Rome needs to spend their summer time in the countryside. As the time goes by, the development of travel industry is up and down. It is especially when the condition in Europe is not conducive. But then it rises again in the early nineteenth century. Although there is a problem about the different earnings from each people, there are also some choices that fit the budget. Then far in the future or nowadays, the travel industry is much increasing.


The existence of the travel industry gives some advantages for the industry itself and also the government where the industry stands. For the industry, it will get the fixed income. As the effect, it can open the employment for the people around the location. Besides, it also can improve the service for the community such as help the construction of public facilities. While for the government, it will give them foreign exchange through the taxes.


In addition of bringing some advantages, the existence of the travel industry also gives the disadvantages. One of the example is there will be excessive development. If there is no good management in arranging its industry, it will damage the land. That is why the role of the both sides, the industry and the government should make agreement so that there is no one harmed.